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August 29th 2014
Published: August 29th 2014
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A february trip to Cyprus, we stayed in the Coralbay area.

The area had alot of new, big, half built houses. Just left abandoned, some with fulled fitted kitchens or bathrooms. Just sitting there in rows, left completely open and unfinished. It would seem the area was doing well with alot of new places being built before the economy crashed, now they're all just empty shells of houses sitting there, its sad really.

Anyway the hotel had a great supermarket right across the street which was handy and the local shops and attractions were all walking distance. It being february though quite a few places were closed simply for being out of season, but we found this to our benefit most days, as the off season meant we would wander down to a beach and find we would have nearly the whole thing to ourselves, just the occasional other person here and there 😊

Another thing you'll notice here, is the huge amount of stray cats around the place, we decided to buy some cat food one day and feed them on a plate some else had used with the same idea and after about 5min.s we were surrounded, they just seemed to pop out of everywhere, lol, they were all pretty friendly though 😉

Oh also I have to recommend a Japanese resturant called Samisen, I know I know its Japanese not local but it was amazing! not just the food, its amazing part is that the chefs cook the food at your table but they do it as a performance, asking you to join in or to suddenly catch something they are tossing, bouncing eggs etc. the whole thing had us laughing so hard, it was totally unexpected too, as we simply went in for a quick lunch but WOW, never seen anything like, a must for anyone who wants to be enjoy a good show which then ends up being a plate of good food 😊

Overall we found our trip very relaxing, choosing to enjoy the beautiful beaches, mini golf and endless sunshine. Would certainly do it again, a great place to de-stress.

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