Delaine Arnold


Delaine Arnold

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale November 17th 2012

Off the ship around 7:45a. Roxie got a limo and we went to Marlin’s stadium for a tour; however, they cancelled the tours today. She was not a happy camper and will be communicating with the person she spoke to who told her they had tours from Thursday – Friday, 10-2. The limo driver gave us a nice tour of Miami’s South Beach and we took a lot of pictures of how the rich & famous live. Now we’re at the Ramada where Roxie is spending the night and I hope I can get a shuttle to the airport about 3pm. Southwest lost one of my bags – they sent it to Manchester NH instead of Tampa FL. MHT sent to Baltimore, then Tampa and I received Sunday afternoon.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 16th 2012

8 am appointment with Mary in the Spa for a ginger & lime body scrub and full body massage. Most of physical and mental stress has been relieved with all my massage treatments with Mary. She is a wonderful young lady from the Philippines. I told her if she ever moved to Tampa, I’d be her first client. Played cards where Pat shared that the only thing she won’t discuss is “belly lint.” Lots of laughs over that and of course some “downhill” jokes. Today was a day of packing and saying goodbye to close & dear friends – sad time, but we will keep in touch and see each other as often as possible. We come from different states – FL, IL, CO, AZ/WA and MN.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Tristan da Cunha November 15th 2012

Full body massage in the morning and then played a little Rummikub. Took in the daily movie – “War Horse.” Awesome movie – just remember no horses were injured or abused in the filming process. Last formal night and off to dinner of lobster and prawns. Started watching Shindler’s List on Roxie’s PC, but after such an exhausting day we couldn’t finish it all. Hopefully, we’ll finish it tomorrow night.... read more

North America » Bermuda » Hamilton November 14th 2012

Arrived in Bermuda with overcast skies and showers. Got off the ship and purchased bus/ferry day passes and glass bottom boat tickets. Took the ferry from West End to Hamilton where it was raining more. Thought we’d take a horse & buggy ride, but guess they don’t like the rain as none could be found. Then we did a little shopping with Judy being the quantity winner. Proceeded to walk to the bus station where we took a bus back along the scenic route of Horseshoe Bay. We got off at the Old Naval Station and checked out a shop there and then crossed over to where we waited for the glass bottom boat. Went to the lower deck and the guides came and told us the sun was out and they had dried off the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 13th 2012

Up early for an 8 am stone massage. Awesome!! Then played “golf” and wizard card games until it was time to get ready for the Captain Party’s at 5p. Barb & Gary went to the afternoon movie – “The Odd Life of Timothy Green.” Off to dinner where several of us had prime rib, one had NC BBQ and others seafood. Barb, Gary and I went to the evening performance by Seonaid Aitken from Scotland. She played an incredible violin, the piano and sang. Her degree is in classical music and symphony. She performed an hour’s worth of songs from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and some jazz. Even played on the violin a song she composed called “The Mad Piper,” which featured of the orchestra members. One of the best shows I’ve seen on Princess. Then off ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 12th 2012

Up around 9a and went and ate breakfast. Then played Rummikub until noon – ate lunch and went to see a movie – “The Magic of Belle Isle” with Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen. Excellent movie! I highly recommended it for everyone. Read until time to get ready for dinner. Tonight was formal night so we had to dress up a little – most just wore black pants with a fancy shirt/blouse. Had a group picture of all 10 of us on the grand staircase and then went to dinner. After dinner we went to see comedian, Darrell Joyce, and a ventriloquist, Jimmy Tamley. Jimmy was good and pretty funny – I didn’t care for Darrell at all. Now it’s time to turn in as I’m getting an early wakeup call for an 8 am spa ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic » Gulf Stream November 11th 2012

Up early for an 8:00 am seaweed wrap & massage - 2 hours of heaven. Then up to breakfast and started playing “golf” for most of the day. Veteran’s Day celebration and memorial on board today – 2 minutes of silence, wreath in piazza and memorial service this afternoon. Drinks before dinner with Barb & Gary and dinner with the gang. Watched 2 World Champion Ballroom Dancers do 2 dances. Nothing else going on and time goes back again tonight. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store for us – Captain said we could have high winds and rough sea.... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 10th 2012

Woke up at a decent time this morning and went and ate breakfast. Then to the Spa for almost 2 hours for a bamboo and hot stones along with reflexology (feet, hands, and scalp) massage. Then found the gang and played cards. Some were playing RummiKub. Thought I might wash today, but Judy reported people were fighting over getting a washer or dryer so thought I’d wait another day – still have 3 more sea days before Bermuda. Dinner and now in my room getting ready for bed. Early wake up for spa treatment at 8 am.... read more

Europe » Portugal » Azores » São Miguel November 9th 2012

Went to breakfast and then met the gang and went shore. Four of us (Roxie, Pat, Kenny and I) hired a taxi to take us to the crater lakes. Absolutely beautiful island. Everything is sooo green and in multi-shades of green. Cows in the pasture. The island is the top of an undersea volcano and we went to the top and saw water all around us going up and down the mountains. First warm, sunny day we have had – probably in the 60’s. Lots of beautiful hydranian’s. Then I went back to the ship and caught up on my blog entries, which you got hit with yesterday and checked my 400 emails, much of it spam. It was Italian night at dinner so we all ate very well. After dinner Roxie, Barb, Gary & I ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 8th 2012

Can’t believe it – I slept till noon – tried an inside cabin this time and don’t like it. Can’t tell day from night so I don’t know when to get up and there is no fresh air. I didn’t even hear Roxie leave this morning and when she came back, I asked the time – she said noon. WOW, guess my body wants to sleep. Went to the spa and made quite a few spa appointments starting today with an oxygenating/microdermabrasion facial. My face feels like a baby’s face. Went to dinner and then the show – Motor City. I’ve seen it before on the Baltic cruise – I really enjoyed it and I believe some of the dancers and singers were even the same. Now in bed trying to catch up on my blogs. ... read more

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