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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry February 8th 2020

After a couple of stages which had been fraught with logistical challenge, I to M was a totally breeze. Indeed, I was so confident that I could pull this run off without any risk of becoming a Hitchcock style murder victim that I invited guests. Even better, we arrived on time so Don Reid, life long Westie , top trail runner Lucy Colquhoun, Otto and Isaac left the Iron Bridge after parking 50 metres away at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. I was confident this would be a run that Don, Lucy and the dogs would enjoy and the wee warm up to the John Muir Trust shop on the High Street gave a nice illusion of progress. Even better was to follow as we left the tarmac of the High St and found a wee riverside ... read more
02 John Muir Trust
03 Killiecrankie Soldiers Leap
04 Linn Of Tummel

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry February 8th 2020

Water is a defining element of Perthshire and its winter monsoons define its rivers and lochs. The next section of the Perthshire A to Z , while yielding only a single letter, would keep water in the forefront of my mind. The rain of the previous week had eased but continued to fall. Nonetheless, after a gap of a few weeks it was good to get back This section eased me back in with ten miles – 60% of which were off road – between Old Blair and Port na Craig. Easy was the theme of the day as I had plenty time leaving Blair Atholl with a generous 2 and ½ hours to make the returning train from Pitlochry station. My fitness had been a bit up and down since the previous leg in mid ... read more
02 pheasant
03 Soldiers Leap
04 Railway Viaduct

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry May 1st 2017

Day 5 Scone Palace & Pitlochry We leave Edinburgh and head north towards the highlands. Crossing the Forth Bridge we head for Perth. First stop is Scone Palace (pronounced “skoon”) Why skoon you ask??? I did ask. Not very good answers. It would appear that early in history the names were passed on phonetically and not written down. Most people could not read. This is why there are so many weird pronunciations. We actually did have a scone at Scone Palace. Scone Palace has a multitude of stories but 2 are most prominent. 1- The Crowning place of most of Scotland’s Kings. It started out as the home of an Abbey which covered a huge portion of the property. The palace today started out as the Abbot’s Palace and remained after the main portion was destroyed ... read more
How close can we get???
Scone Palace
Moot Hill

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry August 6th 2016

I was so excited, I could barely sleep last night. Today, I visit my friend, Mary, in Pitlochry. At breakfast, I met two lovely ladies from Belfast, Ireland. We talked about all sorts of things. Most especially, I wish I had met them the night before, then I could have gone to a pub with them to listing to Scottish music. Oh well. Afterwards, I made my way to the train station from the B&B and it was a slow progress since I had luggage. As the train was at 8:30am, I didn't want to take a chance and wait for the bus, so I walked. The train journey was very nice. As travel by airplane has become so time consuming, hazardous and petty by the airlines (charging fees for every little thing, pretty soon they ... read more
Main Thoroughfare of Moulin
Bustling downtown of Moulin
Distance to Local Attractions in Moulin

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry August 14th 2015

As you can see we are now heading down south toward Edinburgh near the end of our journey in Scotland. But I need to tell you about our stay in Prague which was great. We had 4 nights in a wonderful hotel that was just off the square, so really in the centre of town. Prague is a wonderful place with so much happening and so many things to see. We only touched the surface but with lots of walking, a bus ride and a boat ride we managed to see heaps of things. We celebrated Pam's birthday with a dinner in a restaurant at the top of Henry's Tower which is a old bell tower with a good view out on the town. Very clad that the bell didn't toll for us as we were ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry June 24th 2015

On Sunday, June 21st I went with two friends to go on a canyoning adventure. I didn't have much of an idea of what canyoning was, but when my friend showed me what it entailed I just couldn't pass it up. Canyoning has a little bit of everything, from rock climbing, cliff jumping, rappelling down waterfalls, and even sliding down waterfalls. We went through a company called Nae Limits based out of Pitlochry and the guides we had were awesome. The gear we used included a climbing harness, three layers of wetsuits, and a helmet. When we got to the canyoning sight, it felt like I had just taken a bus and ended up in Colorado or Montana. The scenery was not what I had in mind when I pictured Scotland, with cascading waterfalls and towering ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry March 30th 2015

Geo: 56.7051, -3.73307We woke up to snow! Scotland is very much living up to its 4 seasons in a day reputation! We headed to Pitlochry today but were all rather tired and windswept so we only bothered to leave the warmth of the car to see The Queen's View. Worth the effort!... read more
View from the cottage
It's snowing!

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry October 25th 2014

Day 8 - Fort William to Pitlochry Sorry guys but the hotel at Pitlochry was a bit dickey and we could not send out the blog. As a side note we are enjoying the Scottish TV shows, Pointless, Gogglebox & The Chase. The rain is still with us again today. Pictures become extremely challenging because for some reason the wind is always blowing from the direction that I want to point the camera. On this trip i have cleaned the lenses at least a dozen times per day. OK - out of Fort William after a breakfast of parritch with WHISKEY! GOD I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! We are going to head thru some more rugged parts of the highlands. We did find some more rugged roads that are one lane, no guard rails, no straight sections ... read more
Smoked salmon
Scottish Friend
Small town

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry August 23rd 2013

Picturesque Pitlochry, or How Scotch is Made... read more
Pitlochry house

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Perthshire » Pitlochry July 10th 2012

Another rainy day - even the locals say they have never had such a cold rainy summer. Nigel provided us with a delicious breakfeast feast this morning - black pudding, mealy pudding, sausages, baked beans eggs and potato scones. So with this fortifying breakfeast under our belts we all headed out for a day of sightseeing and scotch tasting about 1.5 hours north of Edinburgh in a town called Pitlochry. This is the home of our favourite distillery Edradour. We aslo had a fabulous lunch at the Auld Smitty where we have eaten several times before and were happy to introduce Lori & Nigel to their delicious menu. After some shopping in this quaint little town we headed several miles down the road to Stanley Mills an old mill house that had a collection of cotton ... read more
Dalhousie balcony
Roslin Gargoyle
Roslin Chapel

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