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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee January 21st 2020

Everyone will remember their marathon PB. Mine was set in Dundee in a typical dreich day with sleight falling for the second half of the race. I had felt very good travelling up and was delighted before hand to meet footballer Tommy Walker who had been a most cultured midfielder for Airdrie during the late seventies and early eighties. I will never forget the end of the race, clearing the finishing area and seeing my dad running towards me, my face etched in delight after crashing under three hours with eight minutes to spare. Bracing myself for congratulations, my old man’s first words were “Tommy Walker did 2:39”. Thanks Dad! 33 years have passed making the A to Z of Dundee in contrast to that day. There was a heatwave rather than snow and the run ... read more
Bash Street named after The Beanos finest
Caird Hall - or is it The kremlin
Chin up - its hot !

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee February 23rd 2019

In my last blog, I concentrated on the "new kid on the block" in Dundee. The masses are gravitating to the redeveloped waterfront, but there is of course so much more to see. They say Dundee grew on the back of the 3 "J"s - Jute, Journalism and Jam - and probably the best place from which to appreciate the layout of the city is from The Law. The Law or Law Hill is a prominent landmark - an extinct volcano, former Iron age settlement, the scene of the start of the first Jacobite Rising in 1689 and home to the Dundee War Memorial unveiled in 1925. It offers a panoramic view over the city, the Perthshire hills to the north, Fife to the south and the Forth of Tay. The castle at Broughty Ferry can ... read more
McManus Galleries
Minnie The Minx
D C Thomson & Co

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee February 22nd 2019

Scotland is a brave choice in February. The weather is not often the main reason to visit. I have just had another procedure on my face, so still sporting a fresh 2 1/2 inch scar the sun was not top of my priority list. I have yet to settle on my story .... 1980s football violence, glassed in a pub perhaps. The reality was more likely too much time watching cricket in Australia, so surely I would be safe from further damage watching a football match or two in the City of Discovery. The Other Half had noted that the new V&A Museum had opened since our last visit and pencilled it in as worthy of a trip, so I scoured other reasons for the revisit. Dundee FC v Hibs moved to a Friday night for ... read more
HMS Unicorn, Victoria Dock
Discovery Centre and V & A Dundee
North Carr Lightship, Victoria Dock

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee September 17th 2017

Walk around Dundee day. Through the pedestrian mall, past the statues, to the Science Centre, around to the Discovery and Discovery Centre, along the waterfront to the Unicorn and finally to a cafe for hot chocolate. The centres were a bit expensive and Lee a bit tired, not a great combination! So it's to the cafe whilst I have a little sight seeing walk but really it's just a day for looking around the city centre. Our turreted bedroom accommodation is quite a dominant feature of the cityscape here, really the dominant feature if the church spires are discounted, which makes navigating through the town rather easy. The buildings are a combination of old and new that sit quite comfortably with each other. Along the waterfront buildings are springing up aimed at that same market niche ... read more
Us and the dragon (say nothing!).
Desperate Dan (local icon but I can't find the storyline).
Desperate Dan, Mini the Minx and Lee.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee September 16th 2017

The 'fairytale castle' is our accommodation for our two nights here in Dundee. Really it's a rabbit warren of rooms and stairwells in an old converted mill but from the outside it looks quite magical. Our room is the one that incorporates the right hand turret and bedroom. It's large and comfy although the three flights of stairs may take a toll (and no that's not 'take a troll!). We left our last Airbnb with another packed lunch full of treats which is a delightful gesture and one much appreciated. I set off to the Point of Sleat which I thought was going to be 'plenty of sleet' as it was raining heavily as we drove but much to our surprise the rain eased (it didn't stop) to bearable and I was able to do the ... read more
To the Point of Sleat. Last walk?
Cute direction markers. 1.
Not so cute direction marker. The scratching out is deliberate as the distance is out.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee June 6th 2012

Family, friends, fans and groupies. I have created one of these blog dealios in order to keep all posted with the day to day excitement of our pending nuptials and trip around the world. Off to a flying start; 15 days before we jet off my car decided to bust a thing out of the doohicky and plop a whatjamajigger right into the rubber of my brand new tire! (cheers for the tires dad :S) Alas, the cosmic ticker watchers seem to be all to quick to balance fortune with mis as they see our upcoming joy and seek to balance the scales of karmic justice with a quick boot to the stones. But fear not true believers! No car mishaps can dishearten 'TEAM ROUND THE WORLD' (still working on the 'catchy' name') Many thanks are ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee April 6th 2012

Three blogs in 24 hours, what a treat for y’all, bearing in mind the last two were about our summer holiday last year the last real update was from Christmas and concerned Ella’s arrival so what’s happened in 2012? Let’s start off with the negatives and although past performance is not an indicator towards future returns you will not be surprised to hear that Fiona has been poorly again, 2012 has not been her friend. She was suffering from severe stomach pain in the early part of the year and had a sever bout of pain through the night in January, she was in agony with what we suspected was gall stones. She had an appointment on the 29th of February for a scan that confirmed this but the morning before the scan, the 28th of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee December 6th 2011

A journey into the lair of Minnie the Minx............... read more
The McManus
Tay Rail Bridge
Desparate Dan

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee September 21st 2011

Had our complimentary breakfast in the Kildrummy Castle Hotel. This place is the utmost in opulence. We were served tea and coffee in polished silver pots, and their silverware was actually silver. It is a great place if you have lots of money and like to be pampered. Our trip south towards Dundee was spectacular as expected; peering up from the valley we drove through at hills covered with a patchwork quilt made up of trees, heather, short grass or shrubs occasionally spotted with white dots that were sheep. At about the halfway point we stopped for a geocache and found we were near the entrance to Balmoral Castle. We drove down the road towards the gate and found it closed and manned by a security guard. Signs show that it’s only open at certain times ... read more
Patchwork Landscape

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee May 31st 2011

Geo: 56.4614, -2.96811Book. Bwhahahahaha. Okay... ask Kerri. Apparently its a traditional greeting. =PAnyway, we arrived at Dundee about 7pm, and Keri was waiting at the station for us! I was so excited I ran up and hugged her. =) I haven't seen her since she moved away halfway through high school. And then after a year or so of college, she moved to Dundee with her dad to finish school. So that's been... roughly a decade since I've seen the OTHER little white blonde midget. I have a lot of affection for her, though. =) I learned the vocab word "effervescent" in 10th grade because that was Keri.We went back to her flat, dropped off our things, and then we went out to an Indian food buffet for dinner. Back home buffets are always iffy... but ... read more

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