Doug and Vicki

Doug and Vicki

Doug and Vicki

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Borden-Carleton September 27th 2013

We were on the road by 06:05. We made our way to the confederation bridge and accidently went to the toll booth that took only credit cards. A 2 second transaction later and we were on our way across. I’ve heard people say that you can’t see anything from the bridge, but even in the dim light and slight fog we could see the ocean below. I’m sure it would have been pretty in the daylight. When you’re in the middle you really feel like your high up and flashes went through my mind of the possible accident sending you over the side and a hundred feet down. With my mind more intently on the road ahead, we hit land without incident. On we went, through the weather worn Appalachian mountains towards Ontario. The gps gives ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Charlottetown September 26th 2013

It was a rainy day. It lightly sideways rained all day. But that’s ok. This is the day we set aside for my vacation. I insisted that at least one day is spent doing nothing. No driving, no sightseeing. Just sit and read a book. It would have been nice to read a book by the sea, on the rock in front of the cottage that juts out into the water even at low tide. But that would have treacherous at best today. We did pick up a couple of geocaches near the cottage in the rain and got pretty wet doing it. One we had tried yesterday but couldn’t get to it because a bunch of trees blocked our path at high tide. Today we tried at low tide and were successful, walking right out ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Cardigan September 25th 2013

Someone flipped the ‘Fall’ switch on Sept 21st and the day after the birch trees here started to change colour. There are already some vibrant reds mixed in with the rich green of the pine trees here on the island. Today we headed NE to the North Harbour. The North Harbour is yet another cove housing a fishing harbour. At least a dozen fishing boats were there. The island has an incredible amount of these harbours dotted all along its shoreline. Our tour today took us to many of the lighthouses on the eastern shores. As a result, the drive has had the most incredible views. You’ll see a shoreline, water, red beach, shoreline then water again all at once as the jutting out of land creates a cove that the road winds around. Another thing ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside September 24th 2013

The “Meeting of the Waters” was the name of the geocache we were going for today. The reason for going to this one was that it happened to be at the very farthest point in PEI away from the cottage and it’s the location of WEICan Wind farm. Wind Energy Institute Canada allows wind generator manufacturers to test their windmills in real world conditions. They have an interpretive centre there for people to walk through and learn how windmills can be a viable alternative to fossil fuel powered generation plants. After going through the interpretive centre and picking up the geocache, we pointed the truck out at the ocean and ate lunch. We had a great view of 2 trawlers fishing just offshore. From there we headed se in a route back to the cottage picking ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Cavendish September 23rd 2013

You don’t go to PEI and not take in an attraction involving Anne of Green Gables. You’re not going to find Avonlea, the place where Anne Shirley lived, because she’s a fictional character. What you will find is tributes to the author Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables and had the first book published in 1908. There is a provincial park in Cavendish dedicated to this and onsite there is a house and barn and trails that are similar to the ones L.M. Montgomery encountered when exploring the nearby farm owned by her cousin’s Grandfather. These are the ones that inspired Avonlea in her books. We also found a bookstore run by a descendent of the McNeils, the Grandparents who took L.M. Montgomery in when she was young. Almost all of the little ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Cavendish September 22nd 2013

It’s the first day of fall but even with the strong winds the temperature is still very comfortable. We headed out today to see if we could find 3 geocaches located on an lsland called Lennox Island. Turns out the island was on native land and the stop sign at the main intersection was in some kind of Native Tongue. After probably 3 km of walking on a nicely groomed trail we found 2 of the 3 caches. Some of the trails led to a beach, and others went through the middle of a huge blueberry patch. We decided it was early enough to try a set of caches on a nearby peninsula. Unfortunately, as we sat and ate our lunch at the Jacques Cartier Provincial park gates where they were, we discovered the closest one ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside September 21st 2013

We loaded up the truck and with some quick verbal directions made a quick dash out of Sydney with the goal of reaching the PEI ferry for the 13:00 departure. Two minutes later we’re already lost and for some reason the gps was not making any sense, seemingly making us go around in circles or down dead end streets. After mistaking the turn in 150 metres to a turn now and ending up going the wrong way on a one way street, We stopped and tried to get our bearings. Finally we head out on what we figure is a main road only to find it’s sent us on the slower path back out of Cape Breton again. Down the road, we figure we’ll save some time by taking the 216 across so we can meet ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney September 19th 2013

Sept 19th-20 Cruising to Cape Breton we encounter great roads with a 110 km speed limit, 4 lanes, rolling hills …..and a toll booth. The sign said toll road 22km, which I took to mean that the toll for $4.00 was only for the last 22km. Doing the quick math my brain said, That’s almost 20 cents a km, man is that expensive. As we rolled on past the toll booth, Vicki enlightened me to the fact that the toll was for basically the rest of the road we were on, which was about 200 km. That made me feel better. The views in Nova Scotia are incredible, with every turn in the road or crest of a hill giving you yet another eyeful of beauty to behold. Our gps, knowing we couldn’t get enough of ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Amherst September 18th 2013

Well, here we are after spending 2 nights at Amherst shore Provincial Park. Most of the gear is packed and we're just waiting for the sun to dry the tent so we can pack up and move on. Vicki is reading a book, drinking a tea and relaxing. It's been a great couple of days here with perfect weather.(for September). Yesterday we explored the shoreline at high tide, then did a couple of geocaches, had lunch and returned for low tide. The park has a trail system that includes a path that goes through a tunnel to cross under the road. The beach was littered with snails, small crabs and clams. Small fish were flitting about, feeding in the small pools of warm water created by the receding tide. The sun was warm so I had ... read more

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Edmundston September 17th 2013

With a long drive ahead of us to get to Amherst Shore provincial park in Nova Scotia, we got up early and hit the local Timmy’s before heading out. After taking an incredible amount of time to steep tea we finally head out of there and immediately discover the Macdonald’s that we should have went to instead. While sneaking around the back of the building and hurriedly reading a sign that said Entrée Interdit, I almost ran into a truck coming OUT of the drivethru. Backing up quickly into an open parking space, I was cursing and wondering why the word Entrée would be on an exit. We walked in to get our food and left perplexed. Later Vicki looked it up and it means Entrance Prohibited. For F$#$^& sakes. After that it was drive, drive, ... read more

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