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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire » Portsmouth October 4th 2022

3rd October As we sailed out of Portsmouth we had a fabulous view of the huge aircraft carrier The Prince of Wales and the Spinnaker Tower. We also passed by the war memorial, landing craft area and the Southsea castle we had visited earlier in the day. The zoom on my camera worked brilliantly. I was amused to catch two naval joggers doing their run around the deck. We are now in Dover, it’s changeover day but there are around 100 passengers like us who are staying on board for the next voyage to the Norwegian Fjords.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool October 3rd 2022

Last night we had a lovely dinner in the dining room of the castle we were staying in. Don finally got to try some some lamb. I had the cod because it was the lightest thing on the menu. We ordered an old fashioned as our pre-dinner cocktail which stumped both the waitress and the bartender. The bartender did do her research and looked up what would be the best whiskey - and landed on a peaty scotch. It was very odd (if she hadn’t come over to explain the research she did we might have sent it back) and it was a lesson to us not to order old fashioneds in Scotland. This morning, after a lovely breakfast we set off walking to the village of Portmeirion. This well-known tourist area completely flummoxed us. It ... read more
Us at the Beatles museum .
John Lennon statue.
View from our deck at castle in Portmeirion .

Europe » United Kingdom » England October 2nd 2022

2nd October We left Cobn at 8pm last night. At around 10 o’clock this morning we were off the coast of Truro, I spoke with my sister in Torquay and said we would wave as we sailed past Torbay - it’s now 4pm and doing just 9.5 knots so I think it might be dark by the time we wave LOL. After breakfast we found a little stowaway on our balcony, a blue tit who was obviously a long way from home. Our balcony is on the Port side of the ship so it was up onto the top deck to enjoy the sunshine, although a little too chilly for the sun beds to be set up. Always plenty of activities on board on sea days but we were happy just to relax.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Herefordshire » Hemel Hempstead October 1st 2022

So, how did it happen that our last stop in the UK was Hemel Hempstead? Well, one of our blog entries triggered friends that we had made quite a few years ago while in Chatham with Tsamaya to make contact. My blog post mentioned we were going to St. Albans which is close to where they live. Unfortunately, I had to inform Martin that my blog post is never quite up to date as it takes me some time to pull them together before posting. In my response I happened to mention our tentative plans and that we were actually looking for a place to stay for a few days at the end of August to try to get a full 2 months away from Turkey. Why did we want to do that? It actually would ... read more
Waiting to Find Out What Platform for the Train
Lovely Brick Homes to See and Alleyways to Walk
Some of the Grand Union Locks May Look Unused

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 1st 2022

1. All set. It's time to leave. After much discussion and planning we're saying goodbye to our neighbours and friends here in Europe, the necessary agreements have been sought and approved, all the paperwork is in place, and we've stocked up on medications, supplies and snacks for the journey. We are heading westwards, initially to the USA and then beyond, eventually crossing both the International Date Line and the Equator before returning home. Hopefully there won't be too many queues or delays at Heathrow when we fly out to Los Angeles prior to boarding the Star Princess As the trip takes us halfway around the world, I thought it would be an idea to mark the distance officially by beginning the trip (and my narrative) from the Greenwich Meridian, at 0 degrees longitude. I know this ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath September 30th 2022

Wow. What a day. After dealing with our laundry delivery at 7:00, we were able to pack and head on our way. We got a car to take us to the hertz rental dealer at city airport where we picked up our car. What an adventure. As Don has never driven on the English side of the road, the drive out of London created some teeth clenching moments for me. He bounced off the left curb a few times but overall did pretty well. And I’m very glad not to be the one driving so I shouldn’t complain. We first stopped at Stonehenge. We were surprised that it is basically in the middle of a sheeps pasture. And there were sheep right there. It was smaller than we imagined but still quite impressive to think it ... read more
Salisbury cathedral .
Us at Roman baths
Roman baths.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 29th 2022

Now that I'm better rested my spelling and ability to make coherent sentences is higher so I'll try this again! We did another 10K of walking yesterday so my tiredness is definitely earned! Yesterday the weather report indicated that we had the lowest chance of rain of all the days we are here so we decided to make it our HoHo (Hop on/Hop off) bus tour day so we could sit in the open air section of the double decker bus. The bus stop for the tour is literally at the front of the hotel so after the obligatory stop at Starbucks (there is one at the tube stop just underneath our hotel), we hopped on the bus. The first stop that caught our attention was the Natural History Museum. We got off there and wandered ... read more
Canadian Embassy
Dippy the Dinosaur
Don and Christine

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 29th 2022

Since we sorted out the laundry situation (is there a pun in that?), we were comfortable heading out for the day. After breakfast in the hotel lounge (same thing every day - scrambled eggs, hash browns, chicken sausage, and baked beans), we hopped the tube to the Tower of London. We walked the whole upper perimeter going up and down narrow spiral staircases in many of the external towers. We read about the murdered princes and other famous prisoners. Of course, there was a lot about Anne Bolelyn, Jane Grey and Catherine Howard. One thing that surprised me, though, was that the last execution there was in 1942 - a German spy in WWII. They make a big deal about the ravens but to me, they look like the noisy crows we get in the yard. ... read more
The White Tower at Tower of London.
View of the Tower of London from The Shard.
Don on glass part of bridge.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 28th 2022

So Don has started to make fun of my late night spelling so I’m just going to say tonight that we had a good day that ended with a lovely dinner with Hannah. I’ll fill in the details in the morning…on my laptop with spell check. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Poole September 28th 2022

The last cat sitting that we agreed to while in the UK was for two lovely cats, Jess and Tabs, owned by Patricia and Chris. They live in Parkstone which is a suburb of Poole. We learned that as the strike days for the train were scheduled for the day before and the day after, there might be changes to the schedule on the day in between which is when we were traveling. Fortunately, we found that even though some others were cancelled or delayed, ours was only a few minutes late. We were glad as Patricia had offered to pick us up at the train station so we could meet them, the cats and get a tour of the house before they left on their vacation. Always a nice bonus for us all to meet ... read more
Views While on the Docks in Poole
A Foggy/Misty Day on the Water in Poole
A Couple of "Unusual Boats" and the More Common

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