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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Shrewsbury November 21st 2023

I don't mind a trip to Shrewsbury now and again . It feels that there is always something to do and something new to see . I know eventually I will run out of small alleyways to explore , the museum will have nothing new to see but at the moment I still have a list of things to do . Places to see and things to tick of that list that makes up the county town of Shrewsbury . Today was going to be no different . I was not sure how long I would have to waste . Today was just a small service for the car . A biennual change of brake fluid which should take only an hour or so . The garage would do a car Health check and send me ... read more
Medieval Shrewsbury
Darwin Shrewsbury
The local Houdini who came to a sticky end

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Gloucester November 14th 2023

Gloucestershire. The Cotswolds. The area is very much on the tourist trail. Bus loads descend in the summer months on relatively tiny populations. Bourton on the Water. The Slaughters. Stow on the Wold. Similar column inches and visitor numbers are devoted to the Regency splendour of Cheltenham - home of grand Georgian buildings and of course, the famous racecourse. The county town of Gloucester is somehow overlooked by the hordes. Skirted by the M5 motorway by those on their way somewhere else and missed off the coach tour itineraries. It did not seem that way on this bright, sunny autumn morning. Traffic was busy. It showed congestion on the route towards the Quays. I cut off to head through the city centre. The major sporting stadium venue in these parts loomed. Kingsholm - home of Gloucester ... read more
Gloucester Cathedral
Gloucester Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Ironbridge November 10th 2023

Sion did not sleep well last night . Before turning in he had got ready for his trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town. He had helped me set up the sav nav for the journey and was looking forward to seeing his best friend Woolly Mammoth. I had been to Blists Hill a number of times . The first in the early 1980's when the site was in its infancy . I don't remember much about it apart from it being on a hillside site with many industrial brick buildings . Sion had been to Blists Hill a few years ago when Suzy the motorhome required some work to Kathrein the satellite dish . I am sure we were driven there by the guy who repaired the dish and he gave us two complimentary tickets "Have ... read more
Picking up some pennies
In the grocers shop
Have you got a dog licence ?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 8th 2023

This morning was my favorite moment of the trip. I woke up in Paris, the Eiffel Tower in view from the window. Showered, then before the crack of dawn, was on the cobble stone streets of Rue Cler, with the locals. Walking to the Boulangerie to get the best croissants in the world. The only other people were the staff of the hotels doing the same thing, getting the croissants and baguettes for the morning breakfast, including the staff of our hotel. “A quick on Jour Deux Croissants si vous plait.” Two fresh croissants handed to you for 2.80 Euros about $3 (would pay 8 in NY). “Merci, au voire.” Walking back in the crisp Paris fall air, I stopped, took a deep breath, and truly savored the moment, I am in Paris, I truly belong ... read more
The Stage
Our View

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Whitchurch November 1st 2023

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes . Don't resist them - let reality be reality . My saying of the morning ended with the words Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Quite an interesting thought from Lao Tzu. One of the favourites churned out in my calendar at least half a dozen times a year . Lao Tzu not the saying . I guess driving to Whitchurch I must have churned up that saying , digested it , wondered if it were true and changed it slightly here and there to something I could relate to . The journey to Whitchurch was as always fairly uneventful apart from forgetting that in England I can still drive in residential areas at 30mph. That felt strangely exhilerating after the snail like ... read more
When you were short of stamps there were always these to rely on
Roman Whitchurch
Clockmakers Whitchurch

Europe » United Kingdom » England November 1st 2023

We finally, finally left Xeraco Campers after 12 nights! The site was just that good: excellent company, great food, a short walk into town and more importantly for me - the sea and a beach that went on forever. I cannot say how good it felt to finally be swimming again and especially in slightly cold water, although it made me miss my M4E friends. It never ceases to amaze me that there is such a common bond between travellers from all over Europe, regardless of language, age or whatever - good conversations were always had. During one of these it did involve me having a slight internal panic attack as I felt my knickers slowly but surely slide off my backside, with my shorts the only thing keeping my modesty in tack. I had visions ... read more
The stunning beach at Xeraco
I am a Mermaid at heart

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Rufford October 18th 2023

After eating our lunch and venturing into the garden it was time to take the walk up to the Hesketh church . The walk took us down an avenue of extremely large oak and beech trees . Look out for the carving in the trees. That was the message from a couple we met walking the same path. They told us that over the years people had carved their names into the oak tree trunks. Not easy to find but some were quite ancient . We never found the ancient ones but did find Harry loves Sue and many others dated from the 1960's onwards . I don' t think we did find Harry and Sue but it felt like all the young men and girls of the village had sworn their love to each other ... read more
rufford church windows
the church crest
the font

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Rufford October 16th 2023

The car with no name also known as Clint was parked up on a half full National Trust car park next to the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. It was midweek. The children are still at school and Clint had just been given a much needed run out of one and a half hours. When we started him up the voice control refused to work and the display told us the battery was getting flat. He needed a long drive to charge him up. Something he had not had for some weeks . Indifference has kept us in. What had discharged the battery was anyones guess. Not using the car. The alarm systems and dash cams running down the battery. We had no clues from the all singing and all dancing display. The drive took us out ... read more
the corner of the house
front building
Black and white

Europe » United Kingdom » England October 15th 2023

Today was a travel day. We would leave our home in London, as that’s what The Balmoral House Hotel has become, and fly to Dublin to join our Ireland tour group. We were in no hurry as our flight wasn’t until 3:30, however we had to check out at 11:00. I went to breakfast, not only to eat, but to say my goodbyes! I had bacon, toast, and coffee and took some pictures of our friends. Once back at the room we finished packing and headed down to check out! A few years ago I met Israel Mora, an animator who has worked on Cats, The Lion King, The Mandalorian, and Prehistoric Planet. To my surprise he was standing in the office! I got a chance to Talk to him about his new projects…The Lion King ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 14th 2023

Today we got up early, were among the first for breakfast, caught a cab, and were at Victoria Station to meet our tour group by 8 am! We were headed to The Cotswold with Evan Evan tours. Our first stop was Burton on the Water. It is a quaint little village on the River Windrich. It is known for its low bridges and stone houses. There are 5 bridges built between 1654 and 1911, each cut from Cotswold stone. They give Birto on the Water the nickname of Venice of the Cotswolds. During the Middle Agest, the Cotswolds became rich from all trade. Much of the money was dedicated to the building of churches, and many large “wool churches“ remain today. Once wool trade ceased the area attracted wealthy landowners and prominent figures to purchase second ... read more

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