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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor October 10th 2021

The workshop was over, so the early start today was self-inflicted. I got up at the usual 6.30am and headed off to Combestone Tor, to try for what would effectively be fourth time lucky. As I drive into the car park with my headlights on full-beam, it lit up the tor against the night sky. That actually made a great photo, although I needed to set-up to the side so that my shadow was not cast onto the rocks - schoolboy error. As the light came, it was looking like I would be disappointed yet again, but after about half an hour it became evident that going to be lucky and it was a perfect sunrise. I was really, really pleased that I had made the effort - much like when I went out on my ... read more
Hawthorne Tree
Combestone Tor in Full Beam
Dartmoor Breakfast

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor October 9th 2021

According to the weather forecasts, it was due to be foggy again, so we were anticipating going back to Wistman's Woods to try and get there before the fog started to clear again. The forecast was wrong, so it was a change of plan, again, and instead we all jumped into the minibus and went to Hound Tor, which sounded ominous, given the local association. One big difference between photography in Rannoch Moor and in Dartmoor is the amount of walking involved. In Rannoch Moor we pretty much jumped out of the minibus and started taking pictures. Dartmoor involves a lot more walking, which in some cases is quite steep and strewn with jagged and slippery rocks. How steep and how rocky depends on how far you are prepared to go for your photographs. These workshops ... read more
Holworth Rocks
Emsworthy Mire Barn
Political Promises

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor October 8th 2021

As is usual with these photography workshops, it was an early 6.30am start for the sunrise - but at least the October sunrises are not too antisocial. We drove to Combestone Tor, but it was too foggy for any photographs, so we decided to return to the hotel and walk to the nearby Wistman's Woods, which are apparently the place to go when it is foggy. It was almost completely the same walk that I had done the day before to the then unnamed tor, although this time we were navigating in the dark. Sadly, when we got there the fog had started to clear, but the woods were still great to photograph. These woods are apparently very well known and there were a few other photographers there. There are a lot of extremely old ancient ... read more
Blackadon Nature Reserve
Nunscroft Farm House
Brentor Church

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Dartmoor October 7th 2021

Just before the dreaded lock-down started in early 2020 I went on a fantastic photography workshop to Rannoch Moor in Scotland (see ). Now that that lock-down is finally coming to an end, I took the opportunity to go on another photography workshop to another moor, but this time in completely the opposite direction to Dartmoor. It was a long way, but nowhere near as far as the remote highlands as Scotland. Having recently experienced the nightmare that is the never-ending roadworks on the M4, I decided to go on the M3 (although that is not immune - see ) and the A303. The journey was largely uneventful, with the highlight being a drive-past of Stonehenge. We had visited there earlier this year, although that was one such example of the M4 nightmare due to the ... read more
Hotel Room

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Shrewsbury September 20th 2021

Well you think it would be easy wouldnt it ? Plan a trip out for a mammoth , a sheep , two humans and Alfie Dog . It had been a while since the boys had met up and that visit had involved knives and all things metal . Woolly had made a suggestion . Denbigh Castle . Sion thought it a good idea as he had not been there for some while and was due another visit . "It was left to the human in the household to sort out a date , a time and some tickets . Surely with two humans to sort it out it shouldn't go wrong " Well it did go Ok at the start . We all agreed a day when both Jo and I were not working . ... read more
Henry IV on his pedestal
Gargoyles galore
The archers and the noblemen

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Stoke-on-Trent September 18th 2021

Packed up and ready for a speedy getaway. Smart Arse hitched onto the back of Welcome and we're off. Slow departure from the campsite because of the very (very) narrow railway bridge between the campsite and the road. Involved pushing passenger mirror in and then Bob driving through with me in front watching every inch of space on either side. Bob did it. He does has excellent spatial judgement. And then the slow drive to end all slow drives. Think every vehicle in England is on the East West road across Dorset today. No obvious reason for it, just sheer volume of traffic as they say. There was one stretch with 2 mile queue either side which was a coned off 'road works' 100 metres long road being worked on though. We did a lot ... read more
210918 Home (22)
210918 Home (24)
210918 Home (26)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Swanage September 17th 2021

Wonderful day today, our last before we leave for home tomorrow so even better that the weather so kindly rewarded us with another absolutely perfect blue sky day. We decided to drive round the country roads to see where they took us. Past quite a few stone quarries which produce the lovely golden Purbeck stone from which many of the houses in the area are built. Then we came to Worth Matravers, a stone village with a duck pond, a little village tearoom, thatched cottages and an obviously very popular pub.. We carried on along the road from there until we came to Renscombe carpark which was where the road stopped. We asked advice about the route to Chapman's Pool but were told the road to it was Really steep, even steeper probably than Durdle Door ... read more
210917 Corfe Castle (90)
210917 Corfe Castle (23)
210917 Corfe Castle (170)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Corfe Castle September 16th 2021

Another beautiful day in sunny, blue-sky Dorset. Cannot believe how lucky we are being with the weather. Far better than when we were away in August. Sun top and shorts weather nearly every day this time. We headed out first of all to Studland Bay. This time to the East of Swanage. A massive, 4 mile stretch of sandy beach in a big sheltered bay with Jurassic coast, Old Harry Rocks to the West side and Shell Beach to the East. This is National Trust land so we parked for free in their carpark and went down the steps to the Middle beach across a very fragile looking section of sand dune. This is quite an odd beach. There are beach huts but they are set back from the beach in the dunes, then the dunes ... read more
210916 Corfe Castle (277)
210916 Corfe Castle (69)
210916 Corfe Castle (95)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Corfe Castle September 15th 2021

A stunning day of blue sky, sea and wonderful scenic coastline. We were woken by the Swanage Steam train going past our windscreen while we were still in bed. Didn't wave as we hadn't shut the front blind and didn't want anyone looking in ! Headed west from the campsite first of all to Lulworth Cove. The route there took us past quite a large area of Army shooting ranges and we were warned of sudden Gunfire and not to venture into the flagged zones. We had heard some strange booming noises from the campsite the day before so concluded that it was indeed gunfire and we heard quite a lot again today when we were out and about. Lulworth Cove is beautiful. It is also extremely busy, the enormous carpark was pretty full. We tried ... read more
210915 Corfe Castle (50)
210915 Corfe Castle (152)
210915 Corfe Castle (180)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Suffolk » Bury Saint Edmunds September 14th 2021

We took late summer holiday at Mary, Mark’s mother’s home between 6th and 10th September. We haven’t had very many hot days this summer. However, we had heard that heat wave would come at the beginning of the 2nd week of September. We travelled up to Bury St Edmunds on 6th September. Upon arrival at there, Mary came to the station and took us to Nowton Park where she regularly visits for a walk. We walked in the arboretum. There were a wide variety of trees, shrubs and conifers thriving and they looked great under the blue sky. We checked the weather forecast on Tuesday & Wednesday – heard that the temperature would rise up to 28 degree; we believed that London would have been even hotter. She took us to Long Melford Country Walk on ... read more
ducks walking on the bank
Highlands Cows
Sunset at Lark Rise

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