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20 August 2019, Tuesday This day started out with the good full English breakfast at Vallum Lodge. With my bags ready to go I walked to the Sill where I caught the AD 122 bus to Haltwhistle train station. At Haltwhistle, I saw Don and Sue, from Auckland, who had taken a taxi back from Gilland. They spent the night, then came to the station to catch the train to Newcastle. Fortunately, he could show me how to work the kiosk in order to buy my train ticket from Haltwhistle to St Bees. The train took me to Carlisle where I transferred to the train to St Bees. I arrived in St Bees, approximately 1:30 and was able to walk the short distance to the Stonehouse where we were are lodging for the evening. About an ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Haworth August 21st 2019

A couple of house keeping issues. We are in or near Stanbury and Ponden but they don’t rally register on many maps let alone travel websites. And I don’t have a proof reader and Julie has pointed out a few errors post publication. Sorry. Anything that does make sense just make up yourself. And great job Ella. Two people on the planet know that the ‘glorious twelfth’ is the official opening of the grouse season. Ella continues a rich tradition of taking out quiz questions and has continued where she left off. I think I dismissed her comment without sort of knowing so if it doesn’t post sorry. I’ve been chastened by Julie so I’ll never do it again. On that note. We walked past a hidden direction marker this morning and overshot the path a ... read more
Ready, well almost.
Pretty little place.
And that’s the Main Street.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 21st 2019

Bus and tube this morning to get into Chancery Lane Station. Only 20C but the tube was so hot and oppressive, I would hate to have to be catching it when it is hotter. You look forward to a train passing through to get some breeze. Looking at the map on the line we were on there were about 6 stops that were disability accessible. I remember being here 22 years ago with a pram and thinking how do people with disabilities get around? and now after working in disability for 13 years I am even more conscious of it. Apparently they have to taxi or bus. The new buses are definitely disability friendly so that is a huge improvement. Off at Chancery Lane Station and out into the legal district and familiar territory for Jim. ... read more
Shakespeare's Theatre - The Globe

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 20th 2019

Well here we go, another tip and another blog :) Flew Thai Airlines from Perth-Bangkok-London, good fights as 22hr flights go. No airsickness yay! which meant I could sightsee out the window. Things that struck me: Bangkok is HUGE. Flying in at night and looking at all the lights was amazing and they went forever. Bangkok airport is a very grey uninspiring place with long convoluted process to get to your next place and no-one smiles! Loved looking out the window and seeing lights and trying to identify on the flight tracker where we were. There are wind turbines in the sea off the coast of England! I seriously thought I was seeing things! It is quite incredible to see ships passing through them and to marvel at the size they must be and how.... Amazing, ... read more
The patchwork farm quilt of South-West England

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Hebden Bridge August 20th 2019

Forty five and a half thousand steps. About 31 km, although 26.5 in theory. And another day on the Pennine Way bites the dust. And just a little hint don’t tell your sister that you finish in Hebden Bridge when in fact it’s 2 km further and every one of those steps is uphill. Didn’t matter that those 2 km were 2km we don’t have to walk tomorrow, just don’t do it. I was saved from physical harm only because I walk faster uphills and she could catch me. But a bath, a feed and a cider makes her human again and all is fine. We kitted up to start. Coats, waterproof pack covers, gaiters... because it was pretty ugly. Rain, dark clouds and strong winds. That combination on the moors is not good but when ... read more
There’s no such thing as a bad trig point.
She just keeps follow me.
Told you. She does.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Marsden August 19th 2019

When more and more moor is just right. Despite the fact we were wet and the unbelievable fact that our accommodation gave us a packed lunch without a box drink or any fruit we have had a delightful day. Julie’s mood has improved so much she is now only swearing mildly at me and only intermittently wondering why she came along to walk the Pennine Way. During quite a cloud burst another walker proclaimed that ‘the weather is always better in the pub’ - if only I can get that attitude into Julie! No really things are good here. More moor suits me although I think less moor would suit Julie better. But some of the scenery (and even the photos) more than compensate for the wet shoes, coat, pants and shirts we persevered with for ... read more
Around the spillway and through the forest.
Is that God laughing?
Up, up ,up and through the bracken.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Haltwhistle August 19th 2019

19 August 2019, Monday A hike along the Hadrian's wall trail, from Steel Rigg to Walltown Quarry - 7 miles 670 feet elevation gain. Let me start by saying that when one walks one has time to think. today I came to the realization that Hadrian started building this wall in AD122 and the Hadrian's Wall country bus number is 'AD122'; Coincidence I think not. Here at the Vallum Lodge breakfast consisted of a choice of several items. I chose salmon and scrambled eggs, served with coffee, yogurt, fruit and different cheeses. Samantha, proprietes and owner, is adept at providing each person with their choice ordered the night before as they came in to the dining room for their breakfast. She has six ensuite rooms each sleeping two people and does all the work herself. Fortified ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Glossop August 18th 2019

Day 1 of the Pennine Way beats quite a few walkers, we may have met one of them. It’s a difficult and long day. Any day with a section named Jacob’s Ladder is going to be tough. If it was called Jacob’s Incline even that would give walkers some hope without being misled. I’m waiting for sections with names like Rob’s Gentle Meander or Julie’s Easy Decreases in Elevation. I’m waiting but not expecting. It blew incessantly today and we were lucky it only rained briefly as it could have been bitter. We both walked in shorts (not the same pair) and for a while in t-shirts but the wind got the better of us. I didn’t stop blowing until we managed to get off the high plains. The plain is named Bleaklow and you don’t ... read more
Wait for me.
Uphill (even gently) I lead.
It’s so we don’t get lost.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Haltwhistle August 18th 2019

18 August 2019, SundayToday I experience the AD122 Hadrian's wall country bus. Visit the newly opened Sill visitors center and gateway to Northumberland National Park. And Vindolanda old Roman fort and archeological site.Having gotten about seven and a half hours sleep, but still suffering a bit of jet lag, I was awake about 4:30 so had about three and a half hours before breakfast. The Burncrest B&B had a wonderful full English breakfast with lime and kiwi yogurt, a banana and then the full breakfast with French press coffee and toast. See photo.Les who is Margaret Ellery's husband was the cook for the breakfast. He spent some time telling me about his experiences as a nuclear chemist for the British government and all of the bomb testing that he was involved with around the world. The ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 18th 2019

August 18, 2019 OK. Our hotel is just down the street from Victoria Station, which is our Underground “hub”. We’ve been here for a few days and have been passing this really interesting men’s grooming salon. My hair looks like CRAP. It’s been six weeks since my last cut, which is 2 weeks overdue. I. HATE the way it looks. H.A.T.E. the way it looks! I was going back and forth – should I go? What if it sucks? What if they ruin my hair? What should I do? Which is worse, the current sucky cut, or the unknown? SUCKY is WAY worse! I’m going in! The salon is called Adam. The stylist is from Turkey, and his English, while good, is not great. Uh. OH. What did I get myself into? I didn’t even ask ... read more

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