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Time runs together on the Canal. It's hard to believe that hours go by, and then you can't believe it's only been five minutes since the last bridge. We are doing the Black Country Loop near Birmingham, in a counter-clockwise fashion, starting out of Barton Turns Marina (and ending there). Rather than give a mile by mile (there are 86), lock by lock (more than 100), pub by pub (yummy meat pies), or bridge by bridge (we stopped counting)... for the remainder of the canal trip, we will talk about interesting highlights. We split out our time in Birmingham into a separate entry, after this one, since that was a short escape from normal Canal life. We'll mention that Anne and Tony (mostly Anne) were sick during this part of the trip, so we may not ... read more
Oh, It's Sunday
Round Tower

Day 5 We woke early, excited for our Market trip and Canal boat adventure. The breakfast at the Holiday Inn Express was less than stellar, so we decided we would get some food at the Market. The Longborough market is said to have won recent awards, and has been around for 800 years. It sounded amazing and exciting. The weather had different opinions. The drive through the driving rain took a lot longer than we expected. When we arrived and grabbed the last parking spot, we saw dozens of people leaving the open air market, hiding under umbrellas (it had just started raining in Longborough). All of the prepared food vendors were shut, and we didn't spend long at other shops outside of Boots and a few fruit and bread vendors. Even if the weather had ... read more
Hamster Entertainment
The Way Out

“Seaside.. Seasiders”! A lone voice boomed out across The Moat. The vocalist awaited further backing. There was a none. The old lady in front awoke from her slumber on the crash barrier and turned to express her disapproval. The next vocal volley met with a steely glare. The vocalist realised he was on a loser having had “the look” and went back to his pint. Harry’s Bar had been doing good trade all afternoon. The Mount Pleasant gang were on the long trip south to the sleepy confines of southwest Derbyshire. They were impressed by the product on offer in Harry’s Bar – the pitchside refreshment emporium – and the pleasant spring sunshine. The thick coats showed that they were unaccustomed to anything other than a stiff North Sea breeze blowing in. The day had started ... read more
National Memorial Arboretum
High Street, Burton on Trent
National Memorial Arboretum

Life's a funny old thing isn't it? My thought of the day said something like " Feel good, be good and do good" All laudable things to do. Do I feel good? Yes I suppose I do. The first day of official Spring has arrived and with it better weather . It is hard not to feel good when the sun has started to shine, the clocks have changed to British Summer Time and the hedgerows are starting to colour up with that fresh Springlike lime green. The snowdrops have gone over and been replaced by the pale mauves of the crocus; they in turn have given over to nodding yellow daffodils and thick white buds on the magnolia. It is hard to feel anything but happy. The new Sally Sat Nag seems to be the ... read more
Pegasus the winged horse
The National Arboretum
Shot at dawn

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Burton-upon-Trent January 9th 2017

Christmas seems a lifetime away. Hwyl - a welsh goodbye to Christmas and helo a chroeswch - welcome to a new year . 2017 and the start of other great and small adventures. January feels listless and I am reminded of the Pilot song which went something like "January sick and tired you've been hanging on me". The corner looks empty now the Christmas tree has been taken down. The days are grey and dull and have that November feel of dampness upon them. . The Derbyshire sky lifeless. The sun obscured by the thick clouds . The wind holds a chill which touches with its icy fingers. Towards the end of the week snow is predicted. Any rain is likely to fall as snow or sleet. Winter perhaps is on the verge of arriving. There ... read more
The National Brewery Museum
The mash tun
Some kind of strange machine that sorts hops

After a false start yesterday, today I finally start my voyage to work on Cunard's MS Queen Victoria. Later on today I have a 4 hour train journey down to London to stop in a hotel for the night, then at the crack of dawn tomorrow its time to goto southampton to get on board our floating city for the next 6 months. I will try to post as much as I can, obviously time permitting and internet on board is not free, but hopefully that wont stop me posting photos/news from my travels. Im going to miss everyone at home, but its time to start a new life. Bring on 5 o'clock today so I can get on that train.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Burton-upon-Trent January 28th 2009

Tis true, today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary and as much as we love our little home with it's beautiful surroundings, we can't wait to be somewhere warmer this time next year! The countdown to the off is in full flow with more and more emphasis being placed on the search for a suitable adventure vehicle. This includes hours being spent on the internet rather than cooking tea! We'd originally thought the decision about 'what vehicle' was totally straight forward ... campervan, has to be, doesn't it? Well apparently, no, it doesn't! Now the idea of a 4WD and a caravan has crept into our collective minds so we're checking out more possibilities. It's not just us two that we need to consider, Sarah's Mum and Dad will be coming out to Australia sometime in 2010 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Staffordshire » Burton-upon-Trent December 15th 2008

Ok, so here it is, the plan that will hopefully get us around Australia and New Zealand in about 363 days! We leave on April 27th 2009 from Birmingham and we go via Dubai ... no stopover though, we're too excited and we just want to get to Oz!! Is it too detailed, is it too basic … who knows but we’ll at least have some idea of where we’re heading!! APRIL 2009 Melbourne MAY 2009 Wilsons Prom - Lakes Entrance - Mallacoota - Merimbula - Batemans Bay - Sydney - Katoomba - Singleton - Port Macquarie JUNE 2009 Coffs Harbour - Willowbank - Warwick - Brisbane - Beerwah - Mooloolaba - North Stradbrooke Island - Noosa Heads - Rainbow Beach - Bundaberg - Gladstone JULY 2009 Cania Gorge - Rockhampton - Marlborough - Mackay - ... read more

Kinda cloudy day but no rain and it was warm…Mel and her madre took me out to the city of Lichfield--apparently it is a “city” because it has a cathedral and if a town doesn’t have one it is called a town or a village. The Lichfield cathedral is the only cathedral in England that has three spirals…fancy that! The city itself is adorable with hidden areas that reminded Mel and I of such places as diagon alley from harry potter...hehe. Her mom took me for tea and cake at another cute little pub called the “Hedgehog.” So today was my last day in Newborough where Mel lives…I was sad to already be leaving because it was such a unique and amazing experience in the country sides of England. Definitely ten times more breathtaking than in ... read more
headin to london baby!!!

Sooo the journey begins... Arrived at the Gatwick airport at 7am on Sat, July 19...blahh didn't sleep much b/c too excited, but I was picked up by Melissa, buddy who lived down the hall from me in first year at UBC. My first awakening that I was in another country was when I went for the drivers side of the car to get in and Mel was like "what are ya doing?"...yeahhhhh you sit on the right side..oops But we drove out 3 hours to her hometown, Burton-upon-Trent....close to Nottingham!! Gorgeous country side just as you would imagine..WOW! Rolling hills of barley and crops with some random trees and hedges lining the two laned roads. Truly scenic! We were both exhausted when we finally got to her home--me from flying and her from waking up at ... read more
driving on the right side?
Country Services..cute!
mel's buddies

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