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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury April 25th 2014

This is written a bit later - but in all honesty a bit of a desperate day. It started off very well woke up in the B&B and after cooked breakfast - off on the road again. A nice day weather wise and cycling through vaguely familiar territory (since this was where my dad was from). A few hills as I left Crediton but all served to slow the pace down and the silence after a car passed was amazing - i.e. the lack of noise after the rush of the car accentuated all the animal and bird noises etc. Up a valley by a river to Tiverton, a short rest by a main road, then 8 miles or so on the busiest road so far - not much fun but got me closer to where ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury January 15th 2012

On Sunday, we decided to get out of the city and see some of the countryside of Western England. At the last minute, we found the most cost effective way to do so was by taking a tour (Anderson Tours). We got picked up in London early in the morning by the company, and as it turned out, there were only 3 people (including us) on the tour. It was a nice tour because the guide explained everything to us on the bus and then we got off to explore on our own for a few hours. So it was a nice quiet day. Our first stop was at Avebury, a village known for being surrounded by the largest stone circle in the world. This is a much less touristy site than Stonehenge, and we could ... read more
Avebury - Rock Hugger
Avebury - This looks like a good spot to have a rest

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury September 8th 2010

Sunshine oh yes sunshine, on my way to Glastonbury then Bath. I was early so after breaky I walked down to the ocean and sat for while just enjoying life,taking in the view and listening to the ocean. As I handed my key in I saw a photo of the Man O toll I (stones). I asked where they were and luckily for me the directions were really clear. Left here, right there, turn at the white house past farmer Joe, look out for the old tractor then park beside the farmhouse on the right the walk a few miles through the pastures, I love it like I’m going to find it, but hey I will give it my best shot. Off I drove, left, right, up hills, down hills, past houses, farms and down little ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury July 4th 2010

Amazing!! Been back home nearly a week and think that I have just stopped smelling the long drop loo smell that you can only ever possibly understand if you have been to Glasto. A great method of preparing for the trip ahead! It was, obviously, about considerably more than the loos and, actually, quite a bit more than the music. Some amazings sights and sounds and all in the southwest's third largest city. Strange to think that the only permanent structure is the Pyramid stage. Next year, go if you can!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury June 2nd 2010

Mother Nature Makes up for the Rain Mother Nature decided to make up for yesterday’s bad weather by giving us a beautiful day today. It was blue skies and about 70 degrees Fahrenheit all day, perfect for a visit to the city of Wells and town of Glastonbury. Wells is known for its mighty Cathedral, but I was really excited to visit Glastonbury because it is the site of King Arthur’s tomb. Glastonbury also has a Tor, which is Celtic for “high hill”, which overlooks the town and is renowned for its mystical or magical properties because it is at the intersection of a major ley line. The City of Wells, an Unexpected Delight The first stop was the city of Wells which was on the way to Glastonbury. Wells is famous for its Cathedral, but ... read more
Wells Market
Wells Cathedral
Holy Kitty of Wells

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury December 18th 2009

We walked up Glastonbury Tor in the warmth of a winters afternoon sunshine, yet at the top we met a fiercely cold wind. The views made up for it for a while, but we finally had to retreat back down the hill. Tor means hill in Old English. Glastonbury Tor stands out from the surrounding countryside, being one of the few raised areas of land in the region. Many years ago, before drainage was put in, much of the land surrounding Glastonbury was frequently under water, leading to the legend of the Island of Avalon. In the mythology of the ancient Celts, Avalon was an island where gods and heroes fed on the apples of immortality, and has been woven into the stories surrounding Arthur, Excalibur, Merlin etc. Now the apples that are feasted on are ... read more
Path leading up the tor to St Michaels Chapel
St Michaels Chapel, Glastonbury Tor
view from inside chapel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury July 19th 2009

Hello, It has been a while since we have blogged so this one goes back to June in the middle of the summer (which seems such a long time ago now). We made the journey for our first summer music festival and what better than braving the elements in the lush fields at Glastonbury. We started off on the Wednesday for the 3 day music festival in order to get a spot in the fields to camp. The journey that was meant to be 3 hours started off okay with the great news that Kate was accepted for a new job that she had applied for. The job is a full time position at the Haringey Integrated Community Therapy Team. From there she has also successfully been accepted to do her masters degree which is for ... read more
tent city
A view from the top of Green Fields
Ready and rearing for a great 5 days, taking it all in on night 1

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury July 2nd 2009

Lets make no mistake about it - both Jen and I are festival junkies, and Glastonbury ('Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts'or just 'glasto') is the Mecca of festivals - this is gonna be good! The adventure starts in Herne Hill - where Tom lives- collecting the essential supplies. This includes as much booze as we figure we can physically carry, plenty of toilet paper, and whatever foods you can cook up in a tiny little camp stove. Sorted, ready to go, but where is Rich (Tom's workmate who's picking us up)??. Well he got stuck at work for a bit longer than expected and then caught in London afternoon traffic. Oh well, it looks like we might be pitching tents in the dark! So we put the movie 'This is Spinal Tap' on in preparation ... read more
jeff and his festival beer cooler
tom and rich dig in to a wet 'pie minister'
way down south!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury June 26th 2009

Glastonbury 26th - 28th June, 2009 Glastonbury is the biggest music and performing arts festival in the world held outdoors at Worthy Farm, Glastonbury in Somerset. This years attendance was 134,000. Rupesh and I travelled down to Somerset on Friday afternoon after seeing Erin & Mark off at Kings Cross (they were to fly back to Melbourne after an 8 week honeymoon) but keen festival goes started bagging their pieces of grass from Wednesday afternoon. The big acts of the festival didn't come on stage until Friday night and the last of the music finished on Sunday evening with some people travelling back on Sunday evening and others staying until Monday. When we arrived I rang a friend who had taken our tent and set it up. She asked where we were and I said we ... read more
Rupesh - 'Who's Idea Was It To Bring a Wheely Bag In The Mud??!'
Team Effort!
A Muddy Start to Glastonbury, 2009

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Glastonbury June 21st 2009

We left Canterbury and made our way to Winchester. When we set the sat nav for the new route to Winchester, we realised the reason we were having trouble yesterday was because it was set for walking routes and not for driving. We encountered some difficulty on our way as there were road closures along the motorways, which set us back by about an hour, limiting our time in Winchester if we wanted to make it to Glastonbury by the end of the day. When we arrived at Winchester we explored the Cathedral and briefly looked at the Castle. We then drove on to Salisbury. We went to the Cathedral as explored some of the surrounding district. The next stop was Stonehenge. We were informed earlier that because it was the summer solstice, there had been ... read more
Inside the Cathedral.
Salisbury Cathedral.

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