Gregg and Lou


Gregg and Lou

After a tough year we are hitting the road. We have a rough plan of where and when we are going but the finer details are as much a mystery to us as you, join us to fill in the gaps!

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Our Journey

The distances don't take into account the terrain or the true route taken merely the as the crow flies distance apart from a couple of minorly adjusted routes!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth March 7th 2011

The Pink View We have both been thinking about this blog for some time, yet I am still wondering exactly where to start with rounding up the last six months, it's quite some task to distil 191 days of our lives into a few hundred black marks on a white background. This is the last blog that either of us will write and I am going to miss it. Sure, sometimes, it has been a bit of a drag - and I am sure you have been able to tell when - but, for the main part, it has been a joy to describe thoughts and experiences and, when the mood has taken me, to have had a little bit of fun with the English language. It has also been a privilege to see that ... read more this

North America » United States » California March 7th 2011

The Pink View California. I think I like it. No, make that, I know I like it. A week just isn't long enough though. We would have loved to have visited Yosemite, San Diego and to have been able to cross the border to Mexico, but you just can't do that all in a week. That said, I am not at all disappointed that we decided to confine our trip to LA, Highways 101 and 1 and San Francisco. There is something very familiar about this part of the US. At least, I think there is. It could just be that, when you have home in your sights, everything starts to feel that little bit more familiar. To emphasise just how British I am - we have been extremely lucky with the wether. Beautiful sunshine ... read more

5th March 2011 Our penultimate day. What a glorious day for it, the sun was shining there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was pretty still and very warm for San Francisco. We had a plan for the day, which was to go to the farmers market, and also to visit the “crookedest street” (Lombard Street) so after a complimentary breakfast at the hostel, which consisted of some toasted muffins for me and some bagels for Lou, we headed out into the sunny city. I had thought we were going to go to the farmers market and come back via the cable car and Lombard but Lou had the opposite idea so that was what we did. We were only a couple of blocks from the cable car (which is incidentally nothing like a ... read more
The Cable Car
Riding the running board
The Winding Road

3 March 2011 Our last road tripping morning of this trip. The plan for today, to make it from San Luis Obispe to San Francisco, The Foggy city. Opposite the Travelodge (which looked, from the outside, just like the motels that you see in movies. I was slightly concerned that the bad guys were going to burst in with guns at any moment but the town was a little sleepy for that and, in any event, we had left Hollywood far behind) was a garage and it was time to fill up. This isn't an event that would usually justify entry in the blog but today was different. All petrol stations in the US seem to be pre-pay which caused us considerable confusion, particularly since the pump wouldn't accept a british card as payment. Eventually, ... read more
These things are pretty big
A Seal filled view along the beach
A bit more coast

1st March 2011 Our last day in L.A. before hitting the road for the last time started at a reasonable hour. Showered and wearing clean clothes after my bag finally showed up last night, we made our plan. We headed to reception to book our shuttle to the airport for tomorrow (we have to get to the airport to pick up the car as we could only hire it from there if we want to drop it off in San Francisco) With that sorted out, we made our plan for the day, with the help of Kat. She recommended a few stops on the Metro for us to check out and so we headed out into the big city. We walked to the stop and bought our ticket from the machine. We got a paper ... read more
Inside Union Station
Union Station from outside
Tiles on our table for lunch

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » Hollywood February 28th 2011

27 February 2011 Actually, it was 27 Feb before the end of Gregg’s last blog but it seemed fitting for us to leave Rarotonga in that one and arrive in LA in this. Here I go then. I categorically cannot sleep on flights, much as I really want to. I think that I managed the combined grand total of about 2 hours last night between moments of sheer desperation at the uncomfortable nature of airline sleeping arrangements. We are going to have to a find a way to make serious amounts of cash before we ever do this again, that’s all there is for it - business class has got to be so much better. Hasn’t it? Air New Zealand’s flight crew continued this morning as they had left off last night - serving us ... read more
You may just see a glimpse of the red carpet in this one
More limos
We didn't get that close

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 26th 2011

The Pink View I might be wrong, but I suspect that the Pink and Blue views are going to wildly vary this time. We'll see. The island of Rarotonga is, without a doubt, stunningly beautiful. Sitting in a perfectly azure lagoon, surrounded by a coral reef, this is the type of island that dreams are made of and it is one that I feel very privileged to have visited. The people are friendly and unobtrusive. The pace of life is slow and 'Island Time' is pretty much whatever you want it to be. Palm trees rule the roost, tuna is as cheap as chips and the paw paws (papaya to us Brits) seem to grow from nearly every tree (25p for one three times the size that ever make it to the UK). It is ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 26th 2011

25th February 2011 Our penultimate morning in the Cook Islands started overcast, and was threatening rain, not a promising start. We had decided that we would attempt to go to the cultural market, that we knew takes place on a Saturday morning, a day early as we thought being a market it may be on everyday. So getting on the bike off we headed at the early hour of 8am. We arrived in town not much later to an almost deserted market place, with only a few stalls being set up. Maybe we were too early, everybody works on “island time” after all. So we headed further into town to grab something for breakfast and to give the place a chance to liven up whilst we did. We even asked in the supermarket whilst buying ... read more
Coconuts start life on the tree
This one is sprouting
Once de-husked the nut is revealed

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 24th 2011

23 February 2011 It is not the monsoon season in Rarotonga but someone forgot to tell the weather that so, we awoke this morning to a torrential downpour which showed no sign of letting up. So much for topping up the tan before we return home. Gregg, optimistically decided that there might be decent surf, it not generally being put out by the rain, so hopped on the bike with board in tow. Less than twenty minutes later, he returned in drowned rat mode. No surfing today then. When it rains in Rarotonga, there is quite literally nothing to do so, out came the books and the card games and we whiled away all morning and the early afternoon that way. I was on a mission to finish a book, so it was no hardship ... read more
The beach by the Rarotongan Hotel
Gregg on the beach
I still can't shake my fascination with flowers

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga February 22nd 2011

21st February 2011 Our second morning waking up in our new abode, was also the point at which we had decided enough was enough and the extreme heat of our room was just too much to allow us to sleep properly. The lack of aircon in this place is rather annoying and as a result I woke many times in the night covered in sweat - its like having a fever but not being ill. So this morning our first task was to go to the airport to visit the Air New Zealand office and see what we could do about changing our flights. We had already decided that we couldn’t afford to come home as late has we had planned, but the flight we wanted to leave on was within the ten day period ... read more
Micro brewery or home brew?
Angel Fish

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