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8th June 2011
Rock piles

H Miracle Review
With excellent description in you articles, I want to thanks for your blog providing a large amount of knowledge and enlightenment..H Miracle Review
25th April 2011

Bamboo train
This is really a new & surprising scenary "Bamboo train in cambodia". but now question is where is rail train??? Is train abolished in cambodia???
16th March 2011

A last thankyou
To both of you, a last thanks for a great blog. Lisa and I are still bumming around Asia, actually planning our return now, but it has been a joy and honour to share your journey. Your writing has stirred some great memories of familiar places and wetted the appetite for some new destinations. I hope we manage to meet when we return to Dorset because I owe you both a beer for allowing us to share your journey. Good luck and we hope you enjoy being home again.
31st January 2011

ta for the advice!
I'm currently planning a round the world trip and contrary to all RTW flights I do not want to go to Australia - mainly due to costs and wanting to spend my time in other more interesting countries. This post makes me feel sure that this is the right decision! I am planning to visit New Zealand though so will be interested to hear what you have to say about that! Helen
22nd January 2011

Thanks Again
Thanks for a great blog. Lisa and I have been trying to decide whether to visit, so many conflicting stories but your blogs have really helped. Safe travels Chris
26th November 2010

Hi both, been following your blog and just wanted to say thanks for the info and updates, its great to get ideas about my up coming trip - although you always somehow make me really hungry! Cheers and keep it up :) Zoe
23rd November 2010

Hi There
Glad to read that you are both having a good time and visiting such wonderful places. Tried before to access the blog but couldn't get on this time the link has worked. Where are you plannng to be for Xmas? All pretty much the same as you left us at work!!!! but I am sure you don't want to hear about that. Katie got a first at Swansea and her graduation day was fantastic experience, she is now struggling to find a trainee placement when she finishes her course in Cardiff in the summer. Going to try and look at your photos now, take care Karen.
23rd November 2010

Weyhey!! Hello from England!
Hi both - I have finally got round to looking on your blog and my god I am jealous! You are having an absolute whirl of a time and it really seems like you are 'at home' everywhere you go. I have only one piece of advice - don't come back until you have not one penny left to survive one more day. Really. Don't. Life back here is exactly how you left it - no change at all. Keep enjoying each other, keep up the photos and the comments - it really is lovely to hear you are having such a lovely time. You both deserve it!! Love to you both and all that you meet on your travels, take care of each other, Tracy and Gary x
14th November 2010

Thanks Again
Hi Gregg & Lou. Just another note to say thanks for the great blogs. Lisa and I are really enjoying them, were still in Vietnam, a few paces behind you but it would be great to mee up in blighty sometime to swap tales. Hope the rest of the trip is fab. Chris
10th November 2010
Angkor Wat

29th October 2010

Friend in Bangkok
My friend Apple has said she is very happy to help out if you need anything in Thailand (a friend of a friend is the same as a friend). Let me know if you need her email address (she is the sweetest thing and works in tourism and would love to help if needed).
29th October 2010

As requested...
a comment on your blog! Glad to hear you have successfully left Cambodia. Please keep up the blogs, they are keeping me sane!!! Lots of love
28th October 2010

Thought id be the first to comment! Hope Thailand turns out to be great look forward to seeing some piccys soon take care lise x
3rd October 2010

Great Place
Thanks again for the memories, I can't wait to return in March. Dreams is awesome isn't it. Did you try the cable car in Dalat? Happy travels.
28th September 2010

Cheers Again. Great memories, lovely writing.
19th September 2010

Thanks for these great blogs. It brings back so many memories.
15th September 2010

Gregg and Lou Palin
Just loving your blog, enjoy and carry on keeping us informed of your fantastic trip.x
4th September 2010

Am so Jealous!!
Hi Guys, Sounds like you are having an awesome time already. so many tales to tell even in just a week. My weeks are usually so dull! However, I've been cracking on with the wedding plans and have pretty much settled on a date! Hoping to go for 21st May. Just in case you extend your trip, I hope you are back for May!!!!!! Went trying on dresses with Jen today, so exciting! I'll keep you posted on events and will make sure I've sorted your accommodation out, so you don't have to worry about booking anything from afar! Just turn up if you are in the county! Loads of love lynne
3rd September 2010

Hi! It was a very interesting Blog especially since HK is close to my heart as I usually goe there twice a year for R & R. However, San Miguel as HK beer? I think not as this is from my country (Philippines). I think HK beer is Tsing Tsao if I'm not mistaken....I maybe wrong though.... Anyways, great blog again...enjoyed reading it.
2nd September 2010

Hong Kongt
Hi, Thanks for your message. We stayed in Y Loft in Chai Wan. It was slightly more pricey than many and at the end of the Island Line - so a bit out of the way - but given that we were horrifically jet-lagged well worth the additional effort/cost. We are now in Hanoi and cannot wait to explore this amazing country.
1st September 2010

Thanks for this interesting blog. We are travelling to HK then China next month so will follow your blog with interest. btw Which hostel did you use? Also when you get to Vietnam try to stop for a couple of nights in Delat, it's a gem.
2nd August 2010

Nice crab pots!!!
Is the red VW with the fetching red toupee (nice) yours? and I don't think the blue rubber rings will keep that little yellow boat afloat ... they're not inflatable. Shine On Moonbeams!! Caf G
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