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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath June 1st 2010

June 1, 2010 - Rain, Rain Go Away… It was raining when we woke up for our first day in Bath. It was still raining when we got in the car and drove into town. In fact, it continued raining all morning while we toured the city of Bath, which made it feel like we were taking a walking bath. Our game plan was to stay inside most of the morning and see museums instead of braving the soaking rain. Naturally Erin did not pack a rain jacket. I guess she didn’t think it rained much in England. Ancient Romans Know How to Relax Our first stop was the ancient Roman Baths, which until about 150 years ago were covered under many feet of mud and dirt. Bath is renowned for its hot water natural springs ... read more
Ruins of the Roman Bath
Coins Tossed into the Roman Bath
The Actual Roman Bath

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 31st 2010

We left hotel in Bath at about 8am and walked 5 min walk into town, nice walk along the river and saw some Lochs. Nothing open until 10am!!!! We walked around the little lanes and tried to find somewhere for breakfast, a local asked if we needed help as we had our map out- told her we were waiting for things to open and where really just getting our bearings. She suggested a few parks but we thought by the time we have breakfast, the Abbey may be open then we can hit the other areas. The lady actually came back to us to tell us that the Roman Baths actually open at 9am and best to go there early before all the tour groups arrive, by this stage it was now 8.30am. We found a ... read more
Bath Cathedral
A Roman Bath
Start of the Thames

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 31st 2010

Battled Hardened Driver of the UK The first day of travel to Europe is always the worst. Sleeping on the airplane is almost impossible, and this flight was no exception. Bad weather made most of the flight bumpy, and no pillow or blanket could make one comfortable enough to get real sleep. It still didn’t feel like vacation yet. Places like Stonehenge were still just a page in my travel book. By the time we landed in Heathrow, everyone was pretty cranky from lack of sleep. Fortunately Heathrow was amazingly efficient. After our bad experience at the Aruban airport during spring break, I was beginning to think that all airports were run by people who didn’t graduate high school. It was less than 30 minutes from the time we landed to the time we exited the ... read more
Looks Just Like History Channel
Alyssa and Brian at Stonehenge
Erin with Swans

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 28th 2010

It’s my birthday - Left Brighton at about 10.30am a bit later than would have liked but by the time we had brekky did all the internet and skype business, tried again to get money out of bank with the travelcard with no luck and got car out of very expensive car park it all took time. On the way to Portsmouth we went the scenic beach route, which really wasn’t all that scenic as it was very industrial and went to the Arundel Castle and found it was was closed on Monday’s. ( I did know that but I thought we could still have a look at the outside of it as it was on our way). Arundel is a Quaint little town and has a wetlands bird attraction. Plenty of old folk with ski ... read more
The Mighty Victory ship
A Canal in Bath
The Roman Baths

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 20th 2010

Our extended, globetrotting exploits may have reached their conclusion a long time ago, but as many of you may know, James is determined to keep up the travel writing in one way or another. I've pretty much given up on the delusion of making a career out of it - my two weeks working on the travel desk at the Independent was a great experience, but didn't really lead anywhere. However, I still gain a great deal of pleasure from the writing process, so I'm determined to keep it up, even if it's only as a hobby. In order to get a bit more exposure, and feedback from people in the know, I'm going to be publishing most of my stuff from now on, here - They have higher standards, and there's more rules and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 12th 2010

Monday 12.4.2010 day 180 Bath We went to Bath today it is very pretty and we loved it. It was a Roman Town and still looks very Roman today. ... read more
Photo 32
Photo 2
Photo 42

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 1st 2010

Panorama - Bath Circus...and not an elephant in sight! Day 13-15 Today I'm off to Bath, an historical town where England's only source of hot springs are found. The Romans knew a good thing 1900 years ago and turned it into a day spa for the well-to-do. The original foundations can be seen of the baths under the later modifications. Quite an interesting place to visit and in the cold weather, it's very tempting to jump in to warm up. But it was hands off, or out, in this instance. There are new baths built about 100 metres away but it is a bit pricey for a dip when they want to fleece you of 22 quid for 2 hours. Bath is a tourist town, no mistaking that, and it's extremely pretty. Beautiful gardens and well ... read more
Outside the doors of Bath Abbey
The Abbey early evening
A sneaky shot inside before the priest came after me.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath March 28th 2010

After arriving in Bath we were greated with a rude bus driver who was putting Sophie's bag back on the bus because we were taking longer than the allocated 1 minute to get off the bus. Using what we had learned in London we bought a day bus ticket only to find out that we misread the scale of the map and that the hostel was only 10 minutes walk away. The driver of the bus we found ourselves on forget to mention our stop and when I enquired has said our stop was at the bottom of the hill. Further from the hostel than when we started. Sophie has to endure an old women who was screeching at her and shaking her head. '"What a welcome to Bath" we thought. We spent the afternoon at ... read more
Clint at the Roman Baths
Clint drinking the spa water
Clint drinking the spa water

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath March 7th 2010

A weekend trip to Bath is always a nice, relaxing escape from London...except when the Bath Half Marathon is on. Stupidly I entered into this half marathon, which attracts about 10,000 people each year. There was both good and bad things about the run. The good thing is that Bath, and the surrounding area, is very flat, making for a relatively easy course. The bad thing was that the very narrow cobblestone streets of town don't make for a very comfortable first couple of miles of the race before the course hits the open road. The day before the race, we did the free two hour walking tour of Bath. The tour is run by volunteers, who have all spent considerable time in Bath and are very passionate about the town. Our guide tells us what ... read more
Start of the half marathon
Bath Weir
Roman Bath's Entrance

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath March 7th 2010

I completed my week in Kendal and finished the seat of the chair I was working on. Even with the instructors there helping, doing all the proper steps to upholster a piece takes a long time, even for a basic chair. I’ve attached a picture of what I did. There is also a photo of me with Marion, my instructor and some people working in the shop (I was one of two students there this past week, but there are others there who work for Kendal Upholstery). All in all, a great experience. After I finished up on Friday, I got back on the train and headed to Bath which is northwest of London. I did a tour of the Roman Baths, went to Pulteney Bridge, and went to the Fashion Museum. The Roman baths were ... read more
Roman Baths
Guy dress as a Roman at the Baths

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