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Kuala Lumpor... the last leg home To avoid making it home with a bad case of jetlag, and because I had never been there before, we decided to spend 4 nights in Kuala Lumpor on the way home from London to Australia. Air Asia, the Airline that we were travelling with have their home base in Kuala Lumpor, and all of their London and Australian flights go through there. We landed at KL in the early evening, and as the airport is way south of the city, had a 1 hour bus trip to KL Centraal train station before the mandatory barter session with the taxi drivers, then finally the trip to the hotel. We chose the Swiss Garden hotel for our 4 day stay in KL, as the price was pretty good (around $90 per ... read more
Batu Caves
Times Square Roller Coaster
Fish Massage KL

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City June 21st 2010

London After our own cooked breakfast we headed off to the station and took tube to Westminster where we went and caught our river Thames cruise (we had a London Pass for 3 days that meant everything in the book was prepaid -no queues again) we had to wait about 15-20mins for next boat as we just missed the first one and then had half hour cruise to the Tower of London. Straight in there with our pass again and did a beefeaters tour for an hour and learnt about the history of the gory beheadings etc. We then wandered around and looked at the crown jewels and the torture chambers and armory etc. We had scones and tea in their café, worst dry scones we have ever had! We left tower at about 1.30pm and ... read more
The Tower of London
London eye
Old Entrance to the Tower of London. One way

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 21st 2010

Paris We arrived at 10.00am in Paris very tired and exhausted from our big overnight train trip with no sleep,and extremely long car trip in a cramped sports car. (this is Kath talking) The Hotel was quite close to the train station so it was not so bad walking. Thank god I bought Greg along this trip - his map reading skills have saved me hours of wondering and wandering and standing at train stations trying to work out which line etc. We arrived at hotel praying that the room would be ready for us, as check-in is normally 2pm and we had a tour on later that evening from 6pm till 1am and we both needed to get some sleep. Thankfully the room was ready, we both just crashed on the top of the bed ... read more
Square with fountain and campers
Kath and Greg on 2nd level of Tower
View looking down from the top

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ingolstadt June 21st 2010

Train trip Ingolstadt to Paris Arrived 1 ½ hrs late back to factory to drop car off at factory so this meant a little less time of sitting at the station. Our train wasn’t due to leave until 12.20am and we got to station at 8pm we found a locker to put our bags in and then we were going to find some where to look around and have dinner to fill in the time. Unfortunately where the station was there was nothing else except residential homes. We found a restaurant but I was not really hungry from our big lunch so we just walk two blocks and headed back to station where there was a café that had internet and food. Greg got something to eat and was about to enquire about the internet when ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Ingolstadt June 20th 2010

Audi Drivers day, Ingolstadt I want to start by saying that Kath has said that this is a pretty boring blog. I am hoping that she will write another blog to cover this, for all of those that don't like talking cars. I apologise in advance. Greg Well actually it was a 3 day driving event, and it went from Ingolstadt, in Germany, through Austria, to a hotel called Arosea Life Balance Hotel, near St Walberg, in Northern Italy. The driver’s day program is a program where you pay Audi to have any model car of your choice to drive for three days and stay overnight in luxury accommodation. Of course, because this program is not cheap, then you have to request the best that Audi can offer, and of course, Audi’s best is also currently ... read more
R8 Spyder near Innsbruck
Spyder front
Arosea Life Balance Hotel

Europe June 19th 2010

Amsterdam to Germany (Ingolstadt) Cooked our Brekky again and then caught tram to Amsterdam Centraal station. We had about 1 hour wait. I waited with bags and read while Greg went for a wander in town. We caught the ICE train and had first class seats for our 1st 3hr journey, I had a bit of a snooze as there was no real scenery on this first stint. We then changed to the next train for another 3 ¼ hr trip ready to travel along the Rhine. I read most of the way as we defiantly weren’t travelling along the Rhine. Turns out that the ICE train goes in a quite straight line through lots of tunnels, instead of following the river. Scenic train trip hopes DASHED!!! We had glimpses of it as went past (we ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 16th 2010

Amsterdam day 1 We arrived in Amsterdam in a train coming from the opposite direction to what was planned, and so the walking path to our accommodation was unexpectedly inverted. This caused a much longer walk from the station to our Amsterdam accommodation. We were still dragging our luggage behind us, and the walk was long and hot, but eventually, with a little help and a few mistakes we made it to the houseboat on the canal in Amsterdam for our accommodation hrs later than anticipated. We were staying on a houseboat called Mary-Annes Houseboat, and after the long walk from the station and after the train rides from the last 2 days, it was a very welcome sight. Kathy now- we got changed had a cold drink and headed into town, only 10 min walk ... read more
Amsterdam houseboat
The Seven Bridge Canal
Greg In Clogs

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 14th 2010

After a harrowing time carrying our bags around the London Rail system, from Luton Airport, we arrived in London only to find that the interconnecting tube train that we needed to catch to get ourselves to Liverpool Street station was out of order for the weekend, and we would have to catch a train away from the city to another connecting line to make it back to where we wanted to go in the first place. Sounds confusing??? You should have seen it from our perspective. We were travelling on train lines, walking down tube tunnels, and changing to new platforms without any knowledge of how the system is to work. At the same time, we were carrying/dragging our bags behind us. Eventually we made it to Liverpool Street, and had to then wait a couple ... read more
Hollandica Restaurant
Stena Hollandica
Car and Truck loading ramp

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Worcester June 14th 2010

We spent two days in the Worcester district. This is because there are a couple of good things to see here, and one of them takes a full day so see. We had stayed in a little town near Worcester overnight to catch up with a friend of ours, Terry Walls. We stayed the first night at Terry’s house, and it was good to catch up with him. We left Terry’s house next morning and sent to an English Landmark called Wawrick Castle. This is England’s premier castle experience and is an old castle that has been turned into a great day out. It was a hot day (REALLY hot for UK standards… it was about 28 degrees and it was still holidays for the little English children, so the place was very popular that day. ... read more
Whitley Court
Whitley Court Fountain
Whitley Castle Rear

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York June 10th 2010

I drove a lot of the way to York to give Greg a break as it was all freeways, I didn’t like the narrow windy country roads. York wasn’t really what I expected. I was expecting, I think, a little like Bath with the old sandstone buildings etc, but it was a real hive of activity and busy little town with mixture of buildings. Again the search was on for a B & B. ( I think I like the pre booking better it saves you the messing around and stress of trying to park and find out prices etc) We had big variety of prices here as well, finally we found one for the same price we have been previously paying and about 30 pound less than the first 4 we looked at. It had ... read more
Spiral Staircase York
York Cathedral
York Ancient Landmark

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