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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 25th 2011

Hi ya! In England that means hi or hello. Since Disneyland we went to Paris for two days. We went to the Eiffel Tower which was only 15 minutes walk from our hotel. I loved our hotel, our room was on the 18th floor and it was very fancy and it had a good view over the river and Paris. Journal Excerpt: I didn't think the Eiffel Tower was hollow inside until I got up close and I thought it was smaller than what it was in real life. While we were in Paris they had the finish of Le Tour De France. Australia won it! His name was Cadel Evans. I was lucky to be in Paris at the same time. We were at the Louve and the Arc De Triumph while they were racing. ... read more
At Disneyland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 16th 2011

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745I can't believe I forgot to tell you about the Bath Abbey Tower! All the clotted cream I've beeneating must be clogging my brain! As I previously mentioned, tour buses from London really clog up the city, but as we were leaving our second tea yesterday, it was about 4:45 and the crowds were noticibly thinning. We decided to have a look in the Abbey....essentially a big church. We noticed a sign that said "Tower tours" and the last one was at 5pm. We bought our tickets and waited in the assigned area. Much to our surprise and delight, we were the only people who bought tickets! Our own private tour!What does the tour entail? Well, 212 steps up a very narrow circular stairway to see where they ring the church bells and the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 15th 2011

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745We rode the bus into Bath this morning. It took about an hour. Now we've been out in these small towns for a week so the size and pace of this bustling tourist mecca was a bit much at first. It took us a good 30 minutes to get our bearings, dig out a map and head toward the tourist information center.Bath is filled with little boutiques, designer shops, cafés, pubs and residences. We had an idea of the things we might want to see but thought we might confer with an expert so as not to leave something out. Bath is steeped in rich history since Roman times and the city has a cosmopolitan feel.So we visited the Roman Baths first....probably the only "must do" as far as tourist attractions go. The entire ... read more
The Abbey
recreation of temple edifice
lounging at the baths

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 2nd 2011

The scenery from the train, as we speed across the southern English countryside is as one would expect. Rich green fields, in dispersed with rough looking regional towns. Rustic looking farm houses and terraced town homes compete for our attention. We arrive in the beautiful ancient town of Bath and here will stay at Belmont House, with Annie and Archie as our fabulous hosts. Belmont house is a traditional Georgian dwelling and very cosy. No sooner have we dropped our bags then we are out the door. Bath is one of those places that is truly tourism focused and it works well. One of the welcoming features is the free walking tours, organised by the local tourist board, both informative and fun. For several hours we stroll the streets and receive a detailed explanation of how ... read more
Photo 11
Bath Stone
Terraced Houses

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 1st 2011

We gave ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport, and our traffic fears were well founded. The airport was reasonable. A bit of construction happening to get ready for 2014, but other wise it was as airports are. We waited, we ate, we looked at stuff, we got on a 747. The flight was okay if shorter than we thought. We were too busy playing with the entertainment system to listen to the pilot rabbiting on and missed his talk about flight time. No worries – it was on the screen – 14 hours. Sweet. That means I can watch X amount of movies and sleep for Y. Only the clock on the screen was wrong – it was only 10 hours. Landing at Heathrow with 4 hours sleep wasn't part of the plan. ... read more
Ahh, right hand drive....
yay, a pub!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 26th 2011

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745Today was another full day of sightseeing. The weather didn't cooperate fully as it sprinkled off and on but the sun came out in between. There would be rain for 3 minutes and then sunshine. We are getting used to it. The temperature was a little warmer than Ireland so that makes it easier to deal with the rain.Since we weren't in a rush this morning we were able to have a nice, leisurely breakfast. It was a great relaxing way to begin a full day of walking and sightseeing. During breakfast we decided upon our course to follow for the rest of the day.The Circus was our first stop. It's a circular block of townhouses with very distinctive architecture.We moved on to Queen's Row which was another example of early 18th century style ... read more
Georgian Garden
Bath Abbey
Roman Baths

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 26th 2011

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath May 23rd 2011

Geo: 51.3814, -2.35745We didn't actually make it to Bath until early afternoon. We kinda took things slow and easy that day, and at first I was worried we might not actually have enough time in Bath since we arrived so late. lol, we did ALL of Bath in only three hours... so much for worrying.Bath is a relatively small town.. everything shut down by 5pm. We spent a couple hours going through the Roman Baths, which were pretty neat. Bath is the site of a very large Roman Bath centered around a natural springs. There used to be huge buildings but now its all ruins. A couple of the large baths are still intact with big pools of water. It actually would have looked really neat in Roman times... not as much now. After that, we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 23rd 2011

Early Riser gets the worm? I think that's the cliche isn't it? Well, I was certainly amongst the early risers this morning. Miss guaged the time difference on my ipod and ended up rising at 5:30 AM versus my desired 6:30 AM wake up time. We needed to our tour stop no later than 8:20 today and we wanted to get breakfast first, so we agreed to meet up at 7:00 to allow for time to eat McDs and time for any delays on the tube station. We were being picked up near the Greater Portland Street tube station and it was a new line for us, so we decided to give it plenty of time. Today was the day that we had the guided tour to Stonehenge and Bath. We hopped on our luxury coach ... read more
Roman Baths
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath March 12th 2011

Day 3 into my time overseas and I spent the day in the World Heritage city of Bath, found in the countrys south west. The city of 85000 people is the home of the Roman Baths, The Royal Crescent & The Circus, each of these having a cultural historic significance to the area. Currently I am staying in a B&B in Freshford located just outside of Bath. Jackie, my aunty dropped me at the top of Ralph Allen Drive (one of the main entrances into the town) after we had a cup of tea with my great Aunty this morning. Although it was 10 degrees today, the 20 minute walk down into town doesn't take long for the body to heat up! I walked around the town for a good 5 hours, which has changed immensly ... read more
roman baths.
roman baths.
roman baths.

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