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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 12th 2019

The ‘pock, pock’, of Wimbledon is like the ‘ping, ping’ of a submarine film; a unique soundtrack from my childhood. I got into tennis in the late 1960s, the era of John Newcombe, Rod Laver, and Billie Jean King. It was always good, and things got better in the 1970s with Martina Navratilova, and Jimmy Connors until, for me, the first superstar; Bjorn Borg. Between him and Abba, Sweden ruled the world. Naturally, I hated Borg because young women found him attractive and I wanted them to fancy me. I burned with jealousy as they screamed through his Wimbledon matches. Okay, he was champion several times but, as an apprentice telephone engineer in 1976, I felt I had the upper hand. He’s only a few years older than me and I view our lives as being ... read more
My wife with Simon le Bon
Four Umpires
Henperson Hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 23rd 2019

Saturday morning dawned with a blue, cloudless sky and the promise of a warm, sunny day. We had booked online to visit the Houses of Parliament so set off from our hotel at 9am. We stopped for coffee at our local Costa and then it was onto theTube and four stops and one change later we were in Westminster. As we alighted we could see that there were many people heading in the same direction. Big Ben is swathed in scaffolding for renovation but the clock face is still visible. We stopped to admire and get a photo of the distinctive Churchill statue and then walked along to find the Cromwell Gardens Entrance. As it was only just after 10am and our tickets were for 11am we strolled past and entered the lovely gardens along the ... read more
The Burghers of Calais in front of Westminster
Inside Westminster Hall
Windows of Westminster Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 20th 2019

The World Athletics Championships are being held in Qatar from September 27th to October 7th. We had always planned to attend them, not so much to visit Doha, as just to catch up with friends from around the world and see the competition. However, we found that by travelling to London, then back to Doha as a stopover, we would save $1000. therefore, it was obvious that a four day trip to London , on our way to Doha, would be a good idea! We left Adelaide on Wednesday night on the Qatar Airways flight. As this leaves at 10-15pm, it is great for sleep. And so it was!! After take-off and "dinner" I did sleep for several hours, off and on, and so did Fletcher. The plane was fairly full but I did have a ... read more
Old fashioned Merry-Go-Round on South Bank
Boats moored in the middle of the Thames

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Elephant & Castle September 15th 2019

It was great to spend a day with Richie and Ness on my way from North to South. Even better, I had a home cooked meal. Thanks Ness. I’ll be sure to try and replicate your pork and noodle stir fry when I get home. We shared a scrumptious lunch together in Grantham, they made sure I got to the station on time and I arrived in London on the eve of the 5th and final test of the Ashes. “Fair play to your lads. They certainly deserve to win the Ashes. They’ve been the better team all series.” This is how many conversations with strangers start. They see us in our Aussie hats and shirts and want to start talking about the cricket, which until now has been great viewing for all Australians. Things continued ... read more
Day one with Muzza's English Family
In the Surrey Long Room with Muz and Adam
Music outside the ground

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London September 14th 2019

Monday woke up on the boat to the sound of steady rain...thank god we are getting off today....standing out in the open stearing the boat would have been no fun. Had pre ordered a full English breaky at the Norbury Wharf Tearooms so that was a bonus and on our way down to Birmingham. As we could not get on a Peaky Blinders Tour in Birmingham the boys decided they would like to do a tour of the Land Rover and Jaguar factory where the Range Rover Velar and Jaguar F-pace are made....seeing as these are our families fave cars.....I thought I wouldn't go but decided to and I was so glad I was the most interesting tour....well worth the afternoon to see it. We had a guide take a group of 10 of us ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 14th 2019

Here we are at Heathrow waiting to board the Dreamliner! Thand goodness we have passed through security etc.... read more
Heathrow image 2.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 1st 2019

Hello again to all! Hello as well to anyone who is a first timer of our blog. We have done a blog when we went around the world in 2017 and we called it Thelma and Louise's World Tour! In keeping with that tradition, Chris and I are off again on an extended trip to Europe. We have purchased EurRail passes, got backpacks and have decided we are going to travel Europe somewhat like we did in the 1970's! Maybe not quite but we are going to take this opportunity to ride the rails and experience all those places we just didn't get the chance to do! If you receive this email it is because we feel that you are a friend and that you may be interested in what we see, what we do and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon August 25th 2019

Dear All Greetings from Croydon! Yay! I have arrived back safely, after what has turned out to be really quite an adventurous, challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Whilst a few days towards the end of my journey didn’t quite turn out as I’d expected, or as I would have wished, I really enjoyed my final few days in South America, and had an excellent flight back on Friday night. I am so happy now to be back in my wonderful home, resting, recuperating and now beginning to reminisce on these past five and a half weeks. I believe I last wrote getting ready to leave Quito and fly back to Lima last Tuesday, having just about recovered from the storm in my stomach. On my final day in Quito, on the Tuesday morning, I still felt ... read more
Guinea Pigs
Me, Machu Picchu, 2002

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 23rd 2019

Today was Buckingham Palace day. The State rooms are only open 10 weeks a year and a friend told me there was an Exhibition called QUEEN VICTORIA'S PALACE on at the moment so I booked online before I came over and off we went. I love the show Young Victoria so I was really looking forward to it. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth, a special exhibition, Queen Victoria’s Palace , tells the story of how the young queen transformed Buckingham Palace from a private house into a working royal residence. Together with Prince Albert, she made Buckingham Palace a rallying point for the nation, a powerful symbol of the British Monarchy, and a family home for their nine children. You can see more of the exhibition url= read more
The Australian Gates at Buckingham Palace
Other side of The Australian Gates at Buckingham Palace
Changing of the Guard

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 22nd 2019

Janet and Robert were catching the train down from Bakewell this morning so we needed to meet them at St Pancras Station at midday. We caught the bus (getting very good at that - also getting good at beating people to the front seat on the top!) into the British Library, it is the largest national library in the world by number of items catalogued. It is estimated to contain 170–200 million+ items from many countries. The building is HUGE. They had an exhibition called Writing:Making your Mark which followed the history of writing, from Egyptian hieroglyphs to digital breakthroughs and everything in between. It was very interesting and we both really enjoyed it. We had a bit of a look around the library and then off to meet the train. St Pancras Station is an ... read more
St Pancras Station
The Palace Theatre
The Palace Theatre

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