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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf September 1st 2020

In July, I picked up two of Japanese community newspapers – Japan Digest and Japan Journey – and one of them introduced a number of walks along Thames River. I found the one between Tower Bridge and Island Gardens interesting, and cut the article up for us to do a walk. We decided to do the 5 mile walk between Tower Bridge and Island Gardens on 31 August, the Bank Holiday, the last day of August. Mark found the map with more detailed information on the Tfl website and printed it for us. We had early lunch at home and headed for Tower Hill. We walked past Tower of London and turned left at the junction of the Tower Bridge to start the trail from St Catherine’s Way. We found a pretty water sculpture of ‘Girl ... read more
Dickens Inn
Mark with skyscrapers in Canary Wharf
Thames Path

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 15th 2020

If you have been to Wimbledon, as I have, you know there are many choices of adult beverages. Pimm's Cup, beer, ale, and wine, along with my favorite, champagne. It is one of the grandest sporting events I have attended. But did you know? Twenty-eight thousand bottles of Champagne consumed during Wimbledon are served at the world’s oldest tennis tournament. The celebrated annual fortnight would have featured its Singles Championships this weekend, but was canceled due to COVID. Despite strict rules of etiquette for observing the tournament, several matches each year are disrupted by popping corks. Other quintessential Wimbledon comestibles consumed with abandon are an average of 235,000 glasses of Pimm's and 142,000 portions of strawberries. How many of us know about the Wimbledon Pimm's Cup? Per the Wine Enthusiast: ... read more
Pimms, very popular too
Strawberries and cream, a tradition

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Stratford June 28th 2020

Since 21 March we have always stayed at home or local, haven’t gone anywhere further than Wood Green. However, non-essential shops like clothes and bookshops started reopening in England on 15 June and it made it possible for me to buy presents for my husband, my father and my nephew. We decided to meet up with Bryn, Steve and Rhiannon somewhere near their house around Mark’s birthday, 23 June. Steve suggested meeting in the Olympic Park on 27 June. The weather forecast of 27 June was rather grim, so we decided to meet them in the lunchtime near the Podium entrance on 28 June. He told us that the toilet near the Podium has just become available, which was a great relief. We took Piccadilly, Victoria and Overground Line to Stratford. It wasn’t so crowded, but ... read more
flowers on the valley Garden

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 23rd 2020

A lot of people seemed to have become panicked before the lockdown started – many local supermarkets were running out of toilet papers, pasta, bread and kitchen rolls. However, things seemed to get settled after the lockdown started. The shops which sell essential things – food, medicines, banks – were allowed to open. And, we are lucky – there are 13 shops including Morrisons and Wilkinson are open and they are all within 5 minutes walk. All these shops limit a number of customers enter at a time and ask them to buy certain number s of per item – 2 packets of toilet papers per person. The stock of toilet papers, milk and kitchen rolls came back shortly after the lockdown. I was able to buy pasta at Morrisons at the beginning of April. However, ... read more
Mark works in the kicthcn
Chihiro works in the kitchen
Bread & butter pudding

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 16th 2020

London has suffered from pandemic of coronavirus. I realised that we have not taken very many photos this year. With restriction of travel Mark has been working at home since the end of March and I have not been able to go to work (Oxfam Edgware) since 21 March. I have been furloughed and received 80% of the salary. Coronavirus outbreak has hit the UK badly: confirmed over 100,000 cases and 30,000 deaths. There have been a number of shops shut around our house in Wood Green. Nevertheless, we have been lucky with minimal damage for our life. There are quite a few essential shops (selling food and medicines) opening during the lockdown; all of these shops like Morrison and Boots and grocer are within 3-5 minutes’ walk – I have easily popped to one of ... read more
Swan and sygnets on the canal
Alexandra Park on 16 May 2020

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 15th 2020

And wisdom must prevail. Yesterday morning I realized it would be wise to come home . Fortunately my trusty travel agent was able to find me a flight today . This virus seems to have spiralled in the last few days . It is crazy ! Heathrow this morning is very busy but Brenda , who flew Westjet out of Gatwick yesterday says that airport wasn't that busy . Know one really knows what is happening or will happen in the next while. London has been good . We were able to do a few tourist things , a boat trip on the Thames , a wander in Trafalgar Square , the Eye of London and the British Museum . Yesterday I was able to get a ticket for the matinèe performance of Come From Away ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 11th 2020

Arrived here yesterday and all is well . We are staying with Brendas friends and they are wonderful hosts. Today we went out to Hastings to see their retirement home and had some great fish and chips by the ocean . They do not have Wi-Fi but I suspect I will still be able to check in each day . Hope all is well . Keep in touch .... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 18th 2020

Moje cesta začala už včera odjezdem do Prahy, kde jsem měla zajištěné ubytování nedaleko letiště, jelikož sraz se zástupcem CK byl dnes už v 5:00 ráno. Shodou okolností paní z vedlejšího pokoje na hostelu je mou první spolucestující na Nový Zéland. Záhy na letišti potkávám další nadšence (nebo spíš nadšenkyně), které čeká více než 24-hodinový let se 2 přestupy. Oslovila mě paní Monika s prosbou, jestli bychom se mezi jednotlivými lety mohli držet při sobě. Já bez protestů návrh přijímám. Je lepší se na letišti ztratit ve dvou než sama :-). Kapitán letadla British Airways nás vítá na palubě se slovy, že budeme mít malé zpoždění, protože je nejprve potřeba z křídel očistit led, aby nám správně fungovaly klapky. Namísto v 7:00 tak odlétame o 25 minut déle. Do Londýna se však snášíme na čas. V ... read more
Kachní donburi s volským okem jsem jedla prvně hůlkami

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 8th 2020

Well we are at it again! Off to Europe. London, Prague, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Milan, Tirano and the Bernina Express across the Alps to Chur. On to Freiburg, Colmar, Strasbourg, Paris, back to London and home. 205 days to go an counting.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Canary Wharf January 1st 2020

Mark has been working at one of the office buildings in Canary Wharf since June 2018. He has been telling me that there are numerous designers’ shops around Canary Wharf; is made me curious – so I decided to visit Canary Wharf when he works. I decided to visit Canary Wharf on 30 December 2019 when he would come back to work after Christmas holiday. He advised me to take Jubilee Line rather than DLR as the Jubilee Like runs quicker than the DLR. I arrived at Canary Wharf of Jubilee Line just after 11.30. I was interested in surroundings around Canary Wharf station, as well as station buildings; took several photos of skyscrapers. Having heard that his office was alight South Colonnade Exit by DLR Line, I walked for the destination via shopping mall in ... read more
Chihiro at the roof garden
Mark at roof garden
DLR line running through the canals

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