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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 13th 2015

As I stroll across the sand saying goodbye to the wonderful carribean ocean I look up at the stars and am satisfied that I have seen the colours of another sky. I have felt the gentle caress of the wind, soldiered though the intense heat, danced in the rain and lit fires in the chills. These pass few months have been life changing, people, places, choices, journeys have all changed the course of my life in ways I will never truly understand. Some desicidions will fade into memory while others will sper me forward. I'm not healed, it doesn't work like that, but I'm strong, brave, forgiving, accepting, I'm ready to take on the next chapter of my life, to begin a new page. I'm excited for what comes next. Everyone you meet along the way ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 7th 2015

arrive at airport, check in and realise my SL visa which is incomplete until stamped at lungi Airport, is short of a receipt of payment, my error amongst the stress of preperations to leave. Flight is delayed slightly but even the extra time doesn't help me trying to convince anyone in airside to source me a printer,once boarded I am sat next to a nice lady though she only speaks French & Arabic, after her not exactly enjoying take off and slightly worked up by a baby sat behind, she disappears. when the food comes i'm told she's found another seat, I then could spend the rest of the flight sprawling 2 seats, drinking wine and pretending to read her Arabic newspaper as Daniel was in casablanca for hours we meet immediatley at the gate, boarded ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London November 5th 2015

Exactly two weeks today I will be leaving the English winter behind and heading to the Far East with a few stops along the way. Watch this space for the mystery to unfold and see my pictures of all the places I will be visiting along the way.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 25th 2015

Writing this on the free computer at British Airways Lounge South at Heathrow. Why not call it the South Lounge? (Yes, there is a Lounge North. What do they do to you if you dare to lounge south in the Lounge North? Are you slung out among the travelling hordes, doomed to wander forever dragging your carry-on after you, seeking shelter like an upper-class refugee?) Does the use of the imperative to try and make the joint sound classy represent the irresistible impulse to not merely accommodate passengers, but also to tell them what to do? How many more rhetorical questions can I put in one paragraph? Have I ever told you how I despise writers who overuse rhetorical questions? But I digress. On the way to Madrid, several words in praise of airport lounges. Last ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 24th 2015

Note the tapered beams - from about 1450. You can see the English heritage of bow making here. Doorway to the rightist the one that left its mark on my forehead!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 23rd 2015

FINALLY! WiFi and something to say:bit of a relief, really. Picture 1: a complete screw up by the photographer. Two of our fabulous Queen Mary friends, Steve and Liz from Southampton drove up this morning to meet us at the B andB in Windsor. They arrived on time, catching Susan and me both in our dressing gowns. You see, we gave ourselves a bit of a rough night and, no, not the way you were thinking. Shame on you. We were betrayed by that great British temptaton, afternoon tea. After a tour of the fascinating Windsor castle - highlights for Susan, the amazing vistas and the poignancy of seeing the little tomb chapel for George VI, the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret; for me, the practically unnoticed wall painting portrait of Edward III which is just ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 23rd 2015

We do, evidently. Wifi was down here for 24 hours and we were lost without it. Our friends Liz and Steve have arrived, having driven all the way up from Southampton! We are off to Blenheim Palace, home of Steve's hero, Churchill. As we could not post anything yesterday I will catch you up later! Just to say Windsor Castle is magnificent. When we checked the time we found we had been there for 3.5 hours!!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London October 10th 2015

As time goes by Better late than never, as the saying goes. You might ask why on a sunny day in the hues of urban autumn I’m sat reflecting on Bali past. Because I said that I would, and because a tale is rarely complete. Moments pass, memories fade, lessons are implemented, neglected or forgotten, but we carry our experiences with us. They shape our every perception, choice and step in life, gathering like snowballs in powder, altering our shape, size and nature as we roll on, until climate and time melt us away. I could make excuses, claim that the winds of everyday London life whisked me up and bustled me about - but I made those choices. I re-entered the world of the busy in a typical ‘me’ fashion. It’s taken me time to ... read more
Don't be afraid to show who you are and what you are feeling
Go with the flow...
Back with family again :D

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport October 7th 2015

Another early start this morning, but not as early as it could have been. Thankfully, yesterday, we managed to book all our luggage all the way to London, so only had our hand luggage with us overnight. This means we do not need to be at the airport quite as early as we are already effectively checked in. The boarding cards for this leg of the trip were issued to us yesterday in Malaysia. The flight yesterday meant we went four hours behind in time. Overnight, we seem to have managed this potential jet lag easily. With the boarding passes we got in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, Emirates also gave us a free meal voucher each to spend in Dubai International Airport. We managed to get a good free breakfast with this. Noticed whilst buying this that ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Twickenham October 6th 2015

Ik was al maanden van plan om een laatste blog te schrijven ter afsluiting van mijn ‘Nele in Miami’-blog. Wegens verschillende omstandigheden die ik straks uit de doeken zal doen was het er tot nu toe nog niet van gekomen. Eindelijk kan ik nu even een ontspannende pauze nemen en mijn blog afsluiten zodat het tenminste een mooi afgerond geheel vormt. Even flashbacken naar juni! Mijn laatste weken in Miami waren enorm emotioneel. Ik moest van iedereen afscheid nemen: Cara, Russ en Amber; Psolomon; Amanda en Jack; alle klasgenoten en leerkrachten die ik heb leren kennen aan de University of Miami die ik waarschijnlijk nooit meer ga terugzien, … Ik ben heel slecht in afscheid nemen en het was een moeilijke periode voor mij. Uiteraard wist ik voor ik vertrok naar Miami dat ik mensen ging ... read more

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