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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill February 3rd 2019

I recently saw a list of "worst" attractions. Not sure of their criteria. Here are mine: Hollywood Walk of Fame (hokey) Stonehenge (big disappointment) Venice canals (stinky) Any bull ring in Spain (they all look the same!) Statue of stars, Hong Kong (reminds me of Hollywood) Macao (basically, Las Vegas east) Universal Studios (terribly boring) London Eye (go to the country fair instead!) Napa Wine Train (an expensive ride for mediocre food and wine) Any wax museum (enough said) But to be fair, there are many great ones: Amazonia (one of the two best places I have been) Angkor Wat (ditto) Berlin Wall (no longer there) Torres del Paine (magnificent) Milford Sound (ditto) Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo) truly unique, now gone!! van Gogh Museum (like a dream) Our great National Parks Fenway or Wrigley (shrines to ... read more
Perhaps just a little stress??
Stinky Venice
Boring Stonehenge.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill October 12th 2012

..Soon Stephen and I will depart on a 3 month trip through Latinamerica! I'll try to be more diligent in my blog reporting than I was during our Hong Kong adventure (okay, that's a very low bar to set, I realise that..) and keep those of you who are interested informed about our trip! As it stands, the plans are Mexico-Guatemala-Belize-Mexico-Peru-Bolivia-Chile (incl. Easter island)-Argentina-Uruguay-Argentina-Florida-tbd. Most of the flights we have booked already, so to some extent it's fixed, but we'll keep you posted on any changes in our plans. ..only two more days!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill September 20th 2012

We’ve been in London for about 4 days now and have almost another 2 days left. We aren’t going to get to do everything that we had hoped we’d do despite the fact that we’ve been busy tourists the whole time that we’ve been here. We arrived in London late on Friday afternoon after driving to Gatwick from our accommodation in the New Forest. We had a couple of hours to fill in if we didn’t want to sit in a park in London, before arriving at our London apartment, so we decided to doing some sight-seeing on the way. We purchased a National Trust membership early in our travels and so we visited one of the Gardens-Historic Homes that they own. The property that we chose was called Hinton-Ampner. This was a historic house that ... read more
Antiques end of the street
St James Park
Tower Bridge from the Tower of London

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill August 18th 2012

The loneliness has subsided after my day out in London today. I needed a plan since staying in for any extended period of time could lead to boredom. It was a beautiful and very sunny Saturday (apparently it reached 33 degrees) so I decided on Portobello Markets. I find the trains and the tube very simple so far, so had no trouble reached Notting Hill Gate. From there I followed the crowd to Portobello Road, and the market which I know as setting the scene in Notting Hill the film (I was almost expecting Hugh Grant to come around the corner and spill a coffee on me). Alas there were no movie star encounters, but I did find some antique bargains and a cute red dress. It is a huge market, but being alone ... read more
Portobello Market

SORRY THIS INCLUDES 20 UNINTENDED PICTURES...ROYAL AIR FORCE MUSEUM, DUMB DUMB, THE OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS AND MORE! Learning to make coffee in an Italian press machine…not fun and not very good. Being in the market with fresh fruit and vegetables not 20 steps away is a wonderful treat. Amazingly the only thing less expensive in London than the US is the market - fruit and veggies and oh my are they good. I hope we can find the same in Galway. Kids have been great together despite the additional closeness and unending bonding time. Relatively little bickering and fighting as I would have anticipated at this point in our travels. A bit of a love hate relationship with the city. While I love the excitement and diversity, (London is an amazing melting pot of cultures and ... read more
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I have discovered that my children have the same museum gene as my husband…they love ‘em. They willingly wander around buildings looking through glass boxes and they read the fine print on the side. We have seen the British Museum, Tower of London, London Bridge, Museum of Natural History, Royal Air Force Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater Museum, Churchill War Museums and more that I cannot even think of right now. My job is to keep us moving, find the next presentation and watch Abby take a picture of every single object imaginable. They learn, they remember, and they discuss it intelligently later. My idea of a museum is renting a Barclay bike…. More to come... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill June 30th 2012

I hope this video works! For the celebration of London Fest and the Queens Jubilee, pianos were placed throughout the city. Just walk up and play. We ran into this one along the river... shy boys in this video are now on the hunt for more pianos!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill June 30th 2012

Okay so an overnight flight with a layover in Dublin is doable but not fun! Too excited to sleep but even worse was sitting next to baby from hell. Noticed the screeching in the airport and thought please don't be on our flight but next to me! Kevin just kept chuckling in the next row. It's not the child I blame it is the useless parent holding the child who did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway very cranky trip...long tube and walk with lots of luggage. My kids are probably writing in their journals about Moms afternoon meltdown...yes it was a good one! I don't work well sleep deprived in a strange city! Many thanks to my brother and his wife for schlepping us all to the city and sending us off with snack bags that proved to ... read more
Lovin' Airports

I began my third euro trip with both hope and trepidation. Hope because my last trip to Europe left me suivh a great goal. When I came over, I was in a slightly bad place. Professionally, I had been declined a job at turner south which is where I thought my dream job must be. Personally, I had a lot of stuff going on as well, and living in Germany was a welcome respite from that. While in germany, I had the chance to work with a young girl that needed help with her English hw. I would say she was the catalyst that lead to my current career. I hadn't really thought about teaching until I worked wi her, saw her lightbulb moments, and her thirst for knowledge. She even helped me with my german! ... read more
Fılm Festıvals

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Notting Hill September 11th 2011

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I (Julia) have entered an online travel photo competition with some shots of Katrina's and my trip. The winner will be determined by the number of public votes so please vote for me! To do so is easy. Just copy and paste this link into your browser , scroll down until you find my album "Around Asia" and click on the little heart above the number of votes! Thank you :)... read more

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