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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby January 5th 2011

East Midlands Airport Welcome to East Midlands Airport one of the best regional airport in Great Britain and one of the busiest. "Floating airports" are being designed which could be located out at sea and which would use designs such as pneumatic stabilized platform technology. EMA also runs thriving businesses in property development and management, car parking, airport security, fire fighting, engineering, advertising and motor transport with budget and family hotels: East Midlands Airport hotels . A military airport is known as an airbase or air station. The terms aerodrome, airdrome, airfield, and airstrip may also be used to refer to airports, and the terms heliport, seaplane base, and STOLport refer to airports dedicated exclusively to helicopters, seaplanes, or short take-off and landing aircraft. If you want t... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ripley November 25th 2010

Thats it work done, rucksack to pack, 3 more sleeps and then off we go !!! Very Excited indeed !!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire October 4th 2010

i handed my notice in today at work, so 8 weeks to go !! they were really good about it and now i have done this the nerves have set in and im actually thinking "what have i done".... well theres not turning back now.... yipeee !!!! So 8 weeks today ill be in Bangkok with Sarah and Aimie, i have 2 companions now with me until the 2rd January when they will have to come home to the uk and i will continue on to Oz (unlucky for them).... Accommodation has now been booked in Bangkok - 3 nights at the Rambuttri Inn - for when we get there, we have also booked our accomm for the full moon party at the Coco Gardens for 4 nights - and then 5 nights over ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield September 27th 2010

27 SEP 2010 - MONDAY SHOPPING IN MEADOWHALL, LAST NIGHT IN SHEFFIELD Another cold and wet day in Sheffield. With Mark away for the day at work, Tracy and Jean introduced us to Meadowhall shopping centre - or “Meadowhell” as the locals call it. There we were able to discover the delights of English department stores - Primark (“Primani”), Marks & Spencer, Debenham’s, H&M, and more... Little Cocky found a Busby outfit (Queen’s Home Guard) for his Build-a-Bear, and we found Possy’s Christening outfit in Monsoon. Poppy found a soft monkey for Possy in Mothercare, she loved it and snuggled straight into it for a sleep. Our last dinner in Sheffield was cooked for us by Mark, with help from Cocky. Buritos and nachos, with fancy ice-cream for desert, mmmm!!!! We gave the kids a fairly ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hathersage September 26th 2010

FROM GOANNA: Mark led us on a drive around the scenic Peak District, taking in beautiful forests, villages and views of the area. We made several stops, the first being Man Tor, a Roman hill fort. While the wooden fortress itself is long gone, the earthworks associated with the fort are still clearly visible in the hillside. On a fine day, the climb to the top would be well worth the view. Our second stop was Peverill Castle, not far from Man Tor. The castle was built around 1060, with a later tower and castle walls remaining on the site as ruins. The climb up to the castle from the village of Castleton was steep, but once there, we had heaps of fun wandering around and pretending to be medieval knights, prisoners and damsels in distress. ... read more
Man Tor
Peak District

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hathersage September 24th 2010

Een geweldige 3-daagse Uk, om ons 10 jaar samen-zijn te vieren. En om te kijken of we nog even zottekes waren als vroeger. Iedereen gerust; dit zijn we nog steeds! Donderdagavond vertrokken we richting Calais. Om 3u s'nachts zette we ons tent op in Hathersage, midden in 'the Moor'. Voor degene die hier nog geen kennis mee hebben gemaakt; modder alomtegenwoordig. Na 5 stappen stond ik op plateau-zolen zonder er erg in te hebben. Gelukkig voorziet deze camping in houten paletten om toch enigzins een droog plekje te hebben, vooraleer je de tent instapt en om op te koken. Elke ochtend begonnen we met een echt Engels ontbijt met bonen in 'the Outside'. Dit is een sportwinkel met erboven een restaurant, vooral gebruikt door klimmers als ontmoetingsplaats vooraleer te vertrekken naar de rotsen. Ze serveren er ... read more
10 jaar gelukkig samen!
Prachtige omgeving
Eriks uitdaging!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield September 24th 2010

LITTLE COCKY’S COMMENTS: The houses were really small and tiny, and they were all two storeys tall. We felt squished compared to being in our own house. Our Sheffield family was very nice, I liked playing cars with my little cousin Alexander and Playstation 3 with his Uncle Matt. FROM GOANNA: Our first day in Sheffield was a quiet day for the travelling Cockys, as we were all feeling a little jetlagged. The weather was cold and rainy, which was fine as we were happy being largely indoors. After making a slow start on the day, we eventually managed to get our act together aometime around lunchtime, and headed around from Mark & Tracy's house where we were staying to Mick & Jean's house (Tracy's parents) for a proper round of meetings and reunions. Goanna's brother ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ilkeston September 9th 2010 back to Aunt Sandra and Uncle Alans place in Ilkeston about 6pm...and straight inside for a cuppa tea and a shower! Sandra and Alan have gone caravaning to france for the last 2 weeks, and they are due back sunday... Just had an early night tonight because the old knees are feeling the weight of the backpack! Friday 10th. Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, then up for a cold shower and a cuppa tea before walking into Ilkeston and getting the bus into Nottinghma. Had lunch at this chinese buffet restaurant (only $10!) and ate waaaay too much! Had another walk around the city (mainly to walk off the lunch) then heading back to Ilson (as the locals call it) for another cuppa tea and a sit down before heading "uptown" ... read more
Into Derby...
The Walkabout ....
Iron Gate...

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Long Eaton September 7th 2010

Ye Gods! We live! To appease your wrath for being such poor correspondents for the last couple of months, I'm just gunna launch right on in with a joke: What did Sushi A say to Sushi B? Wussa-bi?! Ha. Jo here by the way. So, a quick recap - we left you (or perhaps you left us), way back in July, in Cardiff, with Spain scoring against Paraguay. We all know how THAT turned out. After a merry few days in Cardiff we jumped on a coach (aka a bus, in normal, non-UK terms) and wheeled our way to Nottingham, as the home of Robin Hood was to be our home for the next five weeks. Well, kinda. The wee town where our summer school was based was actually about 40 minutes out of Nottingham, in ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Matlock August 27th 2010

Again, on the recommendation of the Lonely Planet, we spent a few days exploring the English Peak District and were not disappointed. Really just wanted to post a few photos of the area around Matlock, a stone circle we found with a surround mound, and the curious land-locked 'seaside' town of Matlock Bath where we stopped looking for a bakery and only found a thousand fish and chip shops.... read more

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