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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield February 5th 2019

Hello Blog. It has been a long time. I have not forgotten you. It is just time is flying by and I feel I have done nothing. No trips out since our walk around Linacre Lakes. The weather has been particularly springlike so why are we not on the road? Christmas disappeared in a haze best forgotten. The advertisements began to tell me I should buy in the New Year sales . The holiday companies started to bombard me with offers I could not refuse. Still we sat here without a house to move to and without our sale going through. Each phone call suggested that things were fine and were moving along . Our buyers buyers had for some reason asked three questions which required answers. No problem that would be sorted out quickly and ... read more
Tombstones in the graveyard
Another view of the church
How many of these war memorials are there around every town

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Buxton January 5th 2019

The Peak District can be a tricky place in winter. The weather can change in an instant in the high altitude – well high altitude by UK standards. The Other Half seemed keen to have a day out, so I scoured the fixtures for inspiration within a sensible mileage. I checked the weather forecast to see if the relatively mild and dry conditions would forecast would continue into the weekend. I didn’t fancy the prospect of snow. I sent her a link to the Visit Buxton website, which carries some carefully selected photography that highlights the town as a cross between Harrogate and Bath. I knew full well that she would bite on the possibility and then I causally mentioned, that Whitby Town were also scheduled to be making an appearance in town. We ... read more
Cavendish Arcade, Buxton
The Crescent, Buxton
Buxton Town Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 31st 2018

. Dear Blog - this is catching. This writing to a blog. 2018 has just started to slip into my memory . I wonder what 2019 will bring in terms of that wonderful thing travel. New years resolutions are just there lurking - eat less , eat better food , be more diligent in the approach to fitness, swim more, walk more, be nice to my neighbours and my friends , Work hard and play hard. Of course by tomorrow I will be still stuffing my face, eating all the wrong things and will have forgotten what I planned to do. Such are resolutions. Easy to write about . Much harder to keep to. I guess we all start with good intentions and fail miserably after a few weeks ............ a few days ...........a few hours. ... read more
the middle reservoir from the top of the dam
The Lower reservoir
Yes there was cod, chips and mushy peas there a few minutes ago

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 7th 2018

It's getting to feel a lot like Christmas - everywhere you go. That song is going round and round my head. Everywhere I look there are decorations sprouting up in gardens and all over houses. I see Christmas Trees inside all lit up like Blackpool Illuminations. I feel fed up being bombarded with adverts still trying to sell me furniture which will be delivered by Christmas or supermarkets trying to sell me the juiciest turkey or the best Christmas pudding. I don't feel very Christmassy and wish it was all over. Bah humbug and Scrooge come to mind. Christmas starts too early. I don't want to hear that I need to buy the best vegetables from the best supermarket when it it is still November. My mind is full of other things like the final readings ... read more
The paper village
A paper version of Hardwick Hall
Sion and the garlands

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield November 18th 2018

There are so many great books in the world . Works of fiction and non fiction. The great religious weighty tomes. The Norwegian sagas and the old welsh historical books of legend . The Mabinogian and the works of modern writers. Who wouldn't want to read the story of Noah and his ark ending up on Mount Ararat and not want to stand on the spot? Who wouldn't want to go to Ephesus and stand in the footsteps of St Paul? The great literature and religious books take us to a world that I would want to visit . The religious works tell us how to live our lives. Not to steal, not to kill , not to covet the property or goods of someone else, not to lie and not to deceive . They all ... read more
The tommies and the nurse outside the town hall th
The Town Hall cascade
My sentiments

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield October 31st 2018

Since 2014 there have been plans to commemorate the start and end of the First World War. Early in 2014 the ceramic poppies were displayed at the Tower of London , Since then they have been moved around the country from venue to venue . From Hereford to Kirkwall, from Stoke on Trent to Derby and beyond. Now they have been dismantled and have ended at their final resting place. They produced a germ of an idea for other people who wanted to emulate the idea in their own towns and cities . Those towns and cities who were not able to host the ceramic poppies found their own way of commemorating the end of hostilities. The germ of the idea was born and grew and was taken on board fully by an appreciative public. Townswomens ... read more
part of a wreath display marking 100 years since ceasation of the fighting
Poppy cascade
The market hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ashbourne October 4th 2018

Breakfast down in the quaint breakfast room was delightful. We ventured out at about half past 10, driving for half an hour through idyllic farming land. The roads were narrow, the villages picturesque, just beautiful countryside in the Peak District. We arrived at Chatsworth House, also known as the home of Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and Buckingham Palace in The Crown, but actually the English home of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (remember, we saw their Irish home some days ago?). We spent hours there, touring inside the house, and then walking around the gardens. It was just amazing. They’ve done a wonderful thing, opening their home to the public. The extensive collection of antiquities, art, statues, furnishings was marvellous. It wasn’t cheap to get in (£21 each) but the cost of the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ashbourne October 3rd 2018

This morning we ate our Sainsbury’s breakfast in our room, showered, shaved and were booked out of the hotel by about 9am. We wheeled our luggage around to Victoria Station and caught the Victoria Line on the tube to Euston Station. We then changed to the overland trains to get the Virgin train to Stoke. After one and a half hours, and averaging 200 kph we arrived and caught a taxi to the Thrifty car hire office. We had booked a BMW or similar category from Thrifty and were thrilled to find we have a Mercedes E220d - a long and sleek one, the grey ghost. It is a little different to ours, but easy to understand. And the nav girl is the same girl we have at home! So off we set. I was surprised ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield September 20th 2018

The butterflies in our stomachs are growing larger by the minute as we creep ever closer to our Iberian adventure. Gabby has been for her weigh in. We had added an extra solar panel to her roof, an extra gas bottle and offset this weight by adding a built in bbq, removing an electric hob, many of the tools out of the tool box. We aslo removed the second cutlery set and the large plates we have never used. We set off to get her weighed and she passed with flying colours. We are good to go and not overweight which is a problem many motorhomers fear. All that remains is to fill her with foot and clothing. Our househunting has stalled. Our photos have been taken and our details uploaded onto the internet. We got ... read more
tied up for the day
Never found out what this date was all about

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield August 22nd 2018

Today we returned to Derbyshire to see the extravagant interior of Hardwick Hall. When we visited the estate on the first Tuesday that we were here we were intent on visiting Hardwick Old Hall as listed in our English Heritage brochure for the Peak District & Beyond. We arrived unaware that there is also a ‘new’ hall on the estate that is operated by the National Trust and only open between Wednesday to Sunday. Of course that meant that a fortnight ago we were only able to see the exterior of the old and new halls and explore the gardens adjacent to the new hall. On our return today our NT membership saved us the £4.00 parking charge and £13.95 each on admission to the new hall. We started our visit listening to an introductory talk ... read more
Hardwick Hall
Hardwick Hall
Hall Fireplace

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