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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire June 29th 2021

The original purpose of this blog was to record our adventures on our travels, as we set off for South Africa just over 15 years ago. It was daunting, even though we had already had the first mid life drop out some 3 years earlier and taken off for Australia and New Zealand. The focus of our trip was the Ashes tour of Australia, but it was motivated as a means to mark a landmark wedding anniversary. We always try to mark the 5 year cycle with something a bit more out the ordinary, although I doubt if one will ever get close to staring into the eyes of that rhino in the Hluhluwe Umfolozi National Park on a sunny June day outside St Lucia, Natal. The pandemic meant the ambition was somewhat muted this year ... read more
Black Rocks

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire June 14th 2021

Broadway A delightful village in the Cotswolds with its pretty High Street lined with horse chestnut trees and a mixture of period houses and picturesque honey coloured Cotswold stone cottages. As always, Ian delivers so many interesting facts & information. There were people on the tour who had either lived or stayed in Broadway & for one lady who was married in the beautiful church but now lives in Canada had a lovely surprise when her dad popped by the say hello The image of Broadway today remains as it has done for centuries; a charismatic spectacle of rolling wolds, overlooking a gathering of ancient honey coloured limestone period buildings with orderly horse chestnut trees lining the grass-fringed verges of the historic 'broad way' High Street.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 24th 2020

Well , Well , it's me Gabby . They have spent two nights sleeping in me. Two days preparing me for something . I am getting excited . We are on a journey I think . This time last year we were setting off for Christmas in France . Must be the same thing . Sadly Gabby was going to be disappointed . Our reason for sleeping in her was because we were on the verge of moving house . At last the bed had been taken down . That meant sleeping on the floor or in Gabby . We had boxed up all our belongings and had nowhere to cook . So that was the reason for being inside our motorhome. It felt good being in her even if we were not heading for a ... read more
Father Christmas watching me
The last of the swans
Another sign that Christmas is approaching

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 16th 2020

Day 267 of the Covid diary . I got up early and I shopped . Things were much the same apart from the traffic light system letting us in the shop. Green for go. Red dont you dare come in until we tell you. It did seem to work . I was early so the light was green and the doors opened . Shopping was done quickly . I wondered what shopping would be like when we moved . If we moved . The supermarket was bigger than the one I was used to. I wondered how busy it would be at 7am in the morning . Would it be as empty as this one ? I would have to wait to find out. Somehow my head felt like bursting will all the thoughts of how ... read more
The reflections fascinate me
If you dont get it look up fork handles The Two Ronnies

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » North Wingfield December 14th 2020

Dear Covid diary - it is day 255 since BoJo called his first lockdown and here we are the first week of December and it feels that nothing much has changed . Yes we have a vaccine on the horizon and we got in pretty quick time . Vaccinations have started . If you are lucky enough or should it be unlucky enough to be over 80 and currently in hospital you get the jab . Health care workers are being vaccinated as we speak . But there is not enough to go round . A priority system has been adopted and we are way down the line . It is Tuesday . It is walk day . No news today on the house move. I headed off in the direction of New Tupton . The ... read more
Are they light bulbs or christmas decorations
More decorations on the trees

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 13th 2020

Saturday - So what happened yesterday? We would dearly love to know. What on earth happened to prevent the completion going ahead? As I walked around the shop I pondered that question. Could not do anything about it today . The estate agents might be open but they will not have any idea . The solicitors do not open until Monday so we cannot pester them for answers . No doubt we will find out what happened eventually and get some answers . I guess none though will be what we want to hear . After shopping it became light enough to set out on the Saturday walk . The rain fell lightly . Just enough to soak me and dampen my enthusiasm . Even sunshine would not have made me enthusiastic today . A new ... read more
Early morning
This old van

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 11th 2020

The small problems will be resolved . Of course they will . Our house sale rumbles on just like Covid . It feels as if we are never going to come to any conclusion . It seemed on target for exchange and completion by the end of last week and nothing happened . We know we will get there in the end . . Everything has to come to an end but this year has been different . Who would have thought at the start of the year I would be saying I wonder what 2020 will bring ? Who could have known the answer ? Who knew that we would put our house on the market again ? Only to sell and be thwarted again by a buyer who wanted to downsize but had no ... read more
and another old house
how many more can I find ?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 4th 2020

Another week has slid by . Another deadline passed . The exchange on the house did not happen . The completion won't either . We are still in lockdown. A dim and dismal place to be . The weather has turned cold . A chill air greets me on my morning walk . The sun is not making any appearance and the grass is covered with a silver covering. It was the first frost last night of the Autumn . What would I prefer ? I asked myself this question as I set out on my walk . Cold with a hint of frost , frozen grass or rain . Endless rain and mist . I opted for the first choice . Frost anytime . Would frost kill Coronavirus ? I suppose at the back of ... read more
Another sign of the long arm of the Hunlokes
Found it - the milestone hidden over the summer
Is it a tree?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 1st 2020

My walk this morning took on one of those etherial moods . A low mist clung to the ground. Like a blanket covering everything . It is November after all. As I tramped the village on one of the more familiar routes I remembered fog . Fog as it was when I was a child . A real pea souper . I thought many would not remember a fog so thick that you could not see your hand in front of your face. A fog fuelled by endless coal fires . What else would you burn when your dad recieved cheap coal as a perk from his job. The whole village i lived in had at least two and even three fires in their homes . All fuelled with coal . The air was thick with ... read more
The very large poppies
that first world war soldier

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield November 17th 2020

When I woke up in late March and heard about lockdown and Covid I never for one minute imagined that I would be here in November still writing about the same old thing . It it felt like groundhog day months ago I have little idea how to describe this the 1st day of a new month . I feel like Janus the god that January is named after looking backward to the start of all of this and looking forward to it ending . Sadly looking back feels a pointless exercise . 2020 has been a washout . Cancelled holidays . Home working . Motorhome sales going through the roof and no places to stay . Looking forward - Bonfire Night is on the horizon. That night or few days before and after the night ... read more
Who needs fireworks with colour like this ?

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