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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ticknall June 25th 2015

On a lovely sunny morning we sat and wondered what to do today. Suzy was going nowhere today . She is waiting for a guy to come over in a couple of weeks to add some kind of air suspension to her. Supposedly she will handle better. Going round roundabouts won't result in a fairground ride and the gushes of wind that pull us along when we pass lorries should be a thing of the past. We have read that this improves the drives so time and £500 spent on her will tell. So what to do? The consensus was to go to to Calke Abbey which is around three quarters of an hour drive from home. Described by the National Trust who own it as an unstately home and country estate. We guessed a little ... read more
Inside one of the rooms
The walled gardens
The parkland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby December 25th 2014

I cant believe how quickly the time has passed and that in less than 4 weeks Tom and i will be setting off on the journey of a lifetime. Have had some really useful Christmas presents: rucksack/day sack, some Aussie dollars, microfibre towel, folding bowl, knife fork spoon set, merrell shoes, some bridgedale socks and zip off trousers. Our wonderful "Children" bought a keyboard for the ipad to make blogging easier. Its all starting to feel very real! We are all vaccinated and are stocking up on essential meds which will occupy a fair amount of rucksack space. I think packing is going to be the first challenge - I am never good at travelling light- but by far the biggest challenge will be saying goodbye to our children and the dogs. Thank heavens for Face ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Castleton December 12th 2014

So in the immortal words of the group Slade - So here it is Merry Christmas , everyone having fun, ................we felt it was time to hit the road again . Suzy has been going stir crazy over the last few months. Just like us she wanted to be on the road again. We had being suffering cabin fever stuck inside. OK we have a new Camper stops book to peruse and our 2015 ACSI camping book has arrived but it is not the same sitting and reading at home in front of the Christmas tree rather than sitting and reading inside Suzy and being out and about. After her clean and polish it was time to think where to go. We had to do it . . Just a few days but surely there was ... read more
Castleton church
One of the pew ends

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Beeley December 11th 2014

Winter has definately come overnight to this part of Derbyshire. A light dusting of snow has covered the ground and hedgerows. And there is that biting wind. Lead boots are needed to keep your feet grounded as it blows in from the Arctic. The sky is leaden, the clouds grey and overcast blanketing the county with that grey look of winter. We have months of this to look forward to and the chances are it will get colder. It is only the beginning of December a cold old month. January and February will probably be worse. It is the sort of day where you wake, put your nose out of the bed, sniff the air and go back to bed tucked under the duvet. A cup of hot steaming coffee to start the day before snuggling ... read more
The hall
The dining room decorated in the style of a Georgian Christmas
Carving on the furniture in the hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bolsover December 6th 2014

Suzy has been standing forlornly on the drive. It took me until last week to go up and make an effort to clean her after our last trip way back in September/October. Armed with bleach to clean the toilet with, polish to spruce up the shelving, plastic bags to collect rubbish and dusters to polish I set off with the plan to start at the back on the van and clean her ready for our next trip which will be a few days at the Caravan Club site at Castleton in the Peak District the week before Christmas. She felt cold and unused. The thermometre showed 10 degrees celsius which felt pretty damned cold as I opened up the first cupboard filled with books, puzzles and music. A layer of dust was lying on the books ... read more
Sutton Scarsdale
Sutton Scarsdale Hall
Scarsdale Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Belper October 19th 2014

Life is slowly returning to normal after four weeks on the road in Suzy. She is parked up - still dirty and in need of a wash. Inside things are still as they were when we came home. Cleaning is long overdue. Autumn is fast approaching. The mists have arrived in the early part of the mornings making it difficult to see a few yards in front of the car. The clocks change next week and with that move the mornings will become slightly lighter for a few weeks but the nights will draw in. House decorating has taken over from travelling but finally today we managed a trip out to a local windmill. A windmill in Derbyshire surely not. In Holland of course you find windmills part of the fabric of the countryside. In Spain ... read more
Heage Windmill
The wonderfully complicated machinery
A piece of wood felled when Henry VIII was King of England

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hope Valley October 6th 2014

Oktober staat alweer voor de deur. Toch had ik dit jaar nog in The Peak, United Kingdom willen geraken. Dus deden we nog eens wild en besloten gewoon te gaan voor 5 dagen. Kris zag dit ook wel zitten. Dus gepakt en gezakt de eurotunnel door. Eén oktober, woensdagmorgen om 2u in de ochtend of eerder in de nacht vertrokken we. Rond 11u stonden we op de camping. Waar we onze grote tent opzetten, om 's morgens een beetje beschut te ontbijten. Elke morgen rond de vier à zeven graden Celsius met al dan niet een dikke laag mist over de camping. Een beetje frisjes, maar zeker de moeite. Aangezien alle hotelletjes al volzet waren, genoten we! Onze dagindeling werd gewoon aangepast aan de weersomstandigheden. Elke namiddag werden we getrakteerd op een prachtig herfstzonnetje. De voormiddag ... read more
Erik en Kris
Kris in Millstone

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bakewell August 7th 2014

Before they become a tangible reality, all phenomena are seeds. The wise man takes care of the seeds. Han Fei Zi was a chinese philosopher born circa 280 - 233 BC - a long time ago then. But his words ring true. All thoughts and deeds are seeds that need to take root and be nurtured . Even those plans for trips abroad in Suzy. To make those seeds take root take a lot of work and this week that has manifested itself in cleaning of the motorhome. Carpets sweeped, beaten and hoovered within an inch of their lives. Fridge cleaned out and cupboards tidied. Just need to fill it with food and that won't be done for some time yet . Tea leaves and coffee grains hoovered up from the cupboard shelves. Stocks replenished. Sweets ... read more
Cauldwells Mill
Along the mill race
A old cash register

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Dronfield July 9th 2014

We are now in the heart of a British summer. The occasional thunder storm clears the air but it still feels heavy and muggy. A different heat to that abroad. The nights are long and have reached that plateau where they neither get any longer nor get any shorter. And it is 50 days to our next long holiday. Suzy sits idly on the top garden waiting to get on the road again. She needs a fill of fuel and that will be done some time over the next week or so as I have accumulated another 20p per litre off fuel and need to use it by the end of the month. Plans are still underway . We need a vignette for the Czech republic and we cannot get this from our usual supplier TollTickets ... read more
Renishaw Hall - the lily pond
Lily pads on the pond
Pink waterlily

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bakewell June 26th 2014

Where is heaven? Let me ride on this sweet breeze and waft away thither. A few years ago a friend and work colleague who was as mad as a bag of frogs just like me bought me a small desk calendar. It showed - one day at a time - and had some thought or saying from an eastern religious text or words of wisdom from an eastern philosopher. Since that first calendar I have had one on my desk every year. Sometimes I read the thought for the day and think it is beyond me. I don' t understand it. It is too complicated to fathom and I feel it is like throwing pearls to a swine to expect me to digest it and take it in . Other times I read the pearls of ... read more
First course
Hassop Hall

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