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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon August 1st 2016

The BBA V3 heads north today and into Cambridgeshire. This is going to mean driving the M2 to take us under the Thames River and then onto the great circle road around London the M25 for a short distance before the direction will be northerly. It has been pleasantly surprising just how quiet our room in the Days Inn in the M20 rest area has been with traffic coming and going .The curtains in the room have very effectively kept the light out until we were ready to face the day. The Tesco croissants we had yesterday were still OK but we miss the toast and jam and it will nice to have our own catering facilities back again tonight. We had that feeling as we entered the M20 at the on ramp from the rest ... read more
Waiting out turn for the Dartford Tunnel.Note the Queen Elizabeth bridge in the background built to ease congestion
We are off.Note the dangerous goods trucks lined up to the left waiting escort
Free flow traffic in the tunnel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon July 31st 2016

Our friends Marilyn & Bill Jarrett's daughter Kate, Kate's partner Clint Jury and their children Zali & Zavier have been living in a Scottish town close to Glasgow for almost the past year. Having themselves been on holidays, and having just returned from the Continent, Kate emailed me from Oxford to advise us that they could drive to Houghton on Saturday 30 July. So we organised to meet them at the Three Horseshoes, direct them to the Houghton Mill Caraven Park, introduce them to Ann & Chris and have a picnic lunch together. Zali and Zavier were thrilled to bits to discover that Ann & Chris had their dog Jake with them while the rest of us were thrilled to bits to do some socialising together. It was a fantastic day which culminated for me in ... read more
Kev, Ann, Michelle, Chris & Jake
Kate, Kev, Michelle, Chris, Zavier & Zali

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon July 30th 2016

After spending most of the day, on and off trains, travelling from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, then Edinburgh to Peterborough and finally Peterborough to Huntingdon we had a bit of a hiccup. Told by a bloke at the station that we just had to walk down the road to get to our accommodation and not finding the place we asked a couple of passers by, none of whom had heard of the place. Finally, after a woman rang a cab for us, and being told it would be there in twenty minutes, after forty five minutes wait we decided to walk back to the station where we found about ten taxis waiting there! Finally...we were driven to The Three Horseshoes at Houghton which I'd booked online and where, Ann and Chris were waiting in the bar for ... read more
Finally...we find the Three Horseshoes Inn
Where Ann is waiting for us!!
Chris and Kev in the motor home

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon October 28th 2008

Dark by 4:30, raining, and cold. Winter has hit England. At first I thought about how miserable it was going to be, but I just thought of something positive that brightened my day...I'm not on a ship!!! Anyway, my posts are going to be put on the sideburner for a bit, school and work is taking priority for now. ... read more
Stonehenge sunset
Mont Saint Michael
Hotel Le Bayeux

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon September 7th 2008

Alright, I am starting yet another blog. I'm transfering some blogs over from Let's see how well this site works... And for those that don't know why I have the screen name "Yankee Rabbit" here's the reasoning: Yankee= a term for an american (from the northern portion) Rabbit= What I feel like when I'm running or riding on the roads out here...Hopping along trying to avoid the Peugot's and BMWs.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon August 12th 2008

Where is the most likely place you would hear the following: "I stopped by for a drink and a fag" A) Denny's restaurant at 2am B) A gay bar C) From a Brit at your local English Pub D) All of the above Answer: "D" However, the difference between the three is that "C" refers to "Fag" as being what we americans call a "cigarette". I heard the phrase above at my local pub from a brit that was taking a break from his wedding party. I had to do one of those "Did I just hear you correctly" looks and then realized what he was talking about. Anyway, I haven't blogged for awhile so I just thought I'd throw that out there. Life has been a bit boring until I catch up on bills thanks ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon July 27th 2008

Learned a couple new words from a group I went out cycling with the other day: Wood Butcher: A carpenter I think this one was made up when we took the wrong turn while looking for the pub we were all to meet at... Beer Hunter: One who hunts for a pub without a map. Pint: Gives you energy to ride faster longer and gives you that "Liquid Courage". 1 Pint of Cider = 3 cans of American Beer. I underestimated the strength...don't drink and cycle. Now I know I'm in England and they do speak English here, but some have a really strong accent, especially with some of the older crowd like the one I was out with, you don't understand a damn word they're saying. So just to be polite, when they laugh, I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon June 20th 2008

I just spent 12 Pounds on degreaser and lube for the bike. If this was in U.S. dollars it wouldn't be that bad, but thanks to our weakening dollar, the actual price paid: over $24! Everything I buy out here, prices would be fine if it wasn't for the conversion. They need to raise our cost of living allowance cause unless I become a hermit and don't spend any money out in town, $600/mo does not cover the difference in costs...Sorry, this was just a bitching blog...... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon June 13th 2008

So if you find yourself in Europe with your desktop computer, always, always, ALWAYS...remember to switch the power supply on the computer to 230V BEFORE plugging it in! Use your imagination as to what just happened to me. Glad I still have the laptop. "The best mistakes to learn from are those made by other people"... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon June 9th 2008

This place kinda reminds me of a retro version of the VFW at SIU. Lot of space for one person but the government gives me the cash for it so why not spend it. The place is a converted farm over 400 years old. Some the wood used in it is even older than that, used from torn down ships. There are many unique features to include the upstairs hallway which is just over 4 ft high around the cross beams and the door into the "pink room" is the same height. The other three bedrooms aren't as bad as far as color schemes go. I have a normal size door on the one I plan to take since I've had enough head injuries the past few months. The landlord left some of the furniture ... read more

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