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Europe » Ukraine » Kiev August 17th 2015

We're trying to get back into the blogging thing, so here is a blog from last year. Expect at least one more about Ukraine before we start on our new/old country. A shameless plug for Kiev- go on, visit, it's lovely Living in Ukraine for about eighteen months, I've visited Kiev several times. However, almost all of these have been work related, so I've become pretty familiar with the inside of London School of English buildings, and the inside of the British council. We also both flew into Kiev at Christmas and stayed overnight before getting the bus back to Odessa, and then saw some dark, snowy streets and the inside of a couple of bars. This kinda gave the idea of Kiev as a typical ex-soviet city of concrete tower blocks under a grey, cold ... read more
Some of the cool street art all over Podil
Street stalls on Andriyivskyy Descent
St Sophia's cathedral

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev July 20th 2015

July 20, 2015 – Today was a transition day. I left Cyprus and headed for Ukraine. I had some time in the morning, so I repacked my things for the flight and then went out to take a few more pictures. Hot though, so I came back quite quickly. For breakfast I forgot to buy milk, and the milk in the house had gone off, so I had cereal with water. Not quite as delicious as it sounds. But it worked. I said good bye and left for the bus at 11am. I had to take city bus #30 to the stop for the airport bus that would take me back to the Larnaca airport. The first bus took slightly longer than I thought, about 30-35 minutes, with frequent stops. I asked the driver at some ... read more
Flight from Cyprus
First look at Kiev
Chicken Kiev

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev November 18th 2014

There are thousand articles, stories and posts about this topic, there are a lot of opinions, photos and speculations about this… It is not a historical interpretation or the true evidences, there are plenty of them can be found, it is some memory article after one year has passed and still there is pain in me that lives, because I am part of this…part of my Ukraine! I can not be proud of active participation in Maidan on 22 of November as well as in bloody Thursday in February, but I was there… with all my heart and my soul, with all my “crazy” friend and relatives standing there, in the heart of hell… And still now, for me, Maidan is going on, it has not ended, he is alive … But even now, I am ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev July 19th 2014

I only had two days in Kiev so I was going to make the most of it. After my Chernobyl tour I explored the city, there are still tents and barricades around the main square. Despite all this I still felt very safe, although everywhere I went I made sure I had two exits in case something happened. I think Kiev is a very beautiful city and I’m very glad I went, I was almost going to avoid it because of the conflict. On day two I went on a tour of a nuclear missile site. The museum was 3.5 hours away from the city. This was a site that was still in use up until 2001, after this it became know that the site had 12 nuclear missiles pointed at targets like the US and ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl July 16th 2014

The whole reason I came to the Ukraine was to visit Chernobyl. For those of you that don’t know Chernobyl is the worst industrial accident of all time where a nuclear reactor exploded on 26thof April 1986. The official death toll is 20, 2 workers at the plant and 18 firefighters. However the real number of deaths from exposure to radiation could be as high as 100,000. If your interested in the subject the best documentary I’ve found is called “Battle for Chernobyl.” It’s available on youtube. For some reason the Russian death toll from the accident is listed as 31, not sure from the difference. The number is much lower than is real, for example recently footage has emerged from inside the reactor days after the accident. This was taken by an anonymous KGB agent, ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Maidan Nezalezhnosti February 21st 2014

Arrival The plane from Chisinau to Kiev belonged to the almost unpronounceable Dniproavia Airways, but it got us there in under an hour. Driving towards the city, Michael and I passed areas of pure primeval forest, occasionally broken by billboards splashed with Cyrillic. Then we reached the outskirts of Kiev, and the concrete tower blocks appeared, always a feature of ex-Soviet cities. Kiev was big. It made Chisinau seem like a village. It stretched in all directions, both outwards and upwards. The centre of town was much nicer than the outskirts, but full of hills. Our hotel was located in a prime spot for sightseeing, and after dumping our things, we were out, hitting the early evening streets of Ukraine’s capital. Fish Head “I can’t believe the mullet lives on in Kiev!” I said, as we ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev October 4th 2013

In the evening of the 2nd day, I went to the city center but as Anastasiia still had something to do at work, I first met her 2 friends Zhenya and Sacha to walk in the city for a while around the Stadium, which is kind of a business district with higher and modern buildings. This stadium has been completely rebuilt for the Football Euro Cup last year. On that walk, I saw a Catholic Church -the other churches and cathedrals I saw were orthodox ones-. This walk was nice because we were just talking about our life, our plans,... After walking with Zhenya, I went to dinner with Sacha, as Anastasiia was still working. We went to the same restaurant, where we were yesterday after opera -there are a lot of them in the center-. ... read more
Street food festival
Exhibition center
Love you!

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev October 3rd 2013

Yesterday at midnight, I arrived at Kiev airport and I was expected it, it was REALLY cold + windy! However, I checked the weather before going and my friend told me to prepare for cold weather, so I was prepared: with several layers of clothing ;) From the airport, we took a common taxi, which took us almost in front of our home, for only 4€ per person!! It reminded me of Vietnam, where we did the same from the airport for a cheap price as well. But, even if the taxi driver was not the best one I had, the flow of cars in Ukraine is not as dangerous as in Vietnam ;) After a 1st night in Kyiv, I could finally visit the city. As my friend was working on that day, I went ... read more
1st park with view over the city
Monastery park

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 17th 2013

Who would have ever thought that an offer such as this would come my way? My travel blogs are a labour of love for they combine my passion for learning more about the world with the art of crafting the English language and seeking to capture that ever elusive perfect photograph. It so happened that one day on Twitter my attention was drawn to a retweet from two friends in Malaysia seeking travel bloggers based in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a media trip to an unnamed Eastern European country. Since I fitted the criteria, I sent an expression of interest, but believed that my chances of being selected were virtually nil. Not so as it transpired, for a few days later I received confirmation of my invite for a four day journey to Ukraine. Furthermore, ... read more
Gifts for a traditional Ukrainian welcome - Odessa, Ukraine
Introductions after the maiden flight - Odessa, Ukraine
Bana interviewed on flight from Odessa

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev August 17th 2013

Done, 12 nights...four nights in trains, that's only 1700kms in something like a total of 50 hours of train...I know, it's the slow way! But most of them were pretty comfortable...and actually fun rides all along. 8 nights spent in more than decent hotels and clean 5 countries I had never seen before....and to few places I would be more than happy to come back in the day... My last stop, Kiev for 50 hours...sleeping in another decent hotel right in the middle of town. This entry was about food...churches...and a lot of walking around...a very interesting and beautiful city, in which I would be happy to come back one day. Sadly, the Opera House is on holidays for August, and I found the information for the Philharmonic, a little too late for another ... read more
St George
Ok...but if they don't put the do I deal with the negociation?
St Michael

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