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Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Maidan Nezalezhnosti October 23rd 2011

Pe 21.10. Jetlag painanut pari päivää aika hyvin ja nyt perjantaina klo 17 lähtö 5hlön voimin Kiovaan viikonlopuksi. Air Balticin lennolla ja Riiassa on ruhtinaalliset 30min vaihtoaikaa. Onneksi ei ole mukana kuin käsimatkatavarat, joten ei pitäisi olla kuitenkaan ongelmaa. Kiovasta on varattu ihan ytimestä Hotel Ukraine, jonka omalta parvekkeelta on ihan huikeat näkymät itsenäisyyden aukiolle.Lähdettiin kävelemään ympäri keskustaa ja hakemaan jotain safkaa. Löydettiin aika kiva bistrotyyppinen paikka, jossa otettiin borschia ja pelmeneitä.Hyvää oli ja sen jälkeen alkoi unikin maistua. Maistettiin myös jotain paikallista paloviinaa, johon on sotkettu hunajaa ja chiliä – aika tiukkaa tavaraa. La 22.10. Brekkarin jälkeen mentiin suoraan oopperalle ostamaan illan näytökseen, Tsaikovskin Jolanta, liput. Sieltä jatkettiin Golden Gaten kautta St.Sophien kir... read more
Näkymä hotellin ikkunasta
Kukkakauppa metrotunnelissa
Piristystä arkeen

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 9th 2011

Before I forget, video diary 3: And video diary 4 (which is my personal favourite!): So yes, St Petersburg was beautiful. We wandered around the city to see all the famous churches etc and went round the Hermitage. We managed to see quite a lot of it I think. By the end we had very sore feet and felt all cultured out. I particularly enjoyed the State Rooms and the 19th & 20th Century art. We also met some guys who had bought a bus from an old people's home and taken out the seats and put in bunk beds and a sofa and were driving it from London to Bankok! Which is pretty darn cool. We then got a train at 2:40 am back to Moscow, because we couldn't go straight from St ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl April 30th 2011

Kiev had a different atmosphere to Lviv altogether. It was our final destination, and as the capital of Ukraine it was bigger, more modern, and more happening. We also arrived feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep in a first class sleeper carriage, which made a huge difference! Unfortunately we found our hostel here was without a doubt the worst of the trip. We got a 12 bed room instead of the 2 bed twin, with suspiciously lumpy thin mattresses, and there was also the slight worry that the hostel owner would come and rape us in our sleep - He was one creepy-assed dude! We quickly donned our explorer hats and joined a free walking tour, which is always my favourite way to see a city. As one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, ... read more
This is seriously a police car
The Chernobyl clean up vehicles
In front of the Chernobyl reactor

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl October 2nd 2010

When I tell somebody, especially a girl, that I’ve been to Chernobyl and Pripyat, there is immediately a reaction that, don’t I want to have children, and it’s always the same thing, as if I cannot think for myself and choose for myself and what do babies have to do with someone’s trip to Pripyat? I don’t even have a girlfriend, and doubt so much it’ll change in the nearest future, so should I care that much about unborn babies? If I am father to a mutant-baby, that’s another story, though… I’d rather not dwell on the scientific approach to the radiation dose one receives during the 4-5 hour stay in the Zone, because I do not know how to calculate all the stuff and neither I am able to use a dosimeter. But I do ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 21st 2010

After spending 5 months in Asia, I decided to visit Ukraine, the place of my birth, before meeting my family in Istanbul and traveling a bit with them. I didn't really know what to expect. I left Odessa, Ukraine 18 years ago. I've been back twice since then, but only to Odessa visiting relatives. Last time was about 5 years ago. So this trip is much more about discovering Ukraine then rediscovering. Kiev. What a majestic city. I am pleasantly surprised. It's clean, efficient and has amazing architecture. The women are spectacular. Everyone is in great shape and dresses to impress. Such a difference with US. I spent 2 full days site seeing - I managed to see most of the major sites. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe, 1500 years old or ... read more
Kiev 003
Kiev 004
Kiev 005

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 18th 2010

Yes, it has taken me a few days to add the final blog entry. I think that once this entry is complete and published, that indicates the end of this trip. I enjoyed this trip so much more than I expected, met some absolutely incredible people, experienced a beautiful Country, and honestly, just did not want this trip to end! I admit that I briefly thought about the implications and trouble I'd be in if I "accidentally" missed my flight home! The return flight home Weather: Ok, so it DOES rain in Ukraine! Leaving Kiev 2:00am - Wake up to meet my driver for the drive back to Boryspil Airport Weather - it's POURING!! Driver arrives at 2:40am. This is the same driver that picked me up from the airport upon my arrival! Arrive at the ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 17th 2010

Day two in Kiev, second visit. Last day of Ukraine :o( Weather: It's feeling a bit cool today. Well, the coolest day of the trip so far. Overcast; looks like it could rain today *crosses fingers* 7:30 - up, out of bed. Going to shave and shower, and go downstairs to Coffee House to start the day with a coffee (first time LOL). Leaving at about 9:30 to make my way to the statue to meet Oksana. 10:00 arrived at Maiden Nezalezhnosti statue. An hour early, plenty of time to find a nice cappuccino, and hopefully a flower shop before 11:00. Really nice kafe house around the corner from the statue. Go in, sit in the patio to have a few smokes, a couple of cappuccinos (16 hryvnia for two cappuccinos .. roughly $2.50US!!!! Damn I'm ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 16th 2010

Kiev: Day one of second visit Weather: Warm and a bit muggy out there today. No jacket - wondering why I packed it!! 6:30 alarm ... *argh* 7:05 - showered and out the door to hail a taxi. 7:30 - yeah, call Helen (Olenka) to let her know that not one damn taxi stopped for an English speaking fare!!! Gave her the address to grab a taxi from the rail station to meet me here. 7:40 - Olenka steps out of the taxi. Wow! Not at all what I was expecting. Another beautiful Ukrainian woman! What is in the freaking water here????? Head up to the apartment so Olenka can get freshened up from the overnight rail trip before we start off our day. The car will be here at 11:00 to relocate me to the ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 15th 2010

Kharkov to Kiev Weather: another sunny, beautiful day! Got very little sleep last night. Fear of missing my train, I suppose. Got out of bed for the last time at 4:30. Showered, packed, and ready to head out the door by 5:30. Decided to go downstairs and have a smoke while waiting for my driver. Got down to street level at 5:50, he was already there waiting!! Showed him my rail ticket so he knew where we were going. He loaded my luggage, and went. We arrived at the rail station at approx 6:05 (my train doesn't leave until 7:06!!). The driver unloaded my luggage, wheeled my suitcase, and brought me right into the train station, looked up the track, and walked me right to the train! The people around here are amazing. The train didn't ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 6th 2010

A day in Kiev Weather: beautiful! The sun is shining, very warm out. No jacket required :o) Woke up about 10 minutes before alarm went off! Updated facebook, sent a few emails. Brought luggage down to reception to hold until 14:00. Checked out of apartment. Walked the streets of Kiev for a bit. Found a cute little Italian restaurant. Went in and ordered pizza for lunch. The guy sitting at the next table, turned to talk to me (in English) and asked if I was American or Canadian. I answered "Canadian". He said he has a few friends in Canada. All the Canadians he's met are incredibly nice. We chatted for a bit, and he offered to be my tour guide for the city for the next couple hours. I brought me around to the best ... read more

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