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Sophie Atkinson

When I started this thing I was a 20 year old Spanish and Italian student from the UK, spending 9 months in Paraguay with various adventures planned to the surrounding countries! I then went to Italy for a bit to try and remember how to speak Italian before my final year of uni.

Now, I am a 24 year old "adult" (allegedly) who will be spending 4 months doing the whole 'trans-siberia' thing getting the train home from China. Yay!

Europe » Germany » Berlin September 16th 2011

Well so much for blogging from every country... I'm now 4 countries on from my last blog! After Kiev we headed on up to Budapest. I have been there before and have a friend there so I mostly just hung out with her since we didn't have much time there. We did go to the castle again, which is my favourite bit of Budapest. There was a wine festival going on with loads of stalls and things and I came very close to buying myself a bow and arrows until it was pointed out that I wouldn't be able to take that back on the Eurostar... Boo. We also did a little cruise on the river at night when everything was lit up which was beautiful. Then we carried on up to Bratislava, which is beautiful ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague September 14th 2011

I also went to Prague! (I want the country to be in red on the map, but didn't blog from here!)... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town September 13th 2011

I also went to Bratislava! (I want the country to be in red on the map, but didn't blog from here!)... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 11th 2011

I also went to Budapest!... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 9th 2011

Before I forget, video diary 3: And video diary 4 (which is my personal favourite!): So yes, St Petersburg was beautiful. We wandered around the city to see all the famous churches etc and went round the Hermitage. We managed to see quite a lot of it I think. By the end we had very sore feet and felt all cultured out. I particularly enjoyed the State Rooms and the 19th & 20th Century art. We also met some guys who had bought a bus from an old people's home and taken out the seats and put in bunk beds and a sofa and were driving it from London to Bankok! Which is pretty darn cool. We then got a train at 2:40 am back to Moscow, because we couldn't go straight from St ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 5th 2011

It's okay guys, you can breathe a sigh of relief, cash machines in Moscow like me, so I am no longer poor and desperate! Yay! The train journey to Moscow was pretty intense, 4 days long in platskart which is 3rd class so basically one big open carriage with bunk beds in it. By the end of the trip the whole place stunk pretty bad I can tell 'ya! If you want more info about our train journey, why not watch our 2nd video blog? So Moscow! Moscow is pretty cool, actually. We didn't manage to see Lenin unfortunately as he's been closed to the public while we've been here. :( But we did have a wander round the Kremlin, Red Square, St Basil's, and Kitay Gorod. Which were all very cool. The architecture here ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk August 29th 2011

Woah long time eh? From now on in my blogs will get more frequent (sorry about that) because I want to blog from each city we go to, which will be every couple of days after leaving Russia. Anywho, so last week in Mongolia was fun. We met a load of Peace Corps volunteers and mostly just hung out with them for the week. Ralph and I did attempt to do an excursion, 'attempt' being the optimum word. We rented a tent and sleeping bags and stuff and had this 2 day hike planned out to Terelj, but we made it about 10 minutes outside of the city before deciding it was too hot, and our bags were too heavy, and there was a river we could see that looked very inviting for a swim. So ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Khovsgol August 17th 2011

Oh my, where to start? Possibly with a warning that I'm going to talk about poo and toilets in this entry. Probably a lot. Just so you know. So! After our slightly disasterous hike from my last blog we sensibly decided to do stuff with tours or at least a guide from then on. We found a budget tour agency and decided to do a little 2 day trip with them to kind of test them out to see if we wanted to go with them for our bigger trip up to Lake Khovsgol in the North West. Tours like that are cheaper if you have more people to share the cost, so in the office we managed to convinced a retired American couple, Dave and Michelle, to come with us. We went to Terelj national ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 1st 2011

Wow I haven't blogged in a really long time! So for those not on facebook, I did indeed get my Russian visa in the end, much celebration ensued. The rest of my time in Hong Kong was good fun, I went to Noah's Ark (which was as hilarious as I expected, but also a lot more interesting than I expected since it had lots of information about various attempts to find the remains of it on Mount Arrarat, and information about modern projects inspired by the story, such as Frozen Ark, which is a collection of DNA samples of every animal of the world to try and combat extinction), and I also went to several temples, including the 10,000 Buddahs temple, which as the name suggests, has over 10,000 gold buddah statues in it and on ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island July 15th 2011

Fear not readers, I'm not dead! I've just been in hostels with only one computer so couldn't get on for long enough to type an entry! Well I'm still in a hostel like that, but I'm in an internet cafe for an hour in order to print various tickets. So the last day in Tokyo was cool, met up with my frien Yoshie (yes, that really is her name!) and she took us to an AWESOME sushi place, which has ruined me because no sushi is ever going to compare to that again. Then we went to harajuku which was bitterly disappointing, it was like a rubbish version of Camden. Gwen Stefani misled me. :( Also it made me feel old, as I looked at all the cool goth and alternative clothes and was like, " ... read more

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