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Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Maidan Nezalezhnosti August 28th 2017

Z postele som sa vykopal okolo 8/30 a smer metro zastavka livoberezhnakde tu ma ma vyzdvihnut moj kontakt. Do stretka mi ostava este neaka polhodinka, tak prechadzka po miestnom mini trhu. Nic specialne, zelenina, cacky macky. Sedim si pred mcdonaldom, zrazu sa tam mota baba s telefonom v ruke, pokukuje po okoli, tak reku to je ta na ktoru cakam. Ups veru neni, po chvili prichadza uz spravna baba. Nastup na metro a smer stanica Kontraktova Ploscha , kde zacina moja tour. Este pred tym ale zastavka na jednej zastavke metra a prechod cez mega dlhy koridor co spaja M1 a M2. V kyjeve je metro osadene oproti inym europskym mestam dost hlbko, dovod je jasny, priprava na vojnu. Metro ma sluzit ako podzemne mestecko. Stanica arsenalna je v hlbke az okolo 105m. Nuz po opusteny ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev August 18th 2017

Finally I have the opportunity to visit Ukraine, an exotic and fascinating destination for an Australian traveller. And judging by the incredulity of the friendly locals, the great southern land is just as exotic and fascinating to Ukrainians. It seems we have a budding mutual admiration society about to spring up! Obviously the country has been in the news for all the wrong reasons following the ousting of the Russia friendly former President in the 2014 revolution, and the subsequent three year conflict with Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. But the conflict seems to be from a distant land when visiting Kiev, and travellers are sure to get a friendly welcome in the beautiful and historic capital city. Kiev has a population of three million people, and this centre of culture and history has always been ... read more
Lavra belltower
Lavra monastery
Motherland statue

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev » Chernobyl July 25th 2017

Aangezien Kiev slechts op 100 km van Tsjernobyl ligt (Chernobyl voor de niet-Nederlandstaligen), was de verleiding erg groot om daar eens een kijkje te nemen. Probleem 1 is dat we niet graag dingen op voorhand vastleggen en dit natuurlijk minstens een week op voorhand geboekt had moeten worden. Probleem 2 is de minimumleeftijd van 18 jaar. Het eerste probleem kon mits extra geld opgelost worden bij een bereidwillige tour operator en voor probleem 2 kon ik op Yves rekenen. Terwijl hij een dagje met de kinderen naar het strand ging, kon ik de radioactiviteit gaan meten in het niemandsland rond Chernobyl. Aangezien het hele gebied in een straal van 30km rond de reactor al 31 jaar onbewoond is, werd het grotendeels overgenomen door de natuur. Dat desolate heeft natuurlijk iets magisch… Op onze laatste dag in ... read more
De natuur neemt het over
Statue of Lenin

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev July 22nd 2017

Een reisblog, het lijkt een eeuwigheid geleden... Nu de kinderen wat groter zijn, geven we het nog eens een kans, in een lightversie weliswaar. Het vertrek vanuit Düsseldorf was niet meteen een succes te noemen: een waanzinnig lange rij aan de check-in die tergend langzaam vooruit ging, maar dat was nog niks vergeleken met de beproeving die de veiligheidscheck bleek. Op het allerlaatste nippertje haalden we het vliegtuig, waar bleek dat ze zo vriendelijk waren om te wachten op degenen die de helse calvarietocht door de luchthaven van Düsseldorf net iets minder snel voltooid hadden gekregen dan wij. Met een vertraging van 50 minuten baande het vliegtuig zich een een weg naar de startbaan, terwijl de laatkomers probeerden hun evenwicht te bewaren en hun plaats te vinden in het taxiënde vliegtuig. Niet voor herhaling vatbaar... In ... read more
Onderweg naar Düsseldorf
Wachten op de check-in
We hebben het gehaald!

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev September 26th 2016

In my younger days, the only things I associated with Kiev were the eponymous chicken dish and its football team; Dynamo Kyiv. The time had now come for me to see if there was indeed, anything dynamic about Ukraine's capital. Now I've caught buses from some strange places on this journey, but the university building to which I was directed to catch my bus to Kiev definitely didn't look like a place where you caught buses. Inside, there was one lady who spoke reasonably good English and she was so kind as to walk me to the correct place a hundred metres down the road, while scolding me off for arriving to catch my bus so late. Well, I had arrived half-an hour before the bus was due to leave and I needed that half an ... read more
Bell Tower At Pechersk Lavra
St Michael's Domed Cathedral
Andriyisky Urziz

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev August 30th 2016

It's been a busy time since we left Moscow early on Monday morning: walk to Park Kultury station, metro to Kievskaya, aeroexpress train to Vulkhovo airport, flight to Vilnius, hang around Vilnius airport, flight to Kiev, packed Skybus coach to Central Kiev station, sweaty heave of suitcases uphill ,...finally to delightful Hermitage hotel. Now we are installed and had our first day of exploring A city which has some aspects in common with Moscow, but many differences. The main streets are broad, traffic filled boulevards with wide, wide pavements.... But here there seem to be more trees. It's very warm here and a bit dusty.... Moscow was washed with water carts every morning we think. And there are hills here! The streets are quite a heave, in Moscow and St P'sburg every thing was flat. There ... read more
The Babi Yar exhibition poster
In the Bessarabia Market
Market pickles

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev April 7th 2016

Today I got a call from Laura. Sergei was going to come by and meet up with me, to show me where to get real cigarettes from. Thank god the lights were driving me insane. He had a gentlemen from Belgium with him named Peter. Great guy, works for Bridgestone. IT professional like me. We got a long splendidly. He actually is part of the Bridgestone test bed so he plays with a lot of tech. We talked about Arista switches, and other things like WAN Links, etc. I suggested Riverbed or Cisco WAAS for link speed increases in the wan. Explained a little how they impact WAN traffic. Peter is a great guy, loved meeting him. We even talked about China and the great wall. He says I will greatly enjoy my time when I ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev April 6th 2016

Wednesday I went down to Independence Square and did some shopping for things I left at home, a razor, shaving gel. Well I will never forget those again. I appreciate my gel, and my razor a lot more. It is not hard to navigate the town center at all. I am told that the center is the only part of Kiev that has 2 McDonalds next to each other as well. I then bought some flowers for Julia, of course a day later they are starting to die. I even proposed to her. This means that I want to marry her, but there are steps in that too that we will have to take. Like getting her over to visit the states, and then if she is good with it, marry back home. This came to ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev April 5th 2016

Tuesday Julia and I went to the cinema. Watched Batman vs. Superman in Ukrainian Language. I followed it as far as the story line, but now I need to watch it in English. I found that Imax messes with my head, lasik and the 3d glasses do not mix. I really do not see the difference in it and the normal movie screens either. But it was a great movie, and the best part I was with my queen. Afterwords we were going to go to the upside house and the mirror maze, but they closed at 10. Back home we came. It was very fun with my dear.... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Kiev April 3rd 2016

So the trip was delayed one day,thanks to JetBlue flying staff. That and some person that felt threatened by me. Oh well I am here. I am sore and beaten up by the flight. That took forever to get here. My queen was waiting for me. Such a beauty. Customs was pretty relaxed in my opinion. After I got done I went to eat with Laura and my queen. Tried some new foods. I must say, the dumplings were good, for having mushrooms in them, the cabbage one, not so much, but it was okay. I am just not a big cabbage eater. Chicken was dry but it was good, the mashed potatoes though at that restaurant was lack lustre, but the beer was good I had 2 of them. Laura taught me a few more ... read more

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