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Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar August 23rd 2014

We are currently in Kalmar, Sweden. We arrived here on August 8th and are still here waiting for the winds to change direction. Well, Tsamaya has been in Kalmar since then, but we weren’t - I’ll explain this later! When we first got here we found out that there was a music festival going on so in the evening we wandered around town and got a chance to listen to a great band. Not sure even who they were but by the reaction of the crowd and knowing that they were on the main stage on a Friday night we figured they were popular around here. A great introduction to this town. It has been a nice place to stop with quite a bit to do in the area, but best of all it gave us ... read more
Kalmar Lets Everyone Know Where They Are
Our First Night in Kalmar
Every Festival Needs Rides!

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar September 12th 2013

Heute führt uns unser Weg nach Kalmar und das ist wunderbar! Doch zuerst aufstehen und frühstücken und dann bereit machen für die Weiterreisen – schon langsam bekommen wir Routine. In der Früh blinzelt die Sonne noch hervor, doch schon bald türmen sich Regenwolken vor unserem Weg Richtung Süden auf. Zu Glück ist es nach einem kurzen kräftigen Schauer aber schon wieder vorbei und die Sonne kommt heraus und bleibt bis zu den Abendstunden strahlend am Himmelzelt über uns lachend. Die Fahrt nach Kalmar ist – langweilig – anders kann man es nicht sagen und auch meine Vorlesungen (keine Sorge keine Statistik, wir haben ja schließlich Urlaub) aus diversen Reiseführern und dem etwas debilen Fettnäpfchen für schwedische Anfängerbuch ändern daran nur bedingt etwas. Ohne irgendwelche Vorkommnisse kommen wir gut in Kalmar an und beim Aussteigen aus dem ... read more
Schloss Kalmar
Schloss Kalmar
Schloss Kalmar

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar August 29th 2009

From Copenhagen, our next big stop was Stockholm. We wondered, what the swedish landscape would be like. It is beautiful. Wide land, very bright sunlight. It is flat but here and there a little rocky. Very green and clean. On our way to Stockholm, we thought we would pick two random cities in Sweden, where we could camp. The first stop turned out to be right next to a beautiful lake. We put up our tent and felt pretty cold during the night but when we woke up in the morning, we had a beautiful view on the little harbour. After a small breakfast of bread and mamas good strawberry marmelade (we stole one out of the fridge before we left ;) ), we headed towards Kalmar, our second stop. Kalmar turned out to be a ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar June 4th 2009

On Tuesday morning we left Monsteras to Karlskrona, where our ferry would take us to Gdynia, Poland. On the way we took last chance to visit Kalmar, relatively big city, capital of county and big university center. It has a nice old town and castle in renesance style. We had there a sensible lunch (according to Bogucha) which consisted of good pastry and coffee in one of the old town caffeterias. Then we headed for Karskrona, where we, after visiting a Marine Museum, old town and eating a very good dinner, boarded our ferry. We had a very smooth overnight trip. We had a good time in swedish style, close to nature and in a slow pace, thanks to wonderfull swedish-polish hospitality. Thank you Bogucha and Swen.... read more
Our good bye picture with Swen and Bogucha
Kalmar cathedral
Old town - Kalmar

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar May 28th 2008

.May 28, 2008 Hotel: Hotel Svanen, 680SEK ($115) Today Dean and I planned to pick up our rental car and go out to Öland Island. Öland is a long island just offshore of Kalmar in southeast Sweden. The southern portion of the island has been denoted a UNESCO World Heritage site for its wildflower meadows and Stone Age sites. It's a very popular place with vacationing Swedes during the summer. There are also several hundred old style windmills scattered around the island, down from a peak of several thousand. Öland is connected to the mainland by a 6km long bridge; one of the longest in Europe. We had a yummy breakfast at the hotel then set off walking to find the car rental place. It didn't look so long on the map but ended up being ... read more
Neolithic site
Eketorp and Trebuchet

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar May 14th 2008

An diesem Tag habe ich am Strand von Gotland entlang eine Radtour mit einem Mietfahrrad gemacht. Anschließend bin ich mit Fähre und Bus nach Kalmar auf dem Festland gefahren.... read more
Unterwegs mit dem Rad auf Gotland.

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar July 19th 2007

July 19th, 2007 Kalmar, Sweden…. No stop Due to Gale force winds, port was cancelled We were to meet the Michaelsons, friends from Toronto, Lunch at a Scandinavian buffet and Kalmar Castle, unfortunately, no go I hope Ellen receives the 3 E-mails I sent her, sorry we won’t see you So Day off today A week to go and the sea is getting rough this afternoon as we get closer to the south of the Baltic sea... read more

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar September 19th 2006

Arriving by train to Kalmar later in the evening, it was dark. There was no one actually working at the station and no maps of the town posted so we were clueless about where our hotel would be. We walked out to find a taxi, and found a very drunk person talking to one. This person insisted on showing us where our hotel was, as it was only 6-7 blocks away. We were agreeable to this as this person seemed harmless. He was just partying it up since the soccer team of Kalmar had just won against their main rival and it was a huge upset. He told Scott all about the rivalry and how the whole town was ecstatic about the win, and obviously celebrating. As we walked to our hotel, we could hear people ... read more
Kalmar Slott
Kalmar Slott
Kalmar Slott

Europe » Sweden » Kalmar County » Kalmar August 14th 2006

After spending a few days in Aeroskobing (Danmark) it is time to move on to the next country: Sweden. In the early morning, I left the hostel in the island and walked to the terminal. Stopped by a bakery on the island to indulge some delicious danish bakery. Then is a short walk to the ferry terminal for the ride to the mainland. Arrived at the terminal with spare time to take a regional train to Odense. Then connecting to the express train to Copenhagen. In copenhagen hopped on another train to Kalmar arrive in Kalmar in the late afternoon. On this very same train, I am (a foreinger) on the right train to my destination while two fellow locals got on the wrong train to their destination (at an opposite direction). They laughed at the ... read more
the organ in the Kalmar Cathedral
the Kalmar Castle
the Kalmar tower

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