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August 29th 2009
Published: September 1st 2009
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From Copenhagen, our next big stop was Stockholm. We wondered, what the swedish landscape would be like. It is beautiful. Wide land, very bright sunlight. It is flat but here and there a little rocky. Very green and clean.
On our way to Stockholm, we thought we would pick two random cities in Sweden, where we could camp. The first stop turned out to be right next to a beautiful lake. We put up our tent and felt pretty cold during the night but when we woke up in the morning, we had a beautiful view on the little harbour. After a small breakfast of bread and mamas good strawberry marmelade (we stole one out of the fridge before we left 😉 ), we headed towards Kalmar, our second stop.
Kalmar turned out to be a very pretty, old city. We walked on the castle walls and decided, we would come back when it is open. A little path took us to a swimming area of the East Sea. It was too cold of course, but they had a phascinating jumping board that reached from the pier about 5 meters up and you could just jump into the sea. We climbed up and admired the view. We also saw, that there was a storm coming up. The huge clouds faded the sky into dark blue and red colours. It was simply beautiful to watch. Then we saw how it started raining in the distance: big blue threads were hanging from the fluffy clouds. We climbed back down and walked back to the car. We drove to the city hall where people were watching the game Manchester United against Arsenal. We sat down there for a while, watched the game, drank some "Spendrups" (swedish beer) and waited for the storm to go by. Manchester won and Adam was happy. We walked around the streets and suddenly found the main street to be packed with people: we walked straight into an American Car Show! Everyone showed off their old cars - cadilac, dodge, etc- shining in every imaginable colour. We watched as they circled the city centre and talked to a few people about their cars. One specific guy made a car out of two cars: a 6 door vehicle! In the middle of the passengers seats was a little bar with a chandalier: hilarious!
We thought, it would be a good idea to sleep in our car since we didnt want to pay for a hotel and werent sure about whether it might be too cold sleeping at the campsight. We packed our luggage in front and put the air matress in the pack, pushing down the backseats. Bad idea! We slept half upright, our legs cramped and of course it also got cold 😉 The next morning we got up at 8am and had picknick breakfast at the pier. We watched a few older people jump in the clear water and decided we would be so brave to do it also. 17 degrees celcius sounded cold but when we got in, it was even too cold to swim. We got out after only a minute but it still seemed like we were in there forever. We drove to the castle and had a wonderful tour in English. We learnt a lot about swedish kings, for example that it was the greatest thing to show off at dinner. One thing they did to impress their guests was to tranquillize pigeons and rabbits and put them in the centre of a cake. These cakes would be laid out on the table and after a while during the meal the animals would come alive, rabbits would jump around the table and pigeons fly around the room :D We then went food shopping and walked around town a little longer before we headed to Ikea (of course!) were we had a typical swedish meal: köttbullar - swedish meatballs with gravy, potatoes and jelly. Then our trip took us to Stockholm. We werent sure if our host got our message and couldnt reach him, so we rented a little bungalow hut at a campsight. The receptionist said it was too cold to camp. Since we were so late (10pm), I was able to talk the price down 😉 We had a good nights sleep after the crappy one the night before and I was glad we finally didnt feel cold.


1st September 2009

Hi, ihr beiden Globetrotter, ich lese Eure Berichte mit großer Begeisterung. Alles ist so lebhaft beschrieben, dass ich mir fast vorstelle, es selbst mit zu erleben. Auch die Bilder von Paris habe ich mir gleich angeschaut und ein paar besonders schöne heruntergeladen. Ich werde sie mir ausdrucken und freu mich dann immer mit Euch, wenn ich sie mir anschaue. Ihr habt eine fantastische Zeit! Wirklich toll!! Da ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob Ihr meine privaten Kommentare in der Vergangenheit bekommen habt, schreibe ich Euch jetzt mal hier in dieses Feld. Ich wünsche Euch eine weiterhin so schöne Zeit. Das Wetter macht wirklich noch sehr gut mit. Bei uns ist es heute auch noch sommerlich warm. Der letzte Tag wohl und jeder versucht, ihn auszunutzen. Ich werde mit Ginger und Anni (hat jetzt auch einen Hund) gegen 18:00 noch einen schönen Spaziergang machen. Laßt es Euch gut gehen. Bin gespannt auf die nächsten Einträge und schaue jeden Tag in den Blog. Take cAre...love you... Mama
2nd September 2009

Hey danke dass Du immer so schön mitliest :) Uns geht es gut, heute gehts von Stockholm nach Oslo und dann morgen weiter Richtung Suedschweden und dann Deutschland. Geniesst das Wetter! Hier ist es etwas sonnig und bewölkt aber herbstlich warm. Bussi Christina

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