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GPO locations in Gothenburg?

Is there a GPO located in Gothenburg?
15 years ago, October 26th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #52576  
Hey everyone, I really need some help and that as quick as possible, PLEASE!

I'm expecting a letter poste restante to my home town, Gothenburg. The only problem is (And believe me, I know that this is kind of stupid, but well...) that the person who sended this letter automatically assumed that it should go to GPO - but rather soon we realised that neither of us actually know if there actually is a GPO here!

So, anyone, please, help me and answer this two questions:
Is there a GPO in Gothenburg, Sweden, and if, where is it located?
And if it aren't any, where do you think that a letter adressated to poste restante GPO Gothenburg would end up?

I've written to Postservice, but I thought I as well could ask here too (might get an answer quicker).

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