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Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 7th 2017

Last night I waited for Raresh to show, for dinner, but when he did, he was with a Spanish pilgrim named Juan and they had bought stuff to make dinner. So, I went looking for someplace with interesting tapas and found a great place called El Gitano Loco. I ordered 3 tapas; one of stuffed eggs, one of croqueta, and one of paella, for a total of 6 euros with a soda. Everything was delicious and I left stuffed. See the photo to get a better idea of what there was. We left Logrono about 6:15 for our long walk of about 30 kilometers. Around 10 kilometers later we reached Naverrete and stopped for breakfast at the Bar Caminante, passing the ruins of an old church/pilgrims hospital. After my usual tortilla and coffee breakfast, we headed ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 27th 2016

We set off from Logrono at 7.10 this morning, intending to walk about 20 kilometres but our pace suggested we could do more. The walk through Logrono was lovely, through gardens, around a lake and finally through a spruce forest where squirrels chased each other up and down trees in some sort of game. The only problem was we walked on concrete and asphalt for 5 kilometers before reaching an earth path. This tough surface was pretty constant all the way to Navarette and is very hard on your legs and feet. It's always advisable to walk on the edge of a path to avoid concrete and small paths indicate that this is a widely held view. Navarette was going to be the highlight of the day as we were going to eat tapas at the ... read more
Sunrise over the Logrono Lake
Caught in the shadow
John and Me

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 1st 2015

1 October 2015, Tuesday. Stage 9 tomorrow is a rest day! GPS: 11.1 miles, moving 4 hours 19 minutes, left 0830 arrived 1400 so 5 hours 30 minutes from hotel tp hotel Fitbit: 10.96 miles, 71 floors, 25,093 steps 1 September, Tuesday , Navarette to Najera ('place between rocks' from Arabic) GPS This day might just be memorable for the worst breakfast on the camino. When there is such great. bread and morning pastries why do we have packaged muffins and coffee con leche that is so-so. Ah, we are getting very spoiled! Served at Villa de Navarette; room fine but no food. Out of town and past the cemetery. Here we have a masterful example of recycling. The splendidly carved 13th century entrance gateway has been relocated from the ruins of the hospice of San ... read more
The Scallop shell display
Manicured to a skeleton
Stone piles and statue

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera October 2nd 2014

Owing to the state of Sue's feet, the decision was taken to travel by bus. Sue would have stoically walked on as she doesn't want to affect our Camino but the truth is, to go on could be worse than an easy day. We caught the bus to Logrono with Aisha, knee problems, and Agnes, bad blisters. Along the Way we could see many travellers walking the path and even though you are heading in the right direction, you have really temporarily left the Camino. That is how I felt anyway. There was a view held by some before we left for the Camino that I would steam ahead and Tim and Sue would catch up in the next village somewhere but I made a pledge to myself to stay together and started it on day ... read more
The arches at Navarette
Church, Navarette
Tapas and wine

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera October 2nd 2014

Today we are walking to Najera about 19 kms from Navarette. It was a thriving furniture making town in the 1970s and '80s but the 1990s saw a downturn and there are only a few factories left. We left Navarette at about 8am as it is was only a short walk and walked up the main road for about 600 metres before turning left on a track that took us through vineyards and olive groves. We saw African workers picking grapes alongside some Spanish men, ready for the famous wine presses of La Rioja and we sampled a couple of grapes near the track and they were very sweet. The path today is a combination of gravel farm roads and rich red earth tracks along the vineyards. The weather was warm but pleasant and with Sue's ... read more
Camino Rock Structures
Ready for picking !
The Beehive House

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 18th 2014

well it has been several days since I wrote. I am now in Najera 625 KM TO sANTIAGO. I now have 7 blisters and sent my boots home in discrace. TODAY WE WALKED 30 kM IN 6 HOURS. Think of you often. We walk with meet people from all over the world. The snoring at night is unbelievable. Last night in Logrona, I went to a private aurbeurge hoping for a private room but at the last minute they put ina fat Italian who spoke no english or Spanish and he snored all night. MY ACOMODATIONS TONIGHT ARE 100 PEOPLE IN ONE ROOMA and THE FAT sPANARD NEXT TO ME, IS alredy snoring the roof off..THEY ARE having a festival here tonight so it should be fun at least until bedtime. tomorrow is just a short ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 14th 2014

Around 530am the people in the room starter waking up. Some noise of sleepingbags being put away, backpack zippers closing and metal bedframes bending under the weight of the person on the top bunk. It was a hot night and I didn't sleep well, but I was ready to take on 18km today if Thomas was able to conplete it. The deal was to make it to the next town 8km away and see how he was feeling. Backpack packed and shoes on we left again before the sun even started showing. Looking for yellow painted signs pointing us in thr right direction, making our way out the small town we got back into wine country... we joked along the way about the amount of grapes we saw amd in no time made it to the ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera September 14th 2014

Before I leave the day behind and crawl in my bunkbed for what I hope is going to be an amazing night sleep, I just wanted to share the story of dinner tonight... Thomas and I were starving and we wanted to find some food. We really enjoyed the donor kebab we had the other which was filling and cheap so we went on a hunt for a place that has them here. Moving around the small streets, looking at evrry restaurant menu, we bumped into a few people we met before. They were looking for a good place with vegetarian food, since one of them only eats what my food eats... which is pretty hard to do around here. We knew there was a paella place down the street that has a non meat version ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Nájera June 22nd 2012

No, not Geoffrey Blainey... Over the last three day´s I´ve put in some fairly heavy kilometres (although not as many as some freaks - more about them later). 30, 35 and 30 over the last three days have made me feel a bit footsore and a little less gushing in my enthusiasm for the scenery, the weather, the food, OH LOOK AT THE SHAPE OF THAT CLOUD, OMG!!!!! - that kind of thing. 95 kilometres and a chest cold will knock that right out of you. But, you know, there is a little bit of martyr´s pride about it - until I remember that I´ve basically walked from my front door to Seymour - which seems just a bit sad. So here´s the thing - that distance seems so much further because I walked it (along ... read more

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