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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona July 11th 2019

We have arrived in Tarragona. We had a very nice stay in Girona. Nice Hotel with a view on the plaza. We saw what there was to see in this wonderful place. We went to Perthus on the border to see if things were indeed cheaper but we found that it is not that cheap anymore as before. Not that busy either. The alcohol is cheaper as in the shops but the perfums just a very little bit. It was a nice daytrip and we had time. We did some shopping. Our car the Peugeot is just out and it has a lot of looks. Must say it is a beautiful car to drive completely automatic if you want it to be. We had a good run to Tarragona and made sure we fuelled on the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona July 27th 2018

On ira toujours plus loin !!!! et avant d'arriver au mariage de Colienne et Charles nous verrons encore pas mal de ce beau pays qu'est l'Espagne... Tout d'abord un camping sympa où des gens de toutes contrées passent par ici... Certains penseront que nous continuerons le long de la côte... mais nous préférons éviter les villes comme Benidorm, etc... qui sont à notre goût trop touristiques... Nous prenons donc la route vers l'intérieur qui nous mènera dans un jour ou deux à Andorre... Tarragonne se trouve sur notre chemin, nous n'y passerons pas trop de temps car nous ne voulons pas arriver trop tard au camping d'Andorra la Vella (Andorre la Vieille), que nous visiterons le lendemain. Nous ne faisons donc que nous diriger vers la Cathédrale et la contournons. Elle nous surprend quand nous prenons ... read more
plaine de jeux

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona July 6th 2017

As we took off from Lisboa to fly to Spain for our second leg in that country on this trip, we left behind a land which in many ways surprised us all. Their wine was particularly wonderful and great value.The next time we shop for red wine in Calgary we will be able buy Portugese with confidence. We already know their port quite well. Our Skoda five-seater rental car from Barcelona Airport was excellent and out performed the Renault we had in Portugal. Avis was so busy we had to wait for at least an hour before getting underway to Estival Resort in La Pineda, located in the outskirts of Tarragona, a city we had briefly visited a few years ago. Our apartment was excellent with one side facing the east and the other, overlooking one ... read more
Gee's goat cheese salad.
My baby squid
Norm - happy with his mussels at Lunatic Restaurant.

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona May 14th 2016

It was hard to get out of bed the morning we left Valencia after as little as 5 hours of sleep. We enjoyed a lovely last breakfast in Valencia before we walked to the train station. I, Nina, had prepared this trip a little bit and prebooked the train tickets (as prebooked tickets are much cheaper), but I realised that I did not do my homework properly. By arriving at the train station (20 minutes before the departure of the train) we realised that Valencia actually has 2 train stations! What a shock. We hurried out to the taxi stand and asked a random taxi driver. The man was so very friendly and told us, that the other station is just a 5 minute-walk away. He pointed us the direction and said, it will be cheaper ... read more
Just love
view from the cathedral towards the sea
cactus blossoming

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona April 30th 2016

We had churros again for breakfast because they were so good the first time. We then headed to the airport to pick up the rental car and started on our way to Tarragona. This was a 1.5-2 hour drive. We stopped at the Roman aqueduct which was just outside of town and we were able to walk acros the aquaduct, then walked down to the base of the arches that supports the aquaduct. We then drove into town and had a little trouble finding parking, but ended up in a great spot. We had a Doner Kebap for lunch which was pretty tasty. After that we made our way over to the Roman circus which use to be an area where the chariot races were held. We were able to climb one of the remaining towers ... read more
Tarragona Roman aquaduct
Our little Volvo V40 rental car
View from the tiop of the Roman Circus Tarragona

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona October 3rd 2013

Geo: 41.119, 1.24546GÜN 03 GÜNLERDEN PERŞEMBE: Biz cumba yatak sanıyoruz… Beyoğlu'nun üzerinde yattığımızı unuttuk... Huzur içinde uyuyacağımızı sanıyoruz.. Pencere açık ve şamata sabah 06:00 ya kadar sürdü.. Uyumayan bir Barcelona ve uyumaya çalışan iki gariban… Perişan ve delik deşik bir uyku oldu…Sabah kahvaltımızı yaptık ..Ayşe kalıp uykuyu hiç olmazsa gündüz telafiedeyim dedi..Ben ,metro için Plaça Catalunya ‘ya doğru yürürken gözüm Opera afişinetakıldı .. Yarın akşam Ayşe'ye bir sürpriz yapayım dedim... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona September 2nd 2013

Tuesday morning we got up early (finally) and hit the market for a fresh breakfast. Not much tastes better than fresh kiwi/Orange juice, egg and fresh zucchini omelet and espresso. The juice from from a fruit vendor. The rest was from one of the counter restaurants. After breakfast we made our way to the rental car place. After having driven in Puerto Rico, I've become quite confident with my foreign country driving skills. We picked up a small Renault hatchback and were on our way. One thing I did not consider...the large round abouts and how they become one big mess of cars. We were making our way to Montjuic, a large park area that has a fort. This meant navigating one of the largest of round abouts. With John as the navigator and helping with ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona » El Morell June 1st 2013

Thursday was not the best of nights, the bar at Camping Azul was still rocking at midnight when there restrictions meant it should have closed at ten. The British couple next door to us, fellow bloggers (not on travel blog but another one!), had taken it in turns to complain. The first complaint resulted in her being told that they had paid for their holiday and could pretty much do what they wanted to, the second complaint an hour or so later seemed to do the trick and the bar closed for the night. Having overslept we set to striking camp and were ready by 10.00am. I went to pay and complained about the night problems to receive a shrug, so nice to feel your custom is welcome. Woolly says – I felt very tired and ... read more
The Castle or is it!
confused Artitecture
Now I'm confused

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona August 23rd 2012

This was definitely the longest traveling I’ve done. We took a plane to Madrid where we switched planes to Barcelona and then took a bus to Tarragona. It was well worth it though. The view from our room is gorgeous. We can see the whole city and the beach as well as old Roman ruins. Once we got to our room we immediately changed and went to the playa. The water was calm, clear, and cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough that we were able to stay in the water for 3 hours. After the beach we went back to our room and showered and took a siesta before dinner. We went out around town for a little while that night and my roommate and two other girls sat outside and had some wine ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Tarragona June 11th 2012

Carcassonne to Girona Espagne 2012 June 10, 2012 We are on a train heading south where the promise of warmer and sunnier weather awaits. We spent two days in Carcassonne and departed by train this morning with our ultimate destination being Girona where we plan to spend one night. It looks like we will forego our conquering of the Pyrenees till another time. The weather is unusually cold in the Languedoc Roussillon (highs in the low 20’s instead of high 20’s) area and with rain forecast for the next few days on the route through the Pyrenees with highs around 14 or 15, we are going to try our luck south of Barcelona where it is warmer and sunnier. The train network in both Spain and France is exceptional, and although you can’t take an unpackaged ... read more

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