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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca September 25th 2017

As usual, we left the albergue around 7:30, accompanied by John, Alex and Livija. Today we planned on keeping on schedule to arrive early on the 3rd of October for Raresh's birthday. He has changed his flight to leave on the 4th instead of continuing on to Finnesterra. I had a cup of coffee and some vanilla wafers before we left. Our first town was Foncebadon, about 6 kilometers down, or should I say up, the trail. Today was to be a lot of ups and downs. In Foncebadon we ate breakfast at Ponte Irago to steel ourselves for the last 2 kilometers to the famous Cruz de Fero, or iron cross, where you are supposed to leave a rock or message representing a burden or emotion you feel. I had picked up a cool ... read more
The View Back Down to Foncebadon
Breakfast at Albergue Bar Ponte Irago
First View of the Cruz de Fero

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca October 2nd 2015

1 October 2015, Thursday. Stage 27. A cold 40 degrees as we start our walk from Molinaseca. GPS: 21.65 miles. 10 hours from start at La Posada de Muriel to end at Paradores Villafranca del Bierzo. 8 hours 21 minutes moving. Our longest day of walking! Fitbit: 20.3 miles, 46,476 steps, 117 floors. Today and yesterday were two very tough days. The ups and downs from Rabanal to Molinaseca on rocky mule path and the very long day with several up hill climbs to Villafranca have taken a toll and we are welcoming our rest day; especially our feet and toes. From our cozy room at La Posada de Muriel on the edge of town in Molinaseca we are soon off and on the Camino. Looking back at the last plaza in town we see a ... read more
Statue in plaza just outside La Posada de Muriel
View across the valley towards Ponferrada
The old Roman Cistern

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca September 30th 2015

30 September 2015, Wednesday. Stage 26. The high point of the Camino almost 5,000 feet above sea level GPS: 16.87 miles, Almost 10 hours from beginning in Rabanal del Camino to end of day walking in Molinaseca with 6 hours 44 minutes actual moving time. Fitbit: 18.07 miles, 41,366 steps and 145 stairs. We left our lovely Nuestra Senior del Pilar Albergue, with a few private rooms, at 0806 this morning. We had a great salad last night for dinner after stuffing ourselves with the traditional Cocida Maragato dish with five or more meats, cabbage and garbanzo beans with soup and tapioca type pudding plus the obligatory bread. This we had hoped to eat in Astorga but found it only served for lunch because it is soooo much food. One order for two of us was ... read more
Through the window of a ruins to the church bell tower
Long shadows shorten as we climb
Karen and other pilgrims on the trail ahead

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca September 28th 2015

September 28 I cannot believe we will be less than 200 km tomorrow of our Santiago walk. I just blogged separately about puerto Irago Cruz de Ferro so I will just say this is important for today. Today's adventure from Rabanal to Molonaseca was a pleasure from many other paths in that we were in nature and not on the pavement or near cars. We did climb about450 feet and a lot of this was on rocky river bed. The biggest challenge was the decent from 1515 meters down to 610 meters and all on river bed rock. A pleasure but not without challenge. Good to be here. We shared some of today's adventure with Florida Dave and Carl. A pleasure. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca September 28th 2015

Today was the highlight of the Camino. La Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross) was the highlight of the Camino. I cannot express the feelings when approaching or touching the pole with the cross. It is a magical majestic spot about 5000 feet above sea level. A simple cross on a big weathered pole. It was erected in the early 1500's to symbolize the Camino Way struggles. The personal struggles in the world. It is very difficult to describe but you can feel the weight of all the people before you and with you and it is over whelming. To symbolize your struggle you are to bring a rock, a symbol of your Camino/Life journey and leave it at the cross. Each of us leave something. Concerns/troubles/wishes and prayer. Shortly after leaving I read several notations on ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca October 17th 2014

After leaving Rabanal it was a long steady climb to La Cruz De Ferro, the hilltop cross at the highest point of the Camino, 1505 metres above sea level. The relevance of the Cross is that most people carry a stone or personal item to leave and it can represent an unburdening of some aspect of life for them. It is considered a significant part of the Camino. The weather was perfect and we placed our stones and moved on to Manjarin. This is a quirky little haven with a population of 1. He moved there 21 years ago, built a shanty, and stayed. He now sells a little food, runs a small alburgue which only has hot water when he lights the fire, and we think he is a budding Knight Templar, if only it ... read more
Spain in the morning
Bar at Foncebadon
La Cruz de Ferro

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca May 9th 2014

The last two days have provided many great sights on The Way, great people and lots of walking. Yesterday I walked from Astorga to Rabanal which was about 21kms of fairly flat ground. Along the way I met Dr Ruth from London, a few cheeky older guys from Majorca, Eve from Byron Bay, Bill and Claire from Coorparoo and I walked with Mariana from Luxembourg (a lovely lady on her 4th and last instalment of the Camino, this year she is finally finishing it) for most of the day. Everyone, it seems, has a story to tell about what has brought them here. Upon arriving in Rabanal, a few of us decided to try the local red wine spritzer (can't spell the word for it) at the hostel, which is basically a light red wine with ... read more
Quirky arrows ensuring you are on track
To Rabanal

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca June 23rd 2011

Just finished a nice dinner at the hostel with a Danish girl and a German man, involving nice discussions, mostly about language and geography, which often is expected. This was sort of the award of the first mountain in almost 250km of flat riding. Climbing from 850 to 1500 metres above sea level and afterwards rolling down to 580 m was today´s journey, something like 45 km today also. The mountain wasn´t really equally difficult as expected, but in a couple of days, I will apparently reach a much harder ascent where it is said to be almost impossible to take the walking route with mountainbike, so I will probably take the asphalt road there. The day started out very nicely, I met a Swedish guy almost before the peak who was very nice, so I ... read more
The kind Spanish bicycle team

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