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June 23rd 2011
Published: June 23rd 2011
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From Astorga to Molinaseca


The "general" terrain for today was like this.
Just finished a nice dinner at the hostel with a Danish girl and a German man, involving nice discussions, mostly about language and geography, which often is expected. This was sort of the award of the first mountain in almost 250km of flat riding. Climbing from 850 to 1500 metres above sea level and afterwards rolling down to 580 m was today´s journey, something like 45 km today also. The mountain wasn´t really equally difficult as expected, but in a couple of days, I will apparently reach a much harder ascent where it is said to be almost impossible to take the walking route with mountainbike, so I will probably take the asphalt road there.

The day started out very nicely, I met a Swedish guy almost before the peak who was very nice, so I stayed for maybe half an hour and had a little break after continuing to the "Cruz de Ferro", the "Iron Cross", to which place people bring stones from the foot of the mountain. There is some kind of symbolic thing about it, but I am more out for the other experiences of meeting people and another culture, so it wasn´t something for me. After
The kind Spanish bicycle teamThe kind Spanish bicycle teamThe kind Spanish bicycle team

Who looked very professional.
the peak, the downhill which was partly full of loose rocks. Those parts were too dangerous and just stupid to try out withour any protection for the legs or arms, so I had to walk a couple of times, but most parts of the downhills were really good! Paths with leaning slate and firm earth with bigger rocks stuck in the ground were not too difficult. No falls, which even surprised me!

When finally reaching the foot of the mountain, where there was a beautiful village called Molinaseca (where I am writing this), I met a team of mountainbikers who passed me on the downhill, and they very kindly let me join their lunch in a beautiful open-air café. It was just perfect.

So, now I am sitting in the hostel and will just soon be going to sleep after a really nice day!

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Almost on the peak of today´s mountain. Nice lookouts!

I will have to find a way to pack this thing down to fit in those things up there in Santiago.

The brake was very helpful at times.
Japanese guy!Japanese guy!
Japanese guy!

Sometimes you meet people who you don´t need to ask where they come from. You do it anyways.

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