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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 3rd 2018

I’m writing this in the Castrojeriz Camino Santiago Park, sitting with a few other old people who are people watching, and brushing away the remaining flies that have not been attracted to me. It’s shady and peaceful and may just be the place to meet like minded elderly folk. Dinner was interesting. Me, 2 Germans,and a bus load of Spanish ladies. One of the German women translated the questions directed to me by an interested Spanish lady. She had a very interesting view of Australia based on a brief visit and I learnt that Japanese people come to Australia to learn English, it’s difficult to tell Chinese and Japanese people apart, and she wanted me to identify the island she visited near the coral reef, where you can surf and grow sugar cane. The young Germans ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 2nd 2018

What’s blacker than Burgos during a total blackout? Nothing. Within 10 minutes of returning to my room from dinner, the lights went out. A small emergency light flickered, dim light caste shadows in the foyer outside my room, but our power was gone. No TV, no chargers , no wifi , no nuthin’. As luck would have it, the entertainment began on the streets below. The well dressed Spaniards, moments earlier strolling along arm in arm enjoying the evening, went scurrying like rats to avoid being mugged, or worse, by some opportunist. That was enough to amuse me. That, and the sight across the street of the locals resuming their lives by candlelight , unaware of the bored Australian across the way, observing their equally dull lives through the prism of his own blacked out existence. ... read more
Last night’s restaurant
Late Start

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 13th 2017

We left Hornillos del Camino at what has become our usual time of 7:15. It was to be a long, featureless 10 kilometers to our first stop at Hontanas for breakfast at the Albergue Juan de Yepes. After my usual tortilla and coffee, and a shoes-off break, we got back on the Camino. It was another 6 kilometers of nothing to see until we reached the ruins of the 15th century Hospital San Anton. Adjacent to the ruins was a welcome rest area with a friendly guy named Angel, who was offering a nice piece of cold watermelon to any and all who entered. We took a short break, then started the last 2 1/2 kilometers to our destination of Castrojeriz. We had decided to try for the municipal albergue, although they only had 25 beds. ... read more
Entering Hontanas
Albergue Juan de Yepes for breakfast 0
Neat map on the outskirts of Hontanas

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 4th 2016

After a very sleepless night, I arose at 6am, did the bathroom thing, and went down to breakfast. The options were toast/ jam/ muesli/small cakes/ very bad coffee ( made the night before). I settled on small cake/ toast with jam/ very bad coffee. I needed this as I was taking my Vitamin I tablet and it requires food. We headed out at 7.15 onto the poorly lit street until we reached pitch black on the edge of town. The headlamp was only barely working ( it was cheap!) so we brailled our way up the track using our feet, taking extra care for signs at any fork in the road. As daylight arrived, the day opened out into lovely honey coloured fields, and paths of a quality we hadn't experienced before. The first 10 kilometres ... read more
Camino Art
Ginormous Sunflowers

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 3rd 2016

We are not really in Castrojeriz but the little village of Hornillos del Camino doesn't rate on this sites map. It has a population of 68, well , 70 if you include John and me, and a Main Street . I'm sure you could walk the length of town in 5 minutes. We started walking at 6.35am and the first 3.9 kms were in fair light, passing through suburbs and parks until we reached tracks running along fields of sad looking sunflowers ready for harvesting, eventually leading to roads and underpasses with major highways overhead. The first leg was 12 kms without a break to a village called Tarjados, where we had coffee and tortilla before heading to Rabé de las Calzados, 2 kms away. Up until now the walking was flat but we started climbing ... read more
The sun finally shows at about 8am
A typical scene as we walked.
Rabé de las Calzados

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 17th 2015

September 16 Rain and 59 winds. Not a pleasant day for sure across the Meseta. The road to the summit as well across the top seemed endless, particularly dealing with the issue of holding your balance against the wind. Arrived safely and tried to warm up with a shower and climbing into bed for a bit. This is a sleepy town with very little but is convenient on the trail. Taps in our room and SOUP for dinner. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 17th 2015

September 17, 2015 Here we are in Castrojeriz. We walked over the Meseta which made me think of childhood and all my relatives and friends in and and from Saskatchewan. Enjoy... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 17th 2015

September 17, It was a bit cool this morning at about 9 degrees but it warmed up nicely for the last half of the 20 km. the wind was strong but we were grateful we had no rain. Yesterday was NOT nice to walk in. The road was a bit mucky from yesterday but over all a very pleasant walk. This afternoon we had tapas and visited a couple of churches which have been converted to museums. Unusual . Tomorrow will be a bit longer journey but we are nearing the half way. Good night. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz September 9th 2015

9 September 2015, Wednesday. stage 15 GPS 13 miles 5 hours 35 minutes walking time. 7 hours duration Fitbit: 28682 steps, 59 stairs, 12,53 miles Miguel, the proprietor of Hotel La Consulta de Isar served breakfast for the eight of us who were staying at the hotel at 7 AM. The couple from Dubuque Iowa, Nick and Margie Gindorff, Ariana and her client Heather, from Calgary, John and Mary Daly from Dublin and the two of us. Bread and jam, scrambled eggs, cheese and ham are the "standard fare" I have learned after asking everywhere for onions and peppers. After breakfast we are driven from the town of Isar about 3 km north of Hornillas del Camino to the far end of Hornillas where we begin our climb out of the valley back up to the ... read more
The Meseta
The Camino leaves the paved road for a rocky trail
The lady, a donkey, three boys and a dog

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Castrojeriz October 8th 2014

We rose a little late today. I was awake early, but out of respect for other sleepers you can't just turn on the light. Using a small torch is OK but before leaving it is good to have a thorough look for anything forgotten. We ate breakfast at the Alburgue and hit the road at about 8.30. Feeling good, we made good time despite there being a long steady climb back up to the meseta. Many people were keen to get to San Bol, 5.8kms down the road, but I suspected there wouldn't be much there as it has a population of zero. It's not always nice being right (did I really say that ?!) and this was one of those times. San Bol consists of a ruin and a sign which directs you to Hontanas, ... read more
Entering Hontanas
Bar, Hontanas
Ruins of 12th century Convento de San Anton through which you walk prior to Castrojeriz

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