A short day, 21kms, to Hornillos del Camino.

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October 3rd 2016
Published: October 3rd 2016
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The paths after leaving BurgosThe paths after leaving BurgosThe paths after leaving Burgos

Quite flat with a gravel surface, pretty good. You were followed by the strong smell of pepper but I've no idea where it came from.
We are not really in Castrojeriz but the little village of Hornillos del Camino doesn't rate on this sites map. It has a population of 68, well , 70 if you include John and me, and a Main Street . I'm sure you could walk the length of town in 5 minutes.

We started walking at 6.35am and the first 3.9 kms were in fair light, passing through suburbs and parks until we reached tracks running along fields of sad looking sunflowers ready for harvesting, eventually leading to roads and underpasses with major highways overhead.

The first leg was 12 kms without a break to a village called Tarjados, where we had coffee and tortilla before heading to Rabé de las Calzados, 2 kms away. Up until now the walking was flat but we started climbing for the next 4 kms before starting a very steep and painful decline leading to Hornillos del Camino. I walked on the stubble in the paddock next to the track which was softer and reduced the downhill jarring effect.

Hornillos del Camino is one of the few medieval villages left intact on the Camino and we are staying at El Alfar Alburgue , a very friendly family run establishment with a nice outdoor area, a great evening meal, and breakfast, all for €21. We are currently sitting outside in the yard with 4 Canadians, 2 Americans, a dutch lady, a young Englishman, and naturally 2 Australians. Most of these people are escaping the American elections and brexit. The topic naturally turned to Trump and the unanimous consensus is that he is a psychopath but they are not convinced he can't win. I informed them of his tax info that was leaked to the press and no one seemed to know; they are living in blissful ignorance, dreading when they have to go home. Apparently if America sneezes, Canada catches a cold. I might go for a walk, check out the town, and let some air get to my poor little toe, which now looks like it has been bleached. At least it's not infected; I hope!

Back from a walk through the village with some exciting news; nothing happens here. Most of the buildings must be empty, unless the entire population lives in one house each. The local church was closed and only a few people were sitting outside a bar
A typical scene as we walked.A typical scene as we walked.A typical scene as we walked.

Harvesting is over and this would be one of the smaller haystacks.
eating. No Camino, no Hornillos del Camino, I think. I stopped at a bar and shared a bocadillo with a Canadian lady,; she paid, I ate, and wandered back to the Alburgue. Dinner tonight is at 7pm and is paella, desert and drinks. It should be an early night and we've struck a deal with the Canadians to rise at 6am. Don't know who the other guy is in our room but he's outnumbered.

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Same Spot, Oct, 2014Same Spot, Oct, 2014
Same Spot, Oct, 2014

Sue and me at the same crossroads, photo by Tim
The Descent!The Descent!
The Descent!

What goes up must come down. It was very uncomfortable but had to be done
Hornillos del Camino In SightHornillos del Camino In Sight
Hornillos del Camino In Sight

I took to the fields to avoid the rocks.
Peak hour in HornillosPeak hour in Hornillos
Peak hour in Hornillos

I'd imagine no council approval on that extension .
Look out!Look out!
Look out!

Still, no crime, robberies, break ins , speeding, drugs; just nothing.
Sack them!!!Sack them!!!
Sack them!!!

Who had the idea to stick this grotesque ceiling design in the Church portico ? Is it a tourist draw card ?
Town MascotTown Mascot
Town Mascot

This has clearly been retrofitted. It's near the Church. Could it be the same man?
Canadians Chillaxin'Canadians Chillaxin'
Canadians Chillaxin'

I swore I'd never use that word but it sort of fits here. I scored half a roll here as they were too large to eat. About the size of a small loaf of bread !
Our Alburgue Our Alburgue
Our Alburgue

Just perfect.

3rd October 2016

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch
4th October 2016

Free lunch , absolutely; a room full of nocturnal noise, absolutely !
Worst nights sleep yet and they're still going. More later!

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