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Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander July 22nd 2019

Bonjour à tous, Aujourd'hui je n'avais pas les valises dans le coffre, mais sous les yeux. Vers 18h, une dizaine de coups de canon, du gros calibre, ça à vibré dans la chambre, à 20 heure pareil. Le temps est à l'orage, ça gronde, mais je n'ai pas vu de vigne, c'est donc pas pour la grêle, pour les ours??. Vers 22h lorsque je reviens de manger, sur la parking de l'hôtel, j'entends une sono très forte, ça coupe, ça recommence, et je me dis il va y avoir une fête bientôt, ils font des réglages. Le temps de finir le blog, de lire un peu, pas longtemps, je suis quand même fatigué de ma journée, j'éteins vers 11h15, et à 30 je suis presque dans mon premier sommeil, de nouveau ces coups de canon. Au ... read more
Palais Magdalena
praya Gulpiyuri

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 15th 2017

Santander is a large city on the water with a lot of cool stuff to see. It is by no means Bilbao, but it was nice to stay in a hotel with great amenities. The walk starts out of the City with clear marking's for the Camino. This 20K trek is to take 3 hrs 30 min, meaning the path is mostly on a road. True to form the Camino follows the city out to a roundabout where it abruptly starts up out of the town of Santander. The trek is very nice along the coast line with great vistas, the weather is perfect for walking 62-70 degrees with partly sunny skies. Kris is the meet me in Arce around lunch time which should around 1pm. The walk is typical of the area, with remote villages, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 13th 2017

Well, pinch me! It rained last night but is clear blue sky for todays walk to Santander. This is 27K segment and should take 6 hours. The walk is what I imaged the Camino to be like, nice rolling hills, gentle up and downs thru small villages of 30-40 houses, small farms, lots of animals in the fields, new gardens, spring is in full swing! Fruit trees in blossom, wild flowers everywhere new babies abound! New born calves, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, goats, etc. The smell of new cut hay and cow shit is everywhere! This being said, I must state one of the most annoying things I have experienced on the Camino is aggressive and habitually barking dogs. EVERY farmer has a dog chained at his driveway to prevent anyone from leaving the road and ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 2nd 2017

30th April Travel to Santander day. A lazy start as there was no rush plus the wind was picking up...a lot. Then the rain came, horizontally. But, hahaha, the big Merc was copping most of it & they were packing up & it had a sliding door on the windward side. Karma. We left near midday & set the Dyson for Carrefour in Santander where after a wet & very windy drive, we bought some wine & had lunch. We got to the port in plenty of time where we wondered what the crossing would be like ...We left on time & after 5 minutes the ship was already rocking & rolling. Then we left the harbour... Well, what a hoot! After another 2 minutes a tannoy announcement came on to say that the doors to ... read more

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander March 30th 2016

The sun still continues to shine on the BBA V3 although we wonder if by saying this we might jinx ourselves soon and the cold and damper conditions of those early days of our travels in France return again. We are still getting used to the sun rising so late in the morning for us. Today it is 8am as the sun makes it appearance over the highest hill to the east of us. The city are of Santander didn’t seem to have what we wanted in our sightseeing today so we plan to spend the time on the coast north of the built up part of the city instead. We retraced our path towards Soma as the shortest way around the Bay of Santander to get to where we wanted to be. On the way ... read more
Looking back to the city apartments of Santander
Snow on the Picos de Europa,west of Santander
Sandinero Beach,Santander

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander March 29th 2016

Today, the BBA V3 has been on the road for three weeks. Peggy has taken us in our travels including local sightseeing just over 3000 kilometres already. With a cloudy day predicted and perhaps some showers around midday we decided to have an admin day, catching up on washing and other chores one does most days when at home. There is another walk in the other direction around the beach cliff top to explore and we need to do some more grocery shopping so we will explore the seaside town of Soma, some 6km away. Soma was just a bit far to walk with a bag of shopping and so we drove. With the washing and the other admin chores done we drove the short distance to Soma where we found a Dia store to do ... read more
Soma beach
Cliff top walk heading east
Looking back at the point where there is access to the beach

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander March 28th 2016

We purchased two croissants yesterday in Pamplona to have for breakfast this morning instead of risking the toaster and we were looking forward to what we thought was going to be a sweet jam filled croissant. No such luck. The croissants turned out to be filled with a type of ham like material and almost tasteless cheese. We did manage to get them eaten but it wasn’t the delicious experience we had anticipated. We said adios to ‘Jose’ on the reception desk and he motioned something back to us that we don’t think we would have understood even if our Spanish was better. It had been a good stay in a very neat and modern room of a good size and of course the value had been excellent at the price paid. On the advice of ... read more
No one is going to steal this lot in a hurry
High on a hill is a lonely castle
Mesa formation

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander October 9th 2014

Santander on the north coast of Spain 8 and 9 October 2014 We arrived in the city at about 3.00pm after travelling on more excellent roads at speeds of up to 130kph. We couldn't do those speeds in our motor home!!!! Our hotel was right in the middle of the old town and was quite hard to find as it was in a narrow, old, but multi-story building and as we found out, all rooms had been renovated so quite lovely. The lady who checked us in could speak no English, but we managed all. That afternoon, with map in hand, we drove to the Peninsular de La Magdalina which had a Palace, and mini-zoo with seals and penguins, beautiful gardens (which included interpretive signs telling us about the vegetation) and a magnificent view of the ... read more
Santander in northern Spain 8 October 2014 - Palace de la Magdelina (1)
Santander in northern Spain 8 October 2014 - Peninsular de la Magdelina (11)
Santander in northern Spain 8 October 2014 - Peninsular de la Magdelina (16)

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander June 29th 2014

Woke to a stunning blue sky which left pretty little white cloud crowns on the peaks of the Picos. So beautiful. This really is a stunningly lovely mountain range and we have enjoyed our visit. Last day today as we now head for the coast at Santander and the ferry home to England. I bought Bob a couple of emergency bottles of wine at the campsite shop and we had also planned to try the small supermarket in Potes on our way past but that was just not meant to be. Market day, right outside the supermarket and not a chance of parking Tandy so we drove past and Bob will return home, wineless, for the summer. The drive out of Potes along the river valley, cut through the high towering rocks, was as dramatic as ... read more
Heading for the coast
That ravine made quite a dramatic drive
San Vicente de la Barquera

Europe » Spain » Cantabria » Santander May 16th 2014

I will start off today by apologizing for not having any photos... Today was slightly less interesting than normal, but I also forgot to take any. I was awake this time when Christine came with a cuppa. I sat for a few minutes, before realizing I really should get up and eat breakfast. We headed into class, where we started on the past. This confused me a little, and through lack of sleep I was a little crotchety - sorry Fernando and Christine! I was also my usual argumentative self, ask 'but why? why can I not do this?'... Once I noticed I wan't being particularly nice, I apologized but Fernando said it was really good that I was questioning everything. It means I'm trying to take it in and understand it in my own way ... read more

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