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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 21st 2012

We felt sorry to leave such a beautiful city but even good things come to an end. We had about 400 kilometres to reach our destination Zaragoza. Spain has amazing good roads, some are toll roads but this one was not and she was a beauty. We went through moiuntains as well as flat areas. We saw corn, grapes and olives, even fields of sun flowers. Arriving early afternoon in Zaragoza was very good for finding the Hotel was a drama. Spanish adresses are not accepted by the GPR, it gives you a complete different place and it says, " you have Arrrived". Not so. After a long search we found it, under a different name. We took it easy the rest of the day and later went out for a very nice meal in a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza October 25th 2011

A triplet of historically appropriate greetings from the next stop on our travels – Zaragoza, the capital of the province of Aragon. And what a surprising little gem this place is. While not likely to replace a number of Spain's tourist hotspots, Zaragoza is a quiet achiever, and we have had little difficulty occupying ourselves during our five days here, albeit we have not been going at it at a cracking pace either; like the town we have been quietly achieving. Within our first 15 minutes here we were introduced to the main elements that define Zaragoza – from our arrival at the huge Delicias transport intermodal (aptly described in the guidebooks as “Space age but sterile”), our taxi ride past the Aljaferia castle – the northern stronghold of the muslim empire built before the Alhambra ... read more
This One's No Turkey
Curtains Up

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza October 8th 2011

Hola majos, ¿Cómo estáis? Como decía en la entrada anterior, voy a colgar una última parrafada, a modo de "epílogo bloguero", para rematar lo que empecé hace un mes. Hace dos días que llegué a Zaragoza, después de una última jornada viajera maratoniana. 8 horas de vuelo entre Beijing-Moscú. Escala de 4 horitas (que aproveché para dar señales de vida a la familia, escribir el blog y revisar fotos) en la capital rusa, y vuelo de 5 horas Moscú-Madrid. Y como el último AVE que sale desde la capital hasta "Mañoland" es a las 21:00 h. (manda cojones el tema!!!!), me tuve que "chupar" otras 3,5 horas de autobús. Total... que cuando pisé suelo zaragozano, llevaba 26 horas sin ver la cama!!! Y cargado con las dos mochilas y el plato -ride K Custom 22" Special ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza September 9th 2011

Pues nada, oye... que me voy a hacer el Transmongoliano!!! Probablemente, a muchos de vosotros os sonará más la palabra Transiberiano, pero en realidad, lo que voy a hacer los próximos días va a ser un una parte de la mítica línea férrea rusa para luego bajar por Mongolia y llegar hasta Beijing. Antes de nada sería recomendable explicar el por qué hago este viaje y cuándo me lo empecé a plantear en serio. Y las explicaciones a este respecto son un poco difusas. Sí que recuerdo que hace tres o cuatro años leí un diario de viaje de unos chicos que habían hecho el Transmongoliano y luego, en el mismo viaje, habían seguido por Nepal y demás. Aquello me dejó impresionado. Jamás me había planteado hacer un viaje tan largo, no tanto por el número ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza September 3rd 2011

Zaragoza (the capital of the Spanish province of the same name and of the autonomous community of Aragon)... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza May 30th 2011

Blog 58 was supposed to be so short as to be non-existent. No such luck. We packed our bags, loaded the car and set Miss GPS for the road out of Madrid. Simple? Of course it was. We were on our way to Zaragoza for a stop-over before heading to Barcelona , a total of 600 kilometres over two days. Once we were safely on the A2 we put Miss GPS to bed because all roads were heading for Zaragoza We were smiling away thinking how good we are at this navigation thing and missing all the toll roads. But as we know, pride comes before a fall. Just as we came to the appropriate exit we were confronted by a Police barrier and Road Closed sign. No alternative but to continue on and thankfully the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza October 12th 2010

We left Granada today and started the long trip back to Balaguer. There was no time for a final walk around Granada or time to stop for breakfast. We set off, taking what we hope would be a shorter route back and made good time. We stopped in Guadalajara for lunch and as my friend laughed over being in a place bearing the same name as somewhere so familiar I had to admit I never saw anything more than the bus station and airport in Mexico. We walked briefly through a park and visited a small church before finding a suitable place for lunch, then it was back on the road again. Four hours later we arrived in Zaragoza where we were hoping to eat and possibly stay the night so we could explore the city ... read more
People in costume
Little girl in Zaragoza
Mother and son

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 28th 2010

Cim smo stigli u grad pozeleli smo da ovde provedemo neko vreme. U centru velika katedrala gde smo odslusali sluzbu i odlazimo na most gde vadimo nas vec poznati obrok hleb i majonez ili dzem ili nesto slicno. U potrazi za parkom gde cemo prespavati, dolazimo do vrhunca bahatosti ljudskog roda, ogromna prostranstva na kojem su izgradjni kompleksi hala i stvarno neverovatni mostovi i kako na koji nailazimo proglasavamo ga najlepsim sto smo ikad videli. To je sve zaostavstina Expa 2008 i to sad tako bleji prazno jer jednom gradu kao sto je Saragosa sigurno ne treba preko 10 mostova. Hvatamo sledeci stop i stizemo u Tudelu, savim slucajno i ne znajuci nista o tom gradu stizemo u sred festivala. Svi su obuceni u belo sa crvenom maramom vezanom oko vrata. Resismo cak i da uzmemo ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza June 24th 2010

After spending the night in an overpriced Barcelona hostel and having sent out a million couch requests, I took the bus to Zaragoza without being sure I would have a host. I just hoped at least for a cheaper hostel and a less crowded city. The bus was pretty nice, although there were some rules that I thought were kind of weird... you can't eat and you can't take off your shoes (which I did anyway). I had forgotten to bring my book up above, so I ended up taking a 2-hour nap, which was super nice. When I woke up the landscape was dramatically different - in Catalunya it was mostly green with little villages and stuff, but in Aragon it was all kind of unforgiving. There were cliffs and weird little hills and huge ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza March 7th 2010

The Aljaferia is the most important civil building in the history of Zaragoza. It was a muslim palace for the monarch Abu-Yafar during the XI century (Aljaferia means "the house of Abu-Yafar"). Later, after the Reconquest, it was enlarged and it became a christian palace. The new lounges were built in the mudejar style. "Mudejar" was the word used for the muslims that were allowed to live in the reconquered territories; many of them were cheap labor in the construction of new buildings but their legacy was that the previous muslim architectonic style remained in the new christian buildings. Then, this palace became the residency of the Catholic Kings in the XV century, the seat of the Inquisition tribunal and its dungeons, a fort in XVII century and barracks in XVIII century. Today is the seat ... read more
Muslim palace
Muslim garden
Detail of the archs

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