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Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 20th 2008

We last caught the blog up while we were still in Bordeaux. Since then we have crosed the border into Spain! Our last month will be spent seeing what we can of the Iberian Peninsula (we are still trying to work in a couple of days in Portugal). Our first stop was Pamplona. Yes, this is where the bulls run. No, we did not see them run. We had the option of Bastille Day in France or the running of the bulls in Spain, and we chose France because we could get accomodation in France. Our trek accross the border was not without its own difficulties though. We actually got a train that took us to the French side of the boarder. From which we had to catch a "connector" train to the Spainish side. The ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 6th 2008

The plane was late leaving Copenhagen so by the time we got to Barcelona there was only really time to get ourselves sorted at our hotel room and then go out for a wander to find somewhere to eat. We ended up in a Pizzeria served by a friendly waiter who was from Cuba - the fun thing about travel is the people you meet. Enjoyed our little chat. The next morning it was off on a bus with other people - not doing our own thing for the next five days so it's quite a change for us! Everyone else on the bus was Spanish. At our first stop for morning tea none of the staff at the cafe where we stopped spoke English. The first girl who I gave my order - a cup ... read more
Basilica del Pilar
Flowers everywhere
The band plays to the crowd

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza July 1st 2008

hey all, right now im still in sunny scotland but thought that since im gonna be living it up in zaragoza pretty soon i shoud get some form of communication sorted (incase by some dreadful feat he flat , which i havent found yet, has no internet). in just under 2 months i will be leaving **lovely** greenock for zaragoza...weyhey .... where ill be studying spanish and french in the facultad de filosofia y letras (our arts and social science faculties) well once i find out definite arrangements il post them on here so that you can all keep in touch and stuff besos fiona xx... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza March 2nd 2008

After spending two days in Barcelona we decided to visit Yannick's cousins Mel and Seba a up in Huesca. We originally considered only staying a couple of days so not to impose but after we got a taste of 1. beautiful city of Huesca 2.Seba who continuously put us in hysterics (you don't understand! Put Yannick and Seba together in a room and they'll keep you entertained for hours!!) and 3. Mel feeding us anything and everything! we ended up staying there for the next two weeks! Huesca's a little town up north of Zaragoza...It's soo beautiful! We had such a great time in Huesca and love the fact to come back again it's such a close flight over!! Sorry Mel and haven't gotten rid of us that easily! haha On the first day out ... read more
churros and chocolate YUM
churros and chocolate YUM
churros and chocolate YUM

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza January 21st 2008

Ah, Spain. The land of cerveza, tapas, and endless fiestas!! Our first long weekend we booked a trip to Spain. We bought plane tickets from Frankfurt (Hahn) Airport to Madrid, Spain for 1€ cent each!!! After taxes and airport fees, we paid a total of 60€ TOTAL!! That means 2 roundtrip tickets to Spain for less than $100 total!! How could we say no?!?! Andrea studied in Zaragoza, Spain in the fall of 2002. She lived with a family and studied Spanish and had an amazing experience! She's been back only once, three years ago, and was very excited at the opportunity to visit her friends and 'family' again. Romas and Andrea flew out of Frankfurt (Hahn) which is about 1 hour west of the actual Frankfurt International Airport. When we arrived we were shocked to ... read more
Puerta de Atocha
Andrea, Romas, and Yuskas (Dani's dog)
Roman ruins

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza December 31st 2007

It is midnight. I am lying on a mattress in my good friend Conchis' flat in Zaragoza, Spain. I can't help but realize how much of an emotional roller coaster it is to travel the globe visiting long lost friends... 4:30 am December 29: Fog is being punched through as a black BMW races through the frosty Alpine roads of Switzerland. The distant glow of light burns silently on the mountains and valleys like scattered stars. Sleepy eyes are blinking at the breath of the morning air. “Zurich is 45 more minutes away” Bernd says to me... After spending two days meeting Bernd's friends as well as our mutual friend, and fellow exchange student, Stefan, Bernd and I were on our way to Spain. Before I go on, I need to elaborate on who we were ... read more
Workin the streets

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza September 14th 2007

Righto, so I have arrived at last. First impressions????? well, it seems most of the city is under construction due to the Expo next year- a bit annoying since right outside my hotel window ive got what seems to be the worlds biggest drill. NO KIDDING! its about 6ft in diameter and about 40ft deep!!!! Obviously the first thing we did ws go straight to the Irish Bar called P.Flaherty's and made friends with the barmaid called Sara who gave me her number and said to call her if i needed anything or even just for a drink- i will be calling her soon methinks! its very nice and warm at the moment, but it ws the last thing we needed today though. we are all tired and i hadnt eaten all day and we were ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Zaragoza June 27th 2007

Early start , We were heading to Andorra , set the destination in Tom Tom we were making great progress , until we mentioned to one an another we hadn’t seen a sign to Andorra , out with the old trusty paper map , differently heading to Andorra , but one in the middle of no where , not the one in mind . Stopped and re routed but as we were going along we spied the most specutalur campsite called Caspa Camp situation on a lake and with a Piscina (swimming pool). That did it for us no more making up time let’s pulled in and enjoy the Piscina it was 1.30pm at this stage so we enjoyed an afternoon frolicking in the pool. Watched an amazing sunset over the lake the colours were ... read more

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