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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov July 12th 2014

After a lovely country trip we arrived in Sighisoara, what we now call Sighi. It is a 15th century UNESCO medieval town, that is the old town. Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler was born here in 1431. He is seen here as a hero. Because of his battles with the Ottomans. The church on the hill has 500 years old Frescos. There is the 14th century clock tower, some of the houses are from the Saksen era, 15th -16th century. The Phoenician house is from 13th century. Unbelievable because it is all intact and lived in. So here we went steps and cobble stone road up and up the hill to visit this famous church with the Frescos. When we got there no video or photo allowed. We begged telling we come from far away ... read more
around the church
church on the hill
city wall

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Barsana July 8th 2014

We have spend four days in this lovely area. Today is the last day. At our pension at Oncesti some funny things happen at breakfast. We have a plate made ready with some type of pancake egg, tomatoes, capsicum and very fresh sort of bocconchini. soft cheese. But the Hostess changed things over a few days. The last morning we even had yoghurt. The Hospitality was out of this world. The Host is a Biology professor but is on holidays. He offered to be our guide and took us to some villages, where church services were conducted around some old wooden churches. The ceremonies were held outside in the garden amongst the cemeteries. Women separate from the men and in traditional clothing. He took inside the churches some dating back to the 16th century. Inside one ... read more
another church
beautiful gate
carpet washing

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Barsana July 6th 2014

Romania. Well after all the concern and warnings, do we have some news for you. A sad story goes with the good. The Romanians are angry with the world. They say that because"Gypsies" roamed the world in very often in an unsavoury way, it is blamed on the Romanians. But they say, Romanians are not Gypsies, they are a race on their own. Well let us tell you. We find in this beautiful country amazing, friendly, helpful people. Today a wonderful happening. After visiting a museum village where wooden homes and barns etc. dating back from 1600+. We had a bright idea, the Ukrainian border edges the town we were in. We wanted to see it. Surprise . Of we went and there we stood at the edge of the bridge, which crosses the river Tisa. ... read more
the market
the old gates
the old timber houses

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Fagaras July 4th 2014

We left on Friday afternoon from Bucharest to Predeal via Intorsura Buzaului. The views near Siriu lake are spectacular and the road is beautiful there. On Saturday I drove from Predeal to Sibiu via Rasnov and Zarnesti and stopped on the way to see the Fagaras citadel. Then we went back on Valea Oltului to Buleta. The road here was a lot worse than I remember, quite crowded and with lots and lots of villages which slowed us down... On Sunday we went back to Bucharest, making a quick detour through Bunesti. Total distance: 796 km... read more
Fagaras citadel
Fagaras wall
Fagaras walls

Europe » Romania » Maramures » Barsana July 4th 2014

We crossed the border Poland-Hungary. Had a one night stay in Miscolc. Landed in an Industrial area and a dubious Hotel. No restaurant, that meant a taxi into town to get a meal. That worked all well but to get a taxi back was not that easy. We had to find one, lucky some of the young people do speak English. They helped us along, and a taxi took us back to the Hotel. There we found the sheets were to short, so we had to pull them down. Next day the breakfast was just sausages and eggs okay for me but Liz did not fancy that. On our way in great anticipation of Romania. It was a real border crossing with an one lane car pass port control. We were responsible for an enormous hold ... read more
plenty of birds that bring babies
Romanian Oma and her cow
small gate

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Arges June 28th 2014

A nice, quiet weekend in Bunesti. We got there early, helped around a bit, rested for a night and then headed back home. The sunset on that day was quite beautiful... Total distance: 309 km.... read more
Sunset in Bunesti 2

Europe » Romania » Transilvania June 25th 2014

Transylvania (derived from the Latin “land beyond the forest”) is true to its name, for this region stretches across undulating hills decorated by a thick carpet of forest, and it is superior in scale to every other European forest I have seen. In fact, these forests contain the largest bear population in Europe, and notices alerting people of their presence are found on road signs and elsewhere. One can drive along winding roads heavily bordered by overhanging trees and peer into a seemingly disorganised array of tree trunks where the sunlight barely penetrates the thick foliage. Occasionally the forest would clear to reveal a village or town nestled snugly against the trees, hills and mountains. Romania is rich with castles and churches, and within these clearings lie some of the finest buildings you could hope to ... read more
Incredible interior of the Cathedral of Curtea de Argeș - Romania
Viscri as viewed from the Viscri Fortified Church - Romania
Road to the old city of Sighișoara - Romania

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 20th 2014

The perception of Romania held by many was reflected in the weather on my first day in Bucharest – a city that is celebrating its 555thyear since it was first mentioned in texts. Though summer, an unseasonal deluge had descended upon the capital – the sky dark and leaden, the rain torrential. A gloom hung over the eclectic architectural styles whose facades varied from the bland to grand – elegant domes of Orthodox churches, drab communist era apartments, a classical abode flourished with ornate patterns, a modern glass encased office block were intermingled amongst the alleys, streets and boulevards. Romania is a nation more known for its infamy than its beauty with such historical figures as Vlad the Impaler (the 15th century inspiration for Dracula) and Nicolae Ceaușescu (the Communist dictator who ruled from 1967-1989), and ... read more
The Central University Library of Bucharest - Romania
Spacious interior of the Palace of the Parliament - Bucharest, Romania
Father and son hold hands in the Fagaras Mountains - Romania

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov June 13th 2014

Went to Brasov again for work (at a conference). Stopped at a nice restaurant in Predeal on the way there, then got to Brasov just in time for the first lectures. After the Friday talks were over, I went with Ileana around the city and found a film festival taking place in the main square. So... We saw Kon-Tiki. It was very nice. On Saturday we attended half the talks, then left for Moroeni (where my sister was on a trip with her classmates). We spent a lovely afternoon there, with a nice bonfire, 2 guitars and lots of songs... Then we got back to Brasov. On Sunday we gave our talks and then left home in the afternoon. Total distance: 499 km.... read more

Europe » Romania » Oltenia » Valcea June 6th 2014

Left work on Friday and went to Buleta. On Saturday I went around to see the monasteries: Dintr-un lemn, Surpatele, Horezu and Govora. On the way back home I stopped at Bunesti. It was a nice, relaxing trip. Total distance: 474 km.... read more
New church at Dintr-un lemn Monastery
Dintr-un lemn Monastery yard cat
Dintr-un lemn Monastery yard

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