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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov May 1st 2015

I've made it as far east as I'll be going on this trip, and now I'm 7 hours ahead of all my friends on the East Coast. I've wanted to go to Romania for a long time, and to be honest, this part of the trip came down to a choice between Romania and the Baltic States. I initially chose the Baltic states because flights from Prague were cheaper there. Then when I decided to stay grounded, Romania became the ultimate winner for my tourist bucks. Since leaving Prague yesterday morning, I've spent 22 hours on trains. The train to Budapest was 7 hours, of which 4 were spent with the same 5 people in the 6-person cabin until we got to Bratislava, where they all got off. The remainder of the trip to Budapest was ... read more
view out towards Central Park from my hotel room
Town Hall of Brasov
Looking down Republic Street

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 25th 2015

Did you know that Romania has the largest population of brown bears in Europe (over 6,500) next to Russia? (Random Ned Fact #47) So hike with caution my friends! Today was our ‘day off’, our rest day from our vacation. How ironic that we felt like we needed a day off from our vacation; however we did. It's been busy, and wonderful at the same time, but behind on blogging, we haven’t really had time to sit back, smell the roses, read a book as we’ve both been so interested in seeing as much as possible while away. These were 4 new countries for Dennis (3 for me) and both of us wanted to absorb as much as possible. Truthfully things are a tad bit fuzzy for me, which is why I keep blogging the most ... read more
One of the many beatiful old buildings/churches
Holy light beams from above :-)
Randome scene:

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 24th 2015

Up early as we wanted to skip Bucharest traffic (which I completely understood now!) had breakfast (they had fresh red peppers slices at breakfast so I grabbed a handful for snacking on the coach later!) and asked Hendrik about the possibility of my clothes. He immediate said no, as clients often leave clothes behind to ‘throw away’ so its company policy to either throw them out or if the staff want they can keep. I was flabbergasted (while understanding at the same time) as I knew mine were neatly folded and tucked away; hopefully NOT looking like garbage or unwanted. But he said he would phone the ship; but little to no chance they still existed. I was crushed; not only at the monetary value lost, but again all my fav long sleeved shirts/dress tops and ... read more
Dracula, I mean, Brams Castle....

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 23rd 2015

Today was our leaving the ship day; we had a few minutes in bed to have coffee, then coffee. We had (too) quickly packed the night before so it was only a couple of last minute things to add, bags out by 7:45. We had breakfast then left at 09:00 and boarded our coach to go to the famous overly rich, over the top Palace of the Parliament that was built by Ceausescu (and trust me I had to google how to spell that - I was WAY off!). The building itself is 2nd largest in the world, only after the Pentagon, and apparently only by a few feet. It’s enormous and while we only toured about 5% of it - I was exhausted just looking at it. Completely and utterly over the top, Ceausescu built ... read more
View of Bucharest from Palace
Gold and Marble all the way, so over the top
You can rent these halls for weddings/receptions etc.

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov April 21st 2015

It’s now more than a week since we left Bucharest to travel to Brasov, a moderately large city in Transylvania. The city has a population of around 250,000. We left Bucharest on Easter Monday, which is a public holiday in Romania, and so the traffic through Bucharest was not too bad – or at least significantly better than a normal weekday. The week after Easter was also school holidays and so many people had left Bucharest to travel to the countryside and this was pretty evident from the relatively empty carpark surrounding our apartment. However, a lot of these people had to start work on Tuesday and so the traffic returning to Bucharest was bumper-to-bumper coming towards us – I was pleased that we weren’t part of it. Our trip northwards initially passed fairly flat farmland ... read more
Peles Castle
Old Town Square - Brasov
Old Town Hall - Brasov

Europe » Romania April 12th 2015

As I’m writing this it’s Orthodox Easter Saturday evening in Bucharest and we’re waiting until 11:45 pm to go and visit Oana’s aunt and cousins in their nearby apartment and then participate in the 30-minute midnight Easter mass at the little church across the road. Following mass we will have a celebratory meal. I’m looking forwards to this as experiencing an Orthodox Easter with the locals was a major part of the reason behind our trip to Europe in early spring rather than a warmer time of year. We arrived in Bucharest a few days ago after a short (1.5 hour) flight from Budapest. We opted to fly as a total travel time door-to-door of about 5 hours compared very favourably to the 15-17 hours required if we travelled by train. The aircraft that we travelled ... read more
National Village Museum
Piata Victoriei
Along Calea Victoriei

Europe » Romania » Transilvania March 23rd 2015

Today we were picked up at 7.30am and headed to Sinaia to see a monastery, this was about a two hour drive. A short drive took us to Peles Castle where we explored the grounds and then had a small tour inside the castle. It was very detailed with Italian and German influence but seemed to have no flow as one minute it would be dark woods and gold, the next minute green and white, was quite garish in some rooms. But the outside looked amazing. We then drove through windy forest roads covered in snow for about an hour and arrived at Brans Castle- the home of Dracula or Vlad the Impaler. This was more basic and toned down compared to the previous castle, I preferred the interior of this one. Next stop was Brashov ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania March 21st 2015

I left the hostel Friday morning to make my way to Reading. I got to the train station and had to wait for six trains to go through as they were so overcrowded, also with my backpack I essentially needed the space of two people. I arrived in Reading just before 9.30 and was met by my best friend Aimie who I hadn't seen for almost two years. We walked back to her place and I packed some clothes into my small back pack and we made the hour-ish drive to Luton airport. Our flight to Bucharest had us extremely confused thinking it was a five hour flight as we departed at 2pm and arrived at 7pm, but we're told there was a two hours time difference. We landed in Bucharest, brought some bus tickets and ... read more

Europe » Romania January 20th 2015

All right, I'm not trying to provoke all even show any toughness, but definitely I feel we are - as humankind - struggling deep down with our muddy opinions which does not help us in our evolution. Muddy and gloomy and not in any way free. We do have our very strong and strict ideas which developed under different circumstances. When you about to become a teacher there are few targets you should achieve to be able to prove you do understand what it is all about. And what is it really all about? Pedagogy? Teaching? Educating? In what sense? Do I have enough knowledge to take the responsability? Is there an absolute truth and a totally perfect wisdom which could be shared? Not really. But we should try and find in ourself the term, "Sustained ... read more
New friends
My room, their room

Europe » Romania » Dobrogea » Delta Dunarii August 24th 2014

Preturile mari, cam 60euro/noapte, dar camerele erau deosebite. Case pescaresti foarte mari, pline de gresie si faianta, vedere la canal, terasa Restaurantul lipsit de pretentii dar decent, destul de scump (10Euro/ persoana) Plaja excelenta, neaglomerata. Transportul e placut, uneori poate fi gratuit. Singurul dezavantaj sunt tantarii care apar la 8 seara si nu se poate sta la terasa. Per total nota 8/10... read more

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