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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 8th 2018

After finishing biking in Italy we were on our way to Portugal. The original idea was that we would continue our bike ride along the coast of Portugal and some of the valleys. After we had a bit of a discussion, we decided that it may be a bit of a handful for us, even with E bikes so, we opted to fly into Lisbon, transfer to a flight to take us to Porto and stay in Porto for 3 nights so we could enjoy looking around this city that is located on the banks of the river Douro. As mentioned at the end of my last blog Di's bag didn't arrive at Porto so after a couple of hours waiting we finally got to our hotel at about 3am. Not a great start to our ... read more
Steeps and Alleyways.
The Douro River.

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 16th 2018

We had headed down to the town to catch a bus up the castle for the Alfama walk not knowing how much walking we could cope with. We used the metro to get there. It was a bit of a puzzle to find the right Square for the castle bus, Placa Figueira, because the downtown of Lisbon is a maze of squares and plazas. In any city with a metro, coming out of the right exit is always a challenge and each time we traveled on the same route this day we came out of different exits. Using we could could have seen exactly where we were but the hotel phone had an app specifically for Lisbon and it's transport, i think it was called 'citymapping'. Quite a few people were in the queue and ... read more
Ginger sherry

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 15th 2018

We flew in on TAP from Gatwick to be greeted by at the arrival lounge for our transfer. They were waiting for more so we had half hour to have coffee in the glorious sun and warmth. Having checked into Hotel Iberostar as booked by our agent we decided to go out rather than nap. We walked into the park of king Eduardo 2nd, where they have, I think it is the Judas tree with lilac flowers- they look better from a distance with a hazy blue aura, but apart from that there was nothing really attractive. A festival finished a couple of days ago and there are many small huts still to be cleared. We did not walk up to that viewpoint because we could see down Avenue da Liberado and we were both tired. ... read more
Iberostar bathroom

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 30th 2018

Monday: Gary and Marji headed home today. Gary, with great sadness, had his last creamy custard tart at the airport. Yum! Glen, Karen, Mike, and I decided to have a farewell-Lisbon lunch downtown then wander about looking for any last minute purchases. Tonight, we would pack and eat the remaining groceries/wine as a light dinner. Cool thing: For the first time since we have been in Lisbon, there was an outdoor market in one of the downtown plazas. The food smelled incredible. Mike and I had just had lunch so no way were we going to eat again but, not gonna lie, we were tempted. After a last look around, the Uber came to take us back to the apartment. Tuesday: Up early to tidy up and finish any last minute packing. Out by 8:30am for ... read more
Lisbon Market
Grilled meat at the market

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 29th 2018

Sunday: Rain this morning, but since Marji and Gary were leaving tomorrow, we decided to head to Sintra and hope for the best. The four of us settled into a cozy Starbucks (I know, right?) at the Rossio Station and waited until the next train. The dreary Sunday in Lisbon meant everyone was escaping and the train was SRO. Luckily, we found a four-set and were able to watch, comfortably, as the sky became more and more ominous. The pouring rain began in Sintra and forced us to squish into a tiny cafe where we shared a delicate apple tart until the storm passed. The theme of the day, I think, was hurry up and wait. Finally, slightly soggy, we were able to head up the hill to the historic center and look for a Tuk-tuk, ... read more
Sintra water well
Pena Palace

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 28th 2018

Saturday: Today was a simple day of revisiting places with Marji and Gary. Now that we have been here in Lisbon for almost a month, it is fun to go back and show our friends the lay of the land. To start, Marji and I power walked down to the Saturday flea market in Alfama. We only got lost once, which is amazing, considering how narrow, steep, and convoluted the streets are in this neighborhood. The market was packed, but the vendors had lots to sell and I just love to wander. Gary and Mike ubered down later and were sitting in a cafe having coffee when we met them at 12:30p. Time for lunch! We decided that, on such a beautiful day, a view was a necessity. Portas do Sol was calling us and we ... read more
Bucket art at the market
Portas du Sol for lunch
Mike is running out of steam, I think

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 25th 2018

Monday: Mike, Glen, Marji, and I ended up with food poisoning. Karen and Gary were spared. Sorry, no pictures today. it wasn’t pretty.... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 21st 2018

Saturday: Early morning rain slowed us down but it was the Speicher's first day and we didn't want to waste any more time than necessary. Raincoats and umbrellas in hand, and off we went. To get a lay of the land, Marji and Gary decided to take the Hop-on-hop-off bus for the afternoon. Glen and Karen kicked back for the day. Mike and I headed for the Tile Museum. The plan was to meet up at 4:30 at Ramiro's for dinner. The line at the Tile Museum was long. Apparently everyone else had the same rainy day idea as we did. This museum, located in a former convent, reviews the history of tile making from the 15th century until present day. It also has ceramics, porcelain, and furniture from the convent. The tile murals and panels ... read more
Alcove window
Faianca in blue on creamware by Jorge Colaco,
Beautiful flowers at while on line

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Silveira April 21st 2018

My flight from EWR to LIS went swimmingly. It left at 5:45p and arrived at 5:45am, which means the overnight flight jumped into the future by 5 hours. Unfortunately, my plan of trying to pre-adjust to the time change backfired as I didn't sleep a wink on the flight. If you've never been, all International flights are like luxury. They continually feed you, like every 2 hours. About an hour in, dinner was served and then halfway through a breakfast snack was served. TAP Portugal is a legit budget airline, for the record. The plane was beautiful and modern, with lime green headrests and touch screen entertainment consoles for every seat. I pre-ordered vegan meals. They succeeded in giving me an entirely vegan meal (complete with non dairy butter and soy creamer), but they must think ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa April 20th 2018

Friday: Karen and Glen left early this morning on a bus to Obidos. We found out about a chocolate festival from an Uber driver and they didn't want to miss this fun event. Marji and Gary's plane was arriving midmorning so we decided to take advantage of the time and tidy up. Around noon, the car service pulled up and our newest roomies emerged. The four of us joined forces to carry the suitcases up the many flights of stairs to our apartment. After settling in, Mike, Marji, Gary, and I took off for Baixa and the start of our Lisbon tour. Lunch on the Commercial Plaza, gave us a chance to give the lay of the land. We then started our wander. First, Gary needed his first pastel de nata at the oldest pastry shop ... read more
Gary's first pastel de nata
Waiting for the funicular

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