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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa May 2nd 2017

Since very long, Portugal had been on our "must-visit-list". Lisbon was one of the top destinations on our bucket list. But for many reasons we somehow never made it there. So, this spring seemed to be the perfect time: new country to visit! But somehow, in our travel plans, Lisbon did not fit in. We had 7 days of holiday (more was simply not possible due to job issues). As our spiritual master was giving darshan on the Azores Islands and in Fatima, these 2 destinations were obivous. But as we could simply not find a cheap flight back from Lisbon, it looked like we would miss Lisbon this time. And then the big surprise: 3 days before departure, our flight plans were changed. We were expected to fly to the Azores via Lisbon on 2nd ... read more
Praca do Comercio
fantastic views from Alfama
at the Rio Tejo

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 19th 2017

2-11-2017 Portugal Pena National Palace, Portugal 2 2017 Down Town Lisbon 2 2017 Portugal la mot nuoc o Au Chau, trong European Union. Thu do la Lisbon. Rong 82,212 bang ¼ Vietnam va co dan so la 10 trieu bang 1/9 dan Vietnam. Trung binh moi nguoi kiem duoc $19,000/nam gap 15 lan dan Vietnam. Da so la dan Bo Dao Nha song tren lanh tho nay. 81% theo dao thien Chua. Vao the ky 15 va 16 Portugal tro nen mot kingdom hung manh de roi tao nen mot Colonial Empire dau tien keo dai 6 the ky. Portugal Kingdom la Kingdom dau tien o Au Chau di xam chiem lanh tho cua cac nuoc khac nhung sau nay vi la nuoc nho va dan it bi Kingdom cua Phap va Anh tan chiem. Vao ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa January 4th 2017

In September, I decided to meet my parents in Italy at the last minute, and I took the opportunity to book my flight out of Lisbon. I had loved Braga and Porto in Portugal, and was excited to check out Lisbon, even though it was such a short visit. What I loved about Portugal up until then was repeated in Lisbon—the great variety of affordable public transportation, the streets and buildings full of character and occasionally color, the hills and rivers leading to scenic views, the blend of modernity and disrepair. It's got character, but the modern additions are done practically. It's affordable. It's beautiful. Portugal is a country I would happily live in. An evening and a morning aren’t enough to really explore a city, but I loved what I did see of Lisbon. In ... read more
Strange Birds in a Park, Lisbon
Portugal's Favorite Animal

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 15th 2016

Bom Dia, Upon my return to Lisbon, I had an email from Sandro suggesting that we should meet up that night to do in search of food and Fado. We picked a time and a place, you would think I would have learned my lesson by this point, and agreed to meet up then. I relaxed at my hostel for a bit, which was very conveniently located on Rua Augusta, the main pedestrianized street in the centre of Lisbon, before using the meticulously drawn map provided by Jorge to go and visit the Praça do Comercio, as well as the waterfront. I then chanced the possibility that my friends would actually be where they said they would be and I went to meet them. Unlike in Sintra, Daniella and Sandro were exactly where they said they ... read more
Mosteiro de los Jeronimos
The Cathedral at the Mosteiro de los Jeronimos
Torre de Belem

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 26th 2016

Lisbon – August 23, 2016 – Last Day Today Harlan and I decided to take the train to Sintra to do some sightseeing while Karen visited the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (museum of Portuguese tiles). While we were on the train I took a couple of pictures of what I thought was pretty neat graffiti. We arrived in Sintra around 9:45 am as did many other people ready for a fun day of sightseeing. Upon departing the train, we walked up the hill past the Municipal building along with the National Palace which is the oldest surviving royal palace in Portugal that is still used for official receptions. We did not tour the National Palace as we were more interested in getting to the Palace of Pena and Moorish Castle. After passing the National Palace we ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 20th 2016

Our flight landed in Lisbon around 6:45 this morning. Once we got through customs and got our luggage we were then met by the owner of the apartment who arranged for a taxi to deliver us to the apartment. A friend of the owner was supposed to have picked us up but she had car trouble and couldn’t After getting settled into the apartment we went out to have lunch which we didn’t have to go far as the restaurant was almost right below our apartment. After lunch we decided it was time to do some really serious shopping so we went to the oldest market in Lisbon which really turned out to be what I would call a flea market. Had fun and enjoyed some good laughs as we wondered through the market. Since we ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 20th 2016

Alfama duplex Airbnb is our perch for the 3 days prior to the start of our walk on Wednesday. Jo and i spent Saturday walking in Lisbon. We found the cathedral Se, the starting point for Camino Portugal, a bank ATM and took the castle of saint George, Sao Jorge, walking tour in Rick Steves' Portugal guide book. A few photos from our day. I am learning that posting private is hard to then send public. So may need to cut and paste. ... read more
The oldest flea market in Lisbon
Cathedral Se'

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 12th 2016

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 20th 2016

We love art and when we visit a museum we see everything in it so we spend most of two days visiting two art museums in Lisbon. I will start with my favorite Museu Calouste Gulbenkian.We were surprised to find it was a short walk from our hotel and is located in a park. When we got there we were disappointed to find only one room of modern art. It was interesting but modern art is not my favorite. We were sure we must be missing something and walked around and found another building a short walk away called (founders collection). The founder donated his entire collection to create this museum. We paid for the audio tour which I highly recommend. The collection is organized by type: Egyptian Collection; Roman Greco Collection; Islamic Art; European Collection ... read more
Helena Fourment by Peter Paul Rubens
Diana, two nymphs & a doe by Alfred-Auguste Janniot
Rembrandt - Portrait of an Old Man

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa May 14th 2016

There was only one real thing on the itinerary for today and that was the cooking class. We were thinking about a museum but after a 5-hour cooking glass with lots of wine, that didn’t happen. We started the day with a light breakfast and the hotel and headed out. The cooking class started at 10 and was in a different section of the city that we had previously been. It was a more residential area and near the Anjou stop on the green line. We found the place without any trouble. There were 6 people including us in the class, the other four were woman from London, well one was from London via Vancouver BC. The instructor for the day was Thomas one of the owners of the school was also involved and his name ... read more
Thomas picking out prawns
The Chefs

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