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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Montijo November 11th 2022

Seven good reasons:One of the best health systems in the worldMiles of gorgeous coastlineEurope’s best-value capital cityOne of the safest places you... read more
Lots of sandy beaches
Love the Douro River

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Montijo November 8th 2022

In my previous visits here, the focus was either on seafood, or local, family-owned restaurants. But Portuguese food is quite rich, varied, and distinct. Simple grilled fish is always a great option. Meat dishes tend to be slow cooked. And of course, Portuguese wine is a big deal here. Much like other countries on the Mediterranean, olive oil is also a big part of cooking and their culture. I distinctly remember the quality of the cheeses and bread on my previous visits. And no meal is ever complete without the famous custard tart, pastel de nata, and a cup of expresso. But salted cod is the "national" dish, even though most of it comes from Norway these days. Bacalhau has its origin in the days before refrigeration, as a means of preserving fish. About 25,000 tons ... read more
Love the seafood rice
Famous custard tart

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Paco de Arcos November 7th 2022

My last visit to Lisboa, or Lisbon was right after 9-11. I spent most of my time in Portugal playing golf on the Algarve, and just a few nights is Lisboa. I hope to learn more about this very underrated city and country during my visit. One thing I learned on my first trip: Do not try to use Spanish, in hopes that the Portuguese will understand. English works better! Lisboa is the capital with just over half a million residents, though the city seems much bigger to me. In fact, the metro area is closer to 3 million people. Lisboa's urban area is the largest in the EU and continues to grow each year. Yet Lisboa only gets about 140,000 tourists annually. The city boasts 290 days of sunshine annually! Seafood is a big deal ... read more
Love the lLsboa tram
Love the Lisboa markets

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Santo Estevao November 7th 2022

Perhaps you already heard some fado and did not know it. Fado is a type of singing that originated officially in the 1820s, though its origins may extend further. This type of singing is known for its melodious, melancholy, and expressive style. In fado, the musician will sing about the hard realities of everyday life, with a balance of resignation and hopefulness that a resolution to its torments can still occur. The Portuguese word, "saudade" best describes the longing or feeling of loss. The loss is generally permanent and long term. The fado singer is often accompanied by one or two twelve strong guitars, one or two violas, and a small 8 strong bass. From Portugal Online: There are two basic styles of fado: Lisbon Lisbon fado is the more well-known of the two styles. This ... read more
All forms of Fado
Free on Monday nights

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 13th 2022

Our second day in Lisbon began with an extensive buffet breakfast at the Tivoli Hotel. I've seen many a European hotel breakfast buffet, but this one outdid them all. I ordered an omelet from the omelet staton and enjoyed other selections, including yogurt, sausages, breads, cheeses and even a Pastel de Nata. Thus fortified, we were ready for a day of sightseeing around the capital. The tour bus now took us south of Avenida da Liberdade and past Praça Dom Pedro IV. It is one of the oldest squares in Lisbon and said to have been the site of the hippodrome in Roman times. The wavy pavement tiles here (known as calçada Portuguesa) recall but predate the similar tile sidewalk patterns in Brazil. The square leads into the Chiado neighborhood, one of the oldest parts of ... read more
Igreja Santa Maria de Belém - Portal
Igreja Santa Maria de Belém - Dome

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 12th 2022

Two days in Lisbon marked the start of our “Portugal’s River of Gold“ trip with Viking Cruises. Our overnight flight from Washington Dulles Airport touched down at 10:14 a.m. Viking representatives met us outside customs and baggage claim and directed us to our hotel transfer. Lisbon airport is surprisingly close to the city center. The ride in from the airport took us through several traffic circles with monuments and past houses decorated with the famous Portuguese tiles. We would learn more abut the tiles tomorrow. We stayed at the Hotel Tivoli on Avenida da Liberdade (It was the assigned hotel for our Viking Douro river cruise.) It is a very nice hotel on the main upscale shopping street. Viking greeted everyone with a serving of Pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tarts). Just the thing to get ... read more
Monumento aos Heróis da Guerra Peninsular
Palacete Valmor
Memorial Senhor do Adeus

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 29th 2022

Still feeling like little piggies. Visited our neighbours at the castle this morning. Immediately after brekkie I went to get some cash from the hole in the wall machine but when I discovered it would cost an extra €4.80 I cancelled the transaction and took out my card. Apparently I took the card out too quickly because the machine starting blaring and flashing! Despite, or maybe because I started pressing every button in an attempt to shut it off, it continued for an embarrassingly long time as I tried to slink away unnoticed. I found another machine that didn’t charge extra and didn’t swear at me. So cashed up we went across the street to the castle. The Castilo S Jorge is a dominant feature here. It’s obviously a tourist hot spot but it also dominates ... read more
Lisbon skyline.
Tourists everywhere.
Over the bridge to the Christ ‘policeman’.

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa » Alcacer do Sal September 28th 2022

We are really back. Walked the streets, had the iced gelato and eaten like we live here. But back to the start. Effortless check in and boarding at Heathrow, so much so we could have slept for another hour at our hotel. Well almost effortless, our shuttle bus managed to get stuck in traffic in the tunnel somewhere which necessitated a walk to terminal 4 (t minutes) then a free train transfer to terminal 2 (maybe 10 minutes) but that meant it was quicker than the bus anyway! We flew TAP, the Portuguese airline and they were terrific. Just over 2 hours in the air and we were in Lisbon. Taxi from the airport was more expensive than the meter indicated (turned off as we arrived!) but still cheaper than an airport bus. Go figure! And ... read more
New home in Lisbon.
Down the street by the castle wall.
Icy-pole time. (that’s a drip tray on mine) Raspberry and delicious.

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 14th 2022

Odemira to Lisbon 86.37 km An interesting day with some cheating… The day started as regularly. Breakfast was very decent and the sky was looking to rain. Although we started out riding dry, the rain came quite quickly. Fortunately, the rain did not last. Little weather problems for the rest of the day. Some decisions were made to shorten our ride. Instead of biking around the bay close to Setubal, we decided to take a ferry, shortening the ride significantly. Getting off the ferry, we met a german couple that recommended us not to drive through Lisbon, but to take the train. As it turned out an excellent recommendation. Driving on a bicycle with luggage through a busy town is not recommendable. Too dangerous. An interesting note on the train: crossing the river the train is ... read more
A dirty bike
Really dirty

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 8th 2022

Got up early and packed up our bags since we had to bring our rental car back this morning. We also wanted to drop off our bags at the new hotel while we have a car and try the hotel to see if the room was ready early. Turns out we got lucky and a room was clean and ready for us. Anne and Camille went up to the room and got settled in and Cameron and I went to bring back our rental car. When we got there there was a big lime of people waiting for their car and no clear instruction on how to drop off. I wasn't interested in waiting in line so I grabbed someone and thankfully he was able to help us and check the car in. Saved a bunch ... read more
-hotel vs air bnb, both have their perks but prefer air bnb
the so called window behind the blind! Lol
2127 km in 2,5 weeks !

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