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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 20th 2019

I left Porto and travelled by bus towards Lisbon, capital and largest city of Portugal. The city of about 2.5 million inhabitants lies on the shores of the Tagus River. It was also the capital of the former Portuguese Empire which owned territories on most continents. Once I arrived in Lisbon, my Venezuelan cousin Antarajú came to pick me up. A few family-members from my father’s side migrated to Venezuela in the 1950’s and he’s the third generation from that migration. I saw him again after 5 years since Caracas, Venezuela back in July 2012 and it was great to catch up again! After going home to leave my stuff and relax a little, we went later in the afternoon to Sintra, a city just outside Lisbon with about 350.000 inhabitants. Sintra is well known due ... read more
Antarajú and I at Praça do Comércio, Lisbon
The well "Pozo Iniciático" at Quinta do Regaleira, Sintra
Lisbon streetscene with a tram

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 8th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Une super journée très intense en visite, et dure pour les jambes, ce soir le compteur indique 11.4 km, à pied avec je ne sais combien de dénivelé, et nombre incalculable de marches. Lisbonne, capitale du Portugal, 550 000 habitants, qu'on appelle lisboètes, pour l'agglomération 2,100 000. Située à l'embouchure du Tage, elle est entourée de 7 collines, dont les pentes de certaines ne permettent pas la circulation automobile. 2 ponts permettent de relier la ville à la rive gauche dont le Pont du 25 avril. Qui est un petit Golden Gate de San Francisco. Il s'appelait dans un premier temps du nom du dictateur Salazar. Longueur 2277m pour une hauteur de 190. (Golden Gate longueur 2737, hauteur 230m). je pensais l'écart plus important. Le port de Lisbonne est le plus actif de ... read more
La tour de Bélem
Monasterio Jeronimos
rue de Lisbonne

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 7th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin je quitte Setubal sans regret, et les premiers kilomètres me confirment la sensation que j'ai perçu hier. Pour rejoindre Lisbonne le gps me fait, comme tous les jours, passé dans des endroits complètement perdus, des petites routes de traverses, dans la proche banlieue, campagne de Setubal, et j'ai franchement l'image d'un pays sous développé, tellement c'est, mal entretenu, sale, pas à l'abandon, car c'est bien habité, mais on pourrais le penser. Après une vingtaine de kilomètre, je retrouve sur la nationale , et ce sentiment de saleté est moins perceptible. Je traverse pas mal de villages qui ont tous l'air endormis. On est dimanche matin 9h, et à part des dizaines et dizaines de cyclistes sur la route pas grand monde. Lorsque je traverse Villafranca, là une grosse activité dans la ... read more
beau "bestiau"
Elevator Santa Justa
Praça do Commercio

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 6th 2019

Most of our group left Ireland yesterday, most heading home, but a few of us were venturing on to new places, continuing our travels. I flew on TAP from Dublin to Lisbon, a two and a half hour flight that ended up taking much of the day. Hurry up and wait, as the saying goes; I waited a lot on Wednesday, first at the airport (of course), then longer because the plane arrived late, then more waiting on the runway since we had lost our slots in the flight patterns for both cities, and then, finally, the last waiting of the day for the Trafalgar transfer to our hotel. It could have gone much more smoothly, but at least I made it here at last. The first good thing about this "Best of Portugal" trip was ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa May 6th 2019

Sunday strolling around a beautiful city. What could be more splendid! However, there was a fair amount of climbing steps as well as strolling for us yesterday. Lisbon is a hilly city; it is built on seven hills, just like Rome only packed into a smaller area so the hills are much steeper! There are street lifts and funiculars as well as trams and even Thai-style Tuk-Tuks to get one up and down. However, the Sunday queues are lengthy so we took the old worn Medieval steps and cobbled streets, trodden by millions over centuries. The views were stunning at every twist and turn. Our Sunday started with a trip down the cobbled streets to one of the many bakery/restaurants to eat a breakfast of the famous Lisbon custard tarts with coffee. Rather expensive, two small ... read more
Placa Comercial down by the river
John and the LIberty Gate (freedom from Spain)
Placa Comercial

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa May 4th 2019

Well, today was a most auspicious start to our travels; a most encouraging day that proceeded without a hitch! We walked Mutley and Megan up to their holiday home (Nick and Mam’s house), then returned home to shut our place up for a couple of months before Nick collected us and drove us to Alicante airport. Our TAP flight (Portuguese Airlines) from Alicante to Lisbon was on a turboprop plane! Now you don’t fly on those many times any more in Europe! It was a 70-seater, similar to one we flew on in Borneo last year from Miri to the Mulu National Park. We loved it! It was like old-fashioned flying, just two wide seats each side of the aisle, tons of leg room, a most generous luggage allowance, free drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic and ... read more
City centre location
Our hotel on the left

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 22nd 2019

Si bien muchos blogs de viajes se centran en viajes a largo plazo, creo que es absolutamente posible descubrir el mundo poco a poco, con vacaciones cortas. En solo 12 días, fuimos a los mejores lugares de Portugal. Siendo uno de los países más asequibles para visitar en Europa, me sedujo con su deliciosa comida, su historia y sus playas. Aquí está mi itinerario completo para visitar Portugal, sin coche! * Debido a que el viaje de ida y vuelta era menos costoso, decidimos llegar y salir de Lisboa. Si tiene un poco más de presupuesto, sugeriría llegar a Lisboa y salir de Porto, o viceversa, para evitar ir y venir. Día 1 - Llegando a Lisboa Llegamos a Lisboa después de un vuelo directo desde Montreal y tomamos el metro hasta Chiado , donde alquilamos ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 10th 2018

Exhausted, but satisfied with my layover adventure in Lisbon. Flights from EWR arrive at 5:45am to LIS, so I opted for the 10 hour layover, which gave me plenty of time to explore the city before getting back on the Barcelona bound plane. Compared to my previous experience flying TAP Air Portugal, the first leg of the flight fell a bit short. The stewardess in charge of my row was having a really hard day and it was clear (in her defense, she got tripped by someone’s mess in the aisle before the plane even took off). Though I had an aisle seat, it was right next to the slamming lavatory door and the stewardess station. Smells of microwaved food and excrement alternated from the frequented room beside me, and sleeping was out of the question ... read more
LIS pre-dawn
sunrise at Oriente
sunrise glow

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 8th 2018

After finishing biking in Italy we were on our way to Portugal. The original idea was that we would continue our bike ride along the coast of Portugal and some of the valleys. After we had a bit of a discussion, we decided that it may be a bit of a handful for us, even with E bikes so, we opted to fly into Lisbon, transfer to a flight to take us to Porto and stay in Porto for 3 nights so we could enjoy looking around this city that is located on the banks of the river Douro. As mentioned at the end of my last blog Di's bag didn't arrive at Porto so after a couple of hours waiting we finally got to our hotel at about 3am. Not a great start to our ... read more
Steeps and Alleyways.
The Douro River.

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 16th 2018

We had headed down to the town to catch a bus up the castle for the Alfama walk not knowing how much walking we could cope with. We used the metro to get there. It was a bit of a puzzle to find the right Square for the castle bus, Placa Figueira, because the downtown of Lisbon is a maze of squares and plazas. In any city with a metro, coming out of the right exit is always a challenge and each time we traveled on the same route this day we came out of different exits. Using we could could have seen exactly where we were but the hotel phone had an app specifically for Lisbon and it's transport, i think it was called 'citymapping'. Quite a few people were in the queue and ... read more
Ginger sherry

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