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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa October 7th 2009

Chegamos em Lisboa nesta segunda-feira, quando encontramos novamente com o João, que agora é um pobre sem-teto, que emprestou seu quarto para mim e para a Clarice, coitado! E eu tinha dito que não me importaria de dormir na banheira (falando nisso, ele tem uma cortina de chuveiro que é muito fofa, cheia de desenhinhos). Eu já conhecia a cidade, mas a Clarice está aqui pela primeira vez. Na noite em que chegamos, o João nos levou para comer bacalhau com a roomate dele brasileira (a Beta, que é "fixe") e o novo roomate dele espanhol (o Rubem, que é um menino meio esquisito de quem todos pegaram implicância). Enfim, estamos sendo muito bem recebidas!! É claro que, no entanto, nenhum post sobre Portugal poderia ser escrito sem a menção de algumas pérolas portuguesas, então vamos ... read more
Alguem sabe o que é uma "Leitaria Acadêmica"?
Castelo de São Jorge

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 29th 2009

So I got into Lisboa (aka Lisbon) on Sunday and its wonderful here! I actually ended up getting a ride with Francisco, the guy Im staying with while in Lisbon, so that was great! Saved me some money, and it was strangely nice to be in a car after having traveled by public transit for the last couple of weeks! We went to Fatima on the way, which is one of the most important religious sites in Europe. Although Im not particurlarly religious (as most of you know) it was still so beautiful there and very calm...they have signs everywhere asking you to be quiet so everyone who was there (which wasnt many since it was close to midnight) were sitting silently and praying. The most quiet Ive had since Ive been on this trip for ... read more
Balcalhau a Bras
Streets of Lisbon
Fountain in one of the town squares

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 22nd 2009

Hicran Cigdem Yorgancioglu LIZBON LISBOA _PORTAGUAL PORTEKIZ Seyahatinden Gunluklerinden /siirlerinden bir kac kesit Eser Sahibi (H.ÇİĞDEM YORGANCIOĞLU) Bu gezi yazısına dair 5846 sayılı Fikir ve Sanat Eserleri Kanunu’ndan doğan mali ve manevi hakların gerçek sahibidir. All rightS are reserved . Saat 03:00 … 92,000 km karelik bir ülkeye ..Portekiz’e FADO müziğe bir yolcumuz var .Bu yolcu ben olabilirim .Gönül rahatlığı ile uzanabilirim ben gönlümle Lizbon’a Pazar Sabahı 01.02.2004 Her uyanışımda kaç medeniyetin beşiği gıcırdar içimde bilseniz . Okyanusa dönük yüzüm … Ilıman bir iklim ,yeni bir dil yeni örf ve adetler …ve 20.yüzyılın yalnız şairi Fernando Pessoa'nın ülkesine değen ayaklarım .. İçimdeki keşiş şair bakalım nasıl konuşacak onunla .. Çıktığım yokuştan hayatın kendisi akıyor... read more
Cigdem Hicran Yorgancıoglu
Cigdem Hicran Yorgancıoglu
Cigdem Hicran Yorgancıoglu

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 21st 2009

Now I know why my spelling in the previous blogs are scewed. I am currently learning how to type on a Portugese keyboard. Previously it was a Spanish keyboard. Lol. We arrived at the Airport and you guessed it, our arranged meeting with our landlord did not happen. He arrived a little later, but thats ok. So, we tried to pull some dinero out of the machine that spits out money and it wouldn,t throw it up. Well I figured it was my debit card but it turns out there is a maximum per day you are allowed and I exceeded it. Our landlord is a fellow Quebecer from Quebec city. What a neat guy. Picked us up at the airport and brought us over to the 1 bedroom apt. We promptly went out to buy ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa September 18th 2009

Nazare - Ilha da Berlenga - Lisbon We left Nazare late on the morning of the 13th of September to sail down to the Island of Berlenga, a distance of 20 to 30 odd miles. We dropped our trolling gear over the side, hoping to pick up the odd mackerel. The conditions were incredibly nice for a gentle day sail down to the island and we just enjoyed the casualness of the trip for the first two or three hours. We ended up getting a bit of tide against us and decided that we needed to get to the island with enough light to be able to try and pick out an anchorage as we were advised that the holding ground where we were going was not all that great. On came the motor and we ... read more
Island of Berlengas
Going past Cabo de Roco
Just near the Island of Berlengas

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa August 9th 2009

Back to my random thoughts on the places we've been to. We had two days in Lisbon and it was another proper city break. We stayed in a hotel right in the city, which was nice as the last few we've stayed in have been outside the city centre. Admittedly, we were getting a bit tired of cities at this point. We wandered around the city our first night and noted that Lisbon has a lot of big squares. And by a lot, I mean every block or two. And they all have big statues commemorating wars, famous leaders, etc. It got a bit much after a while, I admit, and we kind of tuned out. At one point we saw a bunch of people sitting by the water (next to a big square) so we ... read more
Watching the water in Lisbon
Getting sick of the self-portraits yet?
Street in Barrio Alto

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 5th 2009

After my wonderful week in the sun-kissed land of Andalucia, I took a bus from Seville to Lagos on the south coast of Portugal (monday 29th June), which included an unexpected stop at the border crossing so that two Portugese police officers could board the bus and check everyone's passports; while a sniffer dog was dispatched to check the baggage hold for anything suspicious - which he must have found since one of the passengers onboard then had to open her suitcase so that the inspectors could search for anything untoward! Meanwhile one of the officers chastised me for saying 'si' when he asked me if it was my first time in Portugal; because in Portugal the word for yes is 'sim' - though I discovered later that the 'm' in 'sim' is silent anyway, so ... read more
Curving sweep of sand
Five friendly roommates
Whitewashed dome

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 1st 2009

Hello everyone and sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been a bit busy with a new project lately. I’ll do my best to catch you all up over the next couple of weeks... So after leaving Lagos in Portugal I caught the bus up north to the capital, Lisbon. To be honest I didn’t really know anything about Lisbon before getting there other than the fact it that it had 3 of the top rated hostels in the world there for some reason… For me that was as good a reason as any to visit it.. So I promptly checked myself into the number one rated which is called “Travellers House” in downtown Lisbon. First impressions were certainly good and they had a few nice touches I hadn’t seen before which helped me understand ... read more
arch in Lisbon
around Lisbon 1
some random lift

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa December 1st 2007

I often do crazy weekend trips and my trip to Lisbon was no exception. On Friday November 30, I headed out to Newark on Northwest and then caught a TAP Air Portugal Airbus 330 to Lisbon. I arrived into Lisbon at 5:30 am and within 30 minutes, I was on bus route 44 to downtown. The cost was 1.35 Euro. There is an airport express bus #91 but it does not start operating until 7:45 am. I walked all around the area near Praca do Comercio and Rua Augusta. I also walked up to Castelo Sao Jorge, which was a rough hike up hills and steps! At around 9 am, I took tram 15 to Belem so I could see the Torre de Belem. It was about a five minute walk from the Centro Cultural Belem ... read more
Rossio Square
Rossio Square
Praca do Comercio

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