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Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro January 24th 2024

How lucky can a person be? Tomorrow we leave for Portugal to spend a week with Anne’s brother and his wife in the house they have rented for a month. It will be a welcome break from all the rain that has fallen in January (what am I saying? If that had been snow we’d be buried 6 feet deep in it). It has been a dreary winter with very little snow and even less sun. I need some sun (and fun). I anticipate lots of walking in the sun. There are so many things to experience and see in Portugal. I love the old cities of Europe and each one has an ancient medieval village centre to be explored. The worn stone buildings and cobblestone streets have been beautifully and lovingly preserved. I can picture ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro July 31st 2023

Fun at Faro, Sensuality to Seville -Piprey on wheels Aug 2023 Faro and Olhao Missing the sun? Faro on the Algarve coast on Portugal was an ideal choice for a short summer holiday. Faro is located on a salt water lagoon on the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by many small islands. I booked easyjet from London Gatwick to Faro and a hostel (Pirate backpackers, Faro) for a couple of nights. Flight was delayed by an hour and reached Faro in the dead of night but the airport, about 2 kms from the sea had such a lovely sea breeze and so alive! The warm breeze greeted me with open arms as soon as I stepped out of the airport. I checked uber and within a few minutes, the price hiked from 7 to 15 Euro. Better to ... read more
Faro beach on lagoon side
Faro beach
Sardines on the floor in Faro

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro June 14th 2018

Today we said “Hello” to Portugal and to the small city of Faro, the capital of southern Portugal’s Algarve region, on the coast. Our bus trip, even though only short, stopped at a number of small towns, which gave us an insight into the south western part of Spain before entering Portugal. Coming into Faro it was hills and valleys covered in vegetation or crops of oranges, vines or vegetable crops. After walking around for quite a while, as well as t...aking an hour’s small boat trip out onto the Ria Formosa lagoon in the early evening, we were able to see that the dunes had created small islands and little peninsulas that protected a large area of marshes, channels and islets. Local fishermen were spotted out as well as an oyster farm. A sandy shoreline ... read more
Storks nesting

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro October 12th 2016

Geo: 37.0154, -7.93511Bom-Dia à tous,Nous sommes dans une chambre avec des français. On bavarde un bon moment. Aujourd'hui a notre grande surprise, il pleut beaucoup au matin et nuageux le reste de la journée. Un peu plus frisquet. Nous allons à Loulé. Une petite ville très jolie et un peu plus dans les terres. Puis allons à bras de Alportel. Jolie mais une peu morne. Nous revenons à l'auberge vers 16.00. Petite journée relaxe. Le temps nous y oblige. Le soleil semble vouloir revenir et nous allons assisté à son couché. On voit surtout beaucoup d'avion atterrir. La ville est super belle la nuit mais il a peu de monde dans les ruelles. Trop froid pour eux j'imagine. A demain.... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro October 11th 2016

Geo: 37.0154, -7.93511Bom-Dia à tous,Nous sommes partie vers midi. Nous sommes bien ici et on a pas envie de partir. Nous faisons 29km en 3 heures. Explorant tout les recoins possible en voiture. Nous arrêtons à Olhao. c'est un port de mer. Nous aimons beaucoup. On prend un café, puis nous allons a Faro, cette fois on y prend un verre de vin. Finalement nous avons passé la journée à observer nos semblables. Pour moi c'est toujours un plaisir par contre Réjean lisait son livre. ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro August 15th 2015

Faro, the Algarve’s administrative capital, is a city of some 65,000 located about 30 miles (50 km) west of the Spanish border. Besides the usual buildings, stores, hotels and artisan shops, it is a fishing port, a railway hub, and the site of the International Airport, the University of the Algarve, and three museums. It has been occupied at least since Roman times, with the Moors developing it as a port starting in the 8thcentury. Most of the artifacts from those periods were destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 or periodic raids by booty-seeking crusaders and sea-borne raiders. Nevertheless, today there is still much to see and do. The most interesting parts are those within the old 13th century walls beside the port, and the nearby pedestrian mall, which offers good shopping and restaurants. Within the ... read more
Faro was a fortified port even before Roman times.
The Arco da Vila, (1812) gateway to Cathedral Square and Old Faro is a National Monument.
Faro's austere 13th century fortress-cathedral, whose side chapels are baroque masterpieces.

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro November 1st 2013

November 1&2: It's amazing the pretties things that you're all consumed with; like this time last year all my worries were about my boyfriend, my physics grade, if my semi formal dance dress looked good and if people liked me...traveling has put so much viewpoint in my life. I now understand that a misses turn on a map or a eating too many French fries (the answers is always inevitable "yes") is not (by any means) the end of the world, it's simply an addition to my life, to my journey. And right now, my journey through life is and has been exceptional. I mean, I'm currently sitting on a bus going through the Algarve in southern Portugal, having just visited the town of Taviera, where there was a castle and gorgeous bridges. This Morning I ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro October 31st 2013

On the road the air to Portugal again...!!! I am currently sitting on a flight to Faro, in southern Portugal, with my new friends: Jen from Canada and Magali from Belgium, both au pairs in Vigo with me. And along with it being a new city in a new country, it also happens to be: HALLOWEEN!!!! Thus, I have a pair of white sheer fairy wings tucked into the overheard compartment. These last few weeks have been nice, filled with fun times with the kids, busy and confusing school days, where I trudge to and from the university with my new friend--Leo, from Georgia--and attend a class filled with German students who have all studied Spanish at least three years longer than I have; bit all this I so with a big grin because ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro August 2nd 2013

This morning we relaxed and built up an appetite for the Ribizio (all-you-can-eat fish) by running and swimming. We went back to the same restaurant and had all the same staff (same greeter, same waiter, same owner lady) and they remembered us and even remembered what Russell's favourite fish was last time! This time Nigel had the Robizio along with Russell. I had grilled squid and Rachel stuck with the bunless burger although once the fish started coming, she wished she'd had the fish too...... The fish started coming and Round 1 was Blue Mackerel (Russell's favourite from last time). It was a big hit again. Next up was Sea Bass (they loved this one too). Next was salmon steaks. Then Scarab which was Nigel's second favourite (after blue mackerel)! Russell got this far and then ... read more
...and after
Cuttle Fish with black ink

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro July 27th 2013

Dear reader. Yet again another day without photos. We updated to Flash 11 and now the photo upload function doesn't work. Hope Travel Blog gets it fixed soon. CORRECTION. We switched over to Chrome and now it all works. You'll see photos from today and yesterday to catch you up. Anyways, today was market day in Loule. There were two markets today. One is the weekly market outside and the other is an indoor market that is held daily. The outdoor one featured fresh produce, cheeses, nuts, sausages, etc as well as the most popular vendor who made fresh fihols (those hot donuts dipped in cinnamon - the word translated to "dreams"). So yummy. Inside there were lots of fresh fish vendors as well as some permanent shops selling pottery and lace goods (traditional Portuguese). We ... read more
Blue mackeral
Gillet Head
Sea breem - yummy

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