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August 2nd 2013
Published: August 2nd 2013
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We had a Robizio (all you can eat) fish lunch on the boardwalk/marina area of Portimao. Then we spent the evening in Silves at the Medieval Festival.

Russell had one (too many)Russell had one (too many)Russell had one (too many)

The popular beers here are Super Bock, Cristal and Sagres. Nigel liked Cristal best.
This morning we relaxed and built up an appetite for the Ribizio (all-you-can-eat fish) by running and swimming. We went back to the same restaurant and had all the same staff (same greeter, same waiter, same owner lady) and they remembered us and even remembered what Russell's favourite fish was last time! This time Nigel had the Robizio along with Russell. I had grilled squid and Rachel stuck with the bunless burger although once the fish started coming, she wished she'd had the fish too......

The fish started coming and Round 1 was Blue Mackerel (Russell's favourite from last time). It was a big hit again. Next up was Sea Bass (they loved this one too). Next was salmon steaks. Then Scarab which was Nigel's second favourite (after blue mackerel)! Russell got this far and then only had one piece of the Scarab (she brought 4 big pieces so Russell had one and Nigel had 3). Then came Cuttlefish (including the ink) which Russell did not like and Nigel ate but didn't love. The ink gave it a pungent flavour. Last plate was just for Nigel (Russell had put his fork down officially) and she brought a Horse Mackerel and

Blue Mackerel on the left, horse (or regular) Mackerel on the right.
another Blue Mackerel. He was stuffed by the end and didn't really eat dinner. All in all, the meal was all he imagined it would be and more! They were both in fish heaven. My meal was also great and Rachel seemed to enjoy hers too.

Having spent a few hours eating......we went back to the house to swim and digest. Then we headed out around 6pm to Silves Castle where the Medieval Festival was being held. This is a really popular event and was really well done. There are vendors set up on all the cobblestone roads around and leading up to the castle (hundreds of booths) selling everything from crafts, soap, jewelry, medieval clothing and shoes, handmade swords and puppets. Then there were the food vendors selling sausages, kebabs, ribs, beer, wine, sangria, liquors, baked goods, nuts, dried fruits, etc. So much to see. Plus, about the half the people there are in costume! Not just the people working there! Lots of kids and adults visiting the festival are dressed in medieval outfits. Nigel really wanted to buy a costume but I talked him out of it on the argument that it wouldn't get a lot of
...and after...and after...and after

Blue on the left, horse on the right. Of all the fish we tried. The Blue Mackerel was the best, while something called Scarrab came a close second.
use once back home. He wasn't convinced.....

We really enjoyed the festival and all the activities. There was entertainment at almost every corner from belly dancers to drummers to musicians. Great night and another full day in the Algarve.

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Cuttle Fish with black inkCuttle Fish with black ink
Cuttle Fish with black ink

We didn't like this one. Acquired taste.
Stained teethStained teeth
Stained teeth

The cuttle fish ink leaves your mouth and teeth black for awhile. Not recommended on a first date.
Silves Medieval Festival posterSilves Medieval Festival poster
Silves Medieval Festival poster

This event was MASSIVE. There were 1,500-2,000 people wandering the ancient streets and markets of Silves.
Period costumePeriod costume
Period costume

Local residents, and those guests that paid a fee, get to wander around the event in full costume.
What home is complete without a hooka?What home is complete without a hooka?
What home is complete without a hooka?

We noticed a lot of smokers in Portugal. We didn't notice any hooka smokers, although there was every shape and size available for sale at several booths.
Moroccan hatMoroccan hat
Moroccan hat

Rachel sporting her arabic hat. The vendor really liked Lori. Started at 5 then 4 then 3 Euros. Never made the sale though.
Persian rugsPersian rugs
Persian rugs

There were over 300 vendors selling all "moorish" products.

We had the "dream" donuts again. I you-tubed it so we'll be making these in Ajax when we get home. We're taking appointments from August 7th on - ha.
Dried fruitsDried fruits
Dried fruits

Some vendors were roasting nuts on the spot. Others had giant shwarma roasters cooking. Yet others had figs, dates (both on the stem) and every imaginable dried fruit. The green ones are kiwis.

Ribs, Churrasco (BBQ sausage), lots of kebabs, chicken piri piri, etc.. There were all these eating areas with long wooden planks for tables and bales of hay for benches.
Sangria fountainSangria fountain
Sangria fountain

Nigel quickly learned that you are NOT allowed to cup your hand and take some.
Statue RachelStatue Rachel
Statue Rachel

Every time we pass a statue, Rachel strikes the same pose.
Statue Rachel IIStatue Rachel II
Statue Rachel II

She does it for large statues, small statues, figurines...
Fast food courtFast food court
Fast food court

Like the chairs?
Sitar, flute & drumSitar, flute & drum
Sitar, flute & drum

These guys accompanied the belly dancers.

3rd August 2013

Best yet
Best blog yet....loved all the descriptive pics!
3rd August 2013

Great pics!
The festival looks like a lot of fun - it was nice to finally see a family pic. Don wonders whether Nigel & Russell are tired of fish yet!

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