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October 31st 2013
Published: November 6th 2013
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On the road again...in the air again...off to Portugal again...!!!

I am currently sitting on a flight to Faro, in southern Portugal, with my new friends: Jen from Canada and Magali from Belgium, both au pairs in Vigo with me. And along with it being a new city in a new country, it also happens to be: HALLOWEEN!!!! Thus, I have a pair of white sheer fairy wings tucked into the overheard compartment.

These last few weeks have been nice, filled with fun times with the kids, busy and confusing school days, where I trudge to and from the university with my new friend--Leo, from Georgia--and attend a class filled with German students who have all studied Spanish at least three years longer than I have; bit all this I so with a big grin because I am fortunate and happy in my life.

Apart from that I am knee high in plans for my backpacking trip around Europe.

But as I sit here on this plane, my iPod shuffles to "wagon wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show, and I think of my mountains and friends and mum, and yet I don't not want for home, I don't ache for it, I simply sit here and think of it all and know I am where I should be.

I sit here and I think "wow", what a life I have! Filled with amazing people and things and places and experiences...I feel so alive and so ready for anything ( hopefully the good, but I know I am strong enough to take the bad too). I have suffered, rejoiced and lived in between too and now I can confidently say "thank you" to the universe for the hand of cards I have been dealt, for the life I have.

The lasts few days, weeks, have proceed as before: with early, Painful mornings getting the babies ready for school, afternoon pick-ups, visits to the gym (with my new gym buddy Jen), Spanish class where I struggle not to look completely inept.

What has changed however, are my plans. I have decided to go traveling! One of my biggest dreams, is coming true. Starting in mid December I'll be on the move!

First, I shall meet up with my mum and amazing aunt to travel to San Sebastián, Barcelona and Valencia. After that, mum and I will head to morocco for an 8 day tour. From there she'll fly home and I'll fly to France!

I'll then backpack around Western Europe for about 4 months, meeting new and old friends and loving (most, if not every) minute of it!

So while I'm in Vigo, I am enjoying my time, working hard, learning a lot and making friends too.

So I am happy, content and exceptionally fortunate.

After landing we took a taxi to the casa Hostel where we had a nice check in with a sweet Ukraine girl. We went straight out and bought groceries before coming back to the hostel; and while the other two napped, I relaxed and did some research about my trip--which I am getting more and more excited about! Then we had an unpleasant surprise: Magali woke up to find her bed filled with bed bugs....we immediately switched rooms but have been terrified of everything ever since. We then made dinner and dressed up for Halloween! Jen was a bumble bee, Magali a cat or mouse depending on your personal opinion, and I was a fairy!

We then went out with some people from the hostel for drinks. The person I ended up talking to decide to tell me all about his hatred of Islam...and well religion in general, but mainly Islam...I bit my tongue and just through in some direct Quran quotes to prove my points...but he was obviously pretty close minded and I didn't need that kind of person any where near me. Luckily we escaped soon and scurried back to the hostel!


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