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October 9th 2013
Published: October 9th 2013
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Today began with munchkins and ended with <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">How I Met Your Mother, so I’d say that’s a pretty successful day! I got up again to the sound of some tacky alarm and the sound of children’s groans, I got dressed and then got breakfast ready before helping Susi get the kids up and ready. After a grueling time with Lucia, who was in a BAD mood, I walked them to school and began one of my favorite parts of the day—walking back from dropping them off from school, because I know that the possibilities of my day are ENDLESS. Today I wasn’t too tired to I talked to Susi in Spanish some (GO ME!) and then I dozed and read in bed.

I then went to meet some girls for lunch and fro-yo (again: my favorite thing) before I went home and had a five minute Skype with my mum and my aunt.

I then started planning our Morocco trip (WHICH THEY COMMITTED TO!!) and my trip with the other au pairs to Santiago at the end of October.

And then Susi and Pablo told me I was free for an extra hour so I hit the gym for a good workout. I then went to pick up Jorge from football.

We walked home before I impressed myself with home well I handled he and Lucia. I got them to do their homework without fighting and got them into their PJs. The only down side was the whole shower spraying tons of water everywhere thing…but they knew it was an accident and forgave me—me helping clean it up probably helped!

Next we had dinner and I did laundry while watching the kids and then everyone went their separate ways: the kids to bed and me to my room to…(drum roll please) <em style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal;">How I Met Your Mother. Goodnight Sweet world!


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