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Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 20th 2019

The centre of Poznan is full of green spaces, but the biggest by far is Citadel Park. We took the 20 minute stroll north of the city centre for a look round. It looks like a park, but in reality is the remains of what was a sizeable fortress. It largely avoided any serious military activity until 1945 and for the most part was used as a prison. The Germans primarily used it was a POW camp from 1939 onwards, but it proved a key stronghold as the conclusion of the Battle for Poznan was played out in February 1945. The majority of the city was taken by the Red Army on 16 February, but the Citadel held out until 23 February. The bricks and rubble of what remained was then largely used in the reconstruction ... read more
Poznan Street Art
Citadel Park, Poznan
Freedom Square, Poznan

Europe » Poland June 19th 2019

17-19 June 2019 After an appointment with the physio to have a last look at Wendy’s shoulder before our travels we left home after lunch, had an uneventful journey through the Channel Tunnel and stayed the night at the Aire at Bergues, inland from Dunkirk. Then followed two long days driving to reach the Polish resort of Swinoujscie on the Baltic coast just over the border from Germany. A total of 890 miles from home.... read more
First view of the Baltic

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan June 15th 2019

The monsoon season was still ongoing across UK. The heavens had opened at the weekend and bucket loads of rain continued to fall, as we approached midweek. There was a brief respite, as we cautiously trundled down the M1. Oh what a difference it was from last summer, when we became tired of yet another baking, dry day. We were bound for a heatwave in Eastern Europe. It had been 30 degrees plus for weeks in Poland and there was no sign of it abating. We walked out of the terminal at Poznan Airport into a wall of heat. As a man of public transport, the last thing I usually do is look for a taxi. The weather and it being the Other Half's birthday, softened me up and we sped off for the Old Town. ... read more
Cathedral Island, Poznan
Old Town Square, Poznan
Jesuit College Poznan

Europe » Poland June 1st 2019

Heute heißt es früh aufstehen, denn wir starten mit der Columbia schon um ca. halb acht in Richtung Schweiz, um uns mit Bozi zu treffen und dann endlich die Russland-Runde zu starten. Wg. Zoll müssen wir zunächst in EDVK Kassel-Calden zwischenlanden. Die Flugsicherung nervt noch etwas mit Departure-Slots und der Flugplan von Altenrhein nach Olstyn ist "suspended". Ein kurzer Anruf bei AIS Frankfurt klärt die Lage. Das Wetter ist bestens und so sind wir schon kurz nach 11:00 in Altenrhein. Das Alpenpanorama im Anflug auf "People's Airport" Altenrhein ist wieder einmal sehr beeindruckend. Bozi hat schon alles perfekt vorbereitet. Im Funk erfahren wir bereits vorm Aufsetzen "custom clearance approved" und "taxi direct to hangar charlie two", wo uns Bozi schon freudig winkend erwartet. Das Gepäck ist schnell umgeladen, die Cheyenne ausgehallt und die Columbia sicher im ... read more
Ankunft in Olsztyn-Mazury
Design Hotel Veranda

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 29th 2019

Back in Krakow, and time to wander streets in the reviving former Jewish quarter. Music here and there weaving through the streets, and an immense sense of bustling life and industry behind the crumbling, ruined facades. A harshly-lit bookshop presided over by a tall and melancholy bearded man, and a gloomy bookshop in what had been a temple...our footsteps creaked and echoed on the arthritic wooden floors, I remember. Lots of art and craft workshops bubbling up, busy with the usual tat and second-hand clothes, and the occasional astoundingly beautiful odd piece of metal, or bark, or paper. I wonder if anyone actually remembers what each of those objects was used for. The stated aim is to bring Kazimierz back to life again as it was in the early 1940s....... read more

Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra May 25th 2019

It’s Saturday, AKA parkrun day, and the main reason for the trip; the old man running a parkrun beginning with Z. He booked a hotel right next to the park. Unfortunately, not the correct park – that’s 2 miles away. We get up after a bad night’s sleep. The Qubus Hotel is rather flimsy; you can hear people walking around on other floors, the bed is two flimsy single beds with a double mattress topper. It’s uncomfortable and wobbly – like sleeping on a lilo. The curtains are flimsy, so by 5 am the room is flooded with sunlight and the windows are flimsy, so by 7 am the room is full of the noise of nearby building works. We get ready and I set the satnav for Zielona Gora parkrun. This takes us to the ... read more
Berlin Schoenefeld

Europe » Poland » Lubusz » Zielona Góra May 24th 2019

Our last day in Poland and time to make tracks for Zielona Góra for the old man’s coveted ‘Z’ parkrun. We initially intended to go to Żary, but there has been much dispute among parkrun nerds over recent weeks on whether Żary should count as a Z, when it actually starts with a Ż. Some argued that a Ż is just a Z with an accent, while the linguistic purists insisted that in Polish, it is a separate letter of the alphabet. The purists won and thus our travel plans were rearranged. We stop en route for brunch. I have been thinking about last night’s horrendous meal. It occurs to me, that over the years, many people have migrated to the UK and we have embraced their culinary culture. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say; ... read more
Winny Park
Winny Park
Winny Park

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan May 23rd 2019

It’s time to start the journey back to Berlin, stopping tonight at Poznań. Mainly because it’s half way rather than because my guide book enthuses about Poznań, which it doesn’t. It’s another 4 plus hour drive but this time we are allowed to stop. To prove we’re really living the dream, we have brunch in a KFC in a motorway service station. If there was a prize for the meal which looked least like the photo on the menu, my cheese wrap would win. I consider whether to try and return the cremated pile of crap in a country where I can’t speak the language, but the old man scoffs it. No matter, I have a bucket of chips. After that healthy interlude, we continue to Poznań, which is a lot bigger than I’d expected. And ... read more
Testing the water in Poznań
Town hall
Town hall

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw May 23rd 2019

Rain, rain, rain! from the moment we arrived and at almost every crutial moment. Although maybe I am being a little harsh as we had some thankful breaks in the clouds. We couldn't check in until 1pm and arrived at 6am, so sat in a cafe at Centralia until 10am and then risked the weather for the 10.30 am old town walk.   Together with the long walk from Centralia we gave up before it finished and made our way towards the airbnb. Warsaw's Old Town has been completely reconstructed from old photos as it was completely bombed by the Nazis as punishment for the Poles in Warsaw trying to protect the Jews. Everywhere you go in Europe there are reminders of the horrors of World War II. Weronika and her huge dog Peggy greeted us ... read more
Warsaw Old Town Square
Street Art in Praga, across the river from Warsaw
Old Town Alongside the River Praga

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 23rd 2019

The sun came out during our bus ride to Krakow and by the time we arrived the day was perfect. I was a little anxious during our trip as I had not yet received check in information for our next airbnb but finally about 10 mins before arrival the host communicated with me and sent cryptic photos referring as to where to locate the key. Anyhow! it turned out to be a great location and big bonus that we had the whole apartment to ourselves. Only downside was that we had no Internet because the host hadn't paid his bill and wouldn't respond to our messages. Our worst airbnb host experience so far. Arriving on a Saturday in beautiful weather, Krakow put on an impressive show for us. Sunny and buzzing with tourists, amazing buildings, cafes, ... read more
Our first cake sample in Krakow

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