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Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 16th 2019

The best way to spend your free time? Active recreation! If you are a sports fan and you are not couch potato, come to Krakow, where you will not be bored! What can you do in this unique city? In addition to the party atmosphere and lots of tourist attractions, great adventure await you on the race track! Hit the gas, enjoy the speed and feel like a champion of the race track. But first a bit of history! If you want to see the true motoring gems of the past decades, be sure to check out the Museum of Urban Engineering, where you will find unique cars and move in time. You will find here cars and motorcycles made in Poland from the 1930s and learn a bit about the history of public transport in ... read more

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk November 28th 2018

After the frustrations on the visit that never was to Westerplatte, we were back on the WW2 trail this morning on our final day. Fortunately the geography was much simpler this time and it was a mere 5-10 minute walk from the hotel. We stored our bags after check out and set off. A few spots of rain fell and threatened to dampen the mood, but it soon blew over. When the Free City of Danzig was formed under the Treaty of Versailles, a postal base was established for the new Polish nation. It was considered extraterritorial Polish land. The building used on Hevelius Square was originally built as a German Military Hospital, but from 1930 the main section became the Polish Post Office. It employed about 100 people, although a number of those were part ... read more
Polish Post Office Monument, Gdansk
WW2 Museum, Gdansk
Central Library, Gdansk

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Sopot November 27th 2018

We awoke to a bright blue sky. The low clouds of yesterday blown away in the sudden downpour after returning from Stadion Energa. The breakfast in the Hotel Farenheit was top rate. The only minor drawback was the speed at which the coffee machine dispensed it’s latte. We sent the Main in the Middle off in an advance party to prepare the beverages. The other two are always keen on a boat trip, so when I suggested a gentle meander along the river towards the sea they were both up for it. The target was the peninsula at Westerplatte. Westerplatte was the site of minor Polish military fortifications in 1939 that had been sanctioned in the Free City by the Treaty of Versailles, as the world stumbled to another major conflict. It was here that the ... read more
Sopot Pier
Sopot Pier
Sopot Pier

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Rzeszów November 26th 2018

It had been a stressful few months, unexpected health issues were quite alarming and we were still in the midst of tests to find out exactly what was going on. Thankfully the Dr's authorised me to go and have a few days break to Poland so off we went...😅Because of the flight times etc we opted to fly out of East Midlands and back into Luton. Public transport was quite costly to get back from Luton so Andrew drove the car down on the day so it was ready for our return. 1 x train ticket and parking was a better option than 3 x train tickets and of course it gave us more reassurance than relying on public transport to get back. So on the day, Andrew was busy with the car and myself and ... read more
All Saint's Day

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk November 26th 2018

The Man in the Middle was back in the crew for this trip. He had a surplus of holiday days to use before the end of 2018, so the motor trade was going to have to survive without him for a short while. He provided the usual practice for the security staff, as they deemed him Public Enemy Number 1. The beanie hat is always worthy of good scrutiny and he was given the full rub down and body massage before being allowed safe passage to a foreign land. We were in the minority of tourists on the large capacity Wizzair Boeing 737, the majority being Polish nationals on their way back the homeland for a holiday or maybe because they had tired of watching the Brexit circus unfold and had decided to vacate the country ... read more
Town Hall, Gdansk

Europe » Poland September 24th 2018

I have now finished sorting and uploading pictures for this most recent South East Asia and Australia trip. I've added a total of 1239 pictures across the 95 blog posts from the trip and photos can now be viewed attached to each day's blog. The 1239 pictures uploaded is roughly 4% of the total pictures I took on this trip. If you wish to view these, I recommend either starting from this post and clicking the 'previous entry' button in the top left hand corner to go back through the posts in reverse chronological order or going to the trip page here where all the blogs from this trip are listed in chronological order. The first few pictures are embedded in the text and in cases where there are more pictures from that day than the ... read more

Europe » Poland September 12th 2018

Just for some fun which some readers may find informative, I’ve decided to do a thorough round up of everything of the trip, mainly the wildlife seen and the total overall costs. The total trip was 111 days which is one day short of 16 weeks or a week and a bit short of four months, from the 23rd of May to the 10th of September. During this time I visited five countries and went on 13 flights (meaning 13 individual planes, counting one trip with a connection as two). Mammals: I don’t have as detailed statistics for mammals as I do for birds, because my mammal listing involves only a ZooChat yearlist and a simple spreadsheet lifelist. Unlike with birds where I use the HBW system to keep my records. The total trip list for ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland September 8th 2018

As a child my understanding of Eastern Europe was prejudiced by reading books like Solzhenitsyn’s “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch”. With its Gulag drudgery and cabbage soup, it was a pretty grim picture. After decades of BBC propaganda, I was expecting dreary concrete box slums, and grey citizens; it was all they showed on tv. Yet any of those shots of miserable housing blocks and people could have been filmed in north Manchester. When you actually go to Eastern Europe you realise the ‘border’ between east and west is a more a political construct than anything else. Krakow at least is a cracking place and the people smile in plenty. Cheap flights and cheap beer have made the city a bit of a stag and hen party destination and there were several parties ... read more
Nearby countryside
Main square

Europe » Poland July 27th 2018

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion (II Corinthians 9:11). Our last build day arrived far too soon. It is a day filled with mixed emotions, but even so, we are ready to tackle the day. Amy shared during the devotions/reflections time by reading from her 2014 fundraising appeal letter for Habitat: "I am a grateful Habitat homeowner who can sum up 2011 in one word: loss. After the worst of it, I stopped to look around like a survivor after a tornado, surveying the damage that had interrupted our lives. It took us over two years and a lot of tears to finally be able exhale. And, when we did, I realized that I had to somehow find a way to turn those negatives into a ... read more
Converted stables into hotel rooms at Pałac Żaków

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw July 26th 2018

We breezed through breakfast and met Robert outside for this morning's devotions/reflection time. He found the definition of "family" on Google and shared that family can consist of your own family members, a household, and even the servants of a household. Closest to you are the members of your immediate family and then, this week, our collective family of volunteers. Family means to feel secure, to have someone you can count on, and someone who shares your problems. But it also means to have respect and responsibility for each other. And so we can also count the family we're working with as our family, too. They are part of our global village! Our photos show the progress we are making on our various tasks, and they also show how we are coming together as a global ... read more
Heading to the jobsite.
Asia and Zygmunt

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