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Europe » Poland October 10th 2019

Poland- những ngày đầu đặt chân đến trời Âu... Thế là đã 10 ngày kể từ khi tôi đặt chân đến mảnh đất xa lạ này. Cảm nghĩ sao nhỉ? Có lúc cảm thấy nhớ và thèm đồ ăn Việt Nam kinh khủng, có lúc thì doubt myself vì ở Việt Nam đang làm công việc mình yêu thích, lương cao thì không làm mà nhảy qua đây. Anyway, never regret about my decision. Cuộc sống ở Balan của tôi vây quanh bởi Mưa, rét, bánh mì, những trang web và tin nhắn tìm việc, công việc bếp lại quay lai với tôi với việc rửa chén và làm việc trong nhà bếp. Không sao đâu Hà, rồi mọi chuyện sẽ ổn thôi. Đây sẽ làm cơ hội lớn cho mày du lịch vòng quanh châu ... read more

Europe » Poland September 24th 2019

I’ve always used John Brierly’s guides to the Camino routes. They are the standard guide to the stages in the major Camino routes. Stop in any village for lunch and you’ll see people with their noses buried in Brierly, sussing out the what challenges they’re facing in the afternoon. Today we’d planned a relatively unchallenging 13 mile walk along an “ecovista” path up the Minho River. We headed out of Vila Ancora de Praia, walking along the ocean. It was slightly overcast and big six foot rollers were crashing into the rocky shore. Very moody. We walked for about 5.5 miles then stopped for lunch in the ancient village of Caminha. All good so far - pretty flat walking. After lunch we headed off, crossing a long bridge over a tributary of the Minho. It was ... read more
Homage To the Fishermen.
Caminha Main Square
House Along the River with “Widow’s Walk” Up Top

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków September 9th 2019

Today was another early morning to go on the Salt Mine tour just out of Krakow. It was wet again but fined up early afternoon. These salt mines first started in the 13 Century when salt was scarce and expensive. But at the same time was needed to preserve certain foods. The tour only covers 1% of the mines(about 3km) and it is underground throughout the size of the town of Wieliczka. In fact you pop up in the centre of the town at the end of the tour. The 1% is huge as you slowly descend on foot (over 400 steps) 135 metres below ground. The walls around you and the floor below you is all salt in most of the mine. The miners worked an 8 hour day and certainly not in the conditions ... read more
The miners steps
Wieliczka Salt Mines bear Krakow -Salt Sculpture
Salt Sculpture

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków September 8th 2019

Sitting in the bar at street level as I write this. My hotel is on the edge of the Main Market Square so no cars are allowed. The sun is beginning to lower and buildings becoming covered in shade. The day began early as I was joining a city tour on foot and needed to be at the meeting place quite early. Wasn’t sure what the day would bring as it was quite wet as I looked out my window at first light. Steady rain and the only human life in the quiet of the morning was a robed monk strolling along oblivious to the rain. His pace was meditative and I wondered what his day entailed. There were temporary event railings all along the promenade which turned out to be a business half marathon for ... read more
Jewish Quarter Cemetery Krakow
Jewish Quarter Walled Cemetery Krakow
Jewish Quarter Square Cemetery Krakow

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków September 7th 2019

Up early for train departure. Walked to the station which was not far away. Only challenge being the cobblestone driveways every 20metres. Case wheels don’t roll too smoothly over them. But I soon got into the rhythm of 20 metres rolling my case and then pulling over the cobblestones. Not a fan of Warsaw Station- quite confusing if you don’t speak Polish and no officials on the platform to ask and information window were not helpful. Considering it’s the country’s capital it didn’t offer what it needed to. Anyway, finally got on the intercity train to Krakow. Very comfortable but a little bit disconcerting that my case had to stay on a luggage rack away from my view. Was relieved at the other end that it was still there. Nice surprise if someone took it- clothes ... read more
Scenery from the train from Warsaw to Krakow
Scenery from the train from Warsaw to Krakow
Scenery from the train from Warsaw to Krakow

Europe » Poland September 6th 2019

Second day in Warsaw and join a half day tour to cover some ground. We did the Royal Route which covered, you guessed it!- many royal residences along with historic churches and Baroque sculptures. We went for a 40 minute walk through the royal gardens where Chopin (who is Polish born) has musical park benches and a beautiful amphitheatre created by trees and with seating provided. They have a Chopin concert there every Sunday afternoon. Just gorgeous. Red squirrels 🐿 running around. These gardens have no cyclists or dogs allowed and is very peaceful to walk through. Then it was Warsaw’s reminders of 20th century history including the Jewish Ghetto area and museum and nazi takeover. It’s hard to imagine they were under communist reign until 1989. Our guide gave us many insights that I had ... read more
The Orangy- Royal Gardens
Royal gardens
Century old chestnut tree

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk September 5th 2019

Po co wracać do miejsc, w których już się było? Przecież nie można oczekiwać tej radosnej ekscytacji przed spotkaniem z miastem, w którym jeszcze się nie lądowało. Nie można czekać z zapartym tchem (czasami dosłownie) na to jakie zapachy lub odory wciągniemy nosem zaraz po tym gdy wysiądziemy pierwszy raz z samolotu. Jednak są takie miejsca, które wydają się stworzone dla nas. Dla jednych to Egipt, Tunezja, Grecja lub Turcja i słodki rytm pobudka-śniadanie-basen-obiad-basen/plaża-kolacja-spać. Dla innych coroczny wyjazd nad polskie morze i romantyczne spacery wśród dymu plażowych smażalni. My mieliśmy na ten rok plan. Planem była wyprawa w Himalaje. Jednak gdy tylko dowiedzieliśmy się, że Basia może wziąć urlop we wrześniu dogadaliśmy się w sposób prawie telepatyczny. Musieliśmy wrócić do Japonii. Aby mieć w niej coś z Himalajów zaplan... read more

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw September 5th 2019

Left Berlin early this morning. Farewelled Ann and Bill from Oz at breakfast. They are doing the same independent package as me but a day later. Lovely couple. Peak hour traffic getting to the station was no different to anywhere else except for the hundreds of cyclists. Berlin International Station was buzzing as people moved through the enormous complex getting food, Raul-fresh (toilets) and then onto their departure platform- mine was 11. Double checked with the guard in his smart hat and waited. A very elderly humped over lady with clothes every colour of the rainbow makes me smile and I hope I have her spirit for life as I age. Eventually my train to Warsaw arrived. Carriage 276, Seat 15. And no, there were not 276 carriages- the Germans just thought they would throw that ... read more
Berlin Central Station
Berlin Central Station
Platform Guard with his fancy hat.

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 2nd 2019

Well, what a difference a day makes. Steady rain is falling in the Square, the temperature has dropped 18°c to a chilly 14°c, and I left all of my warm clothes in Luxembourg. I just need to survive until 4pm tomorrow, and I’ll be in the air on a flight to Lisbon; 33°c tomorrow, thanks very much. With most people moving on today, all of Sue’s and my family have gathered for the last breakfast together in Poland. We ate at Mleczarnia, The Dairy, and a comprehensive menu satisfied all tastes, from the healthy porridge and fresh fruit to my choice which was the bacon and eggs with a salad. As we left, the dark skies opened and the first rain since Paris caught me without my rain gear...again. We managed to make it back to ... read more
Still looks great in the rain.
The Dumpling Shop

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 1st 2019

With lights turned out at 2.30 this morning, waking at 6am with the bright sunlight streaming in was too early. I had a dull headache from lack of sleep; 3.5 hours of sleep just didn’t cut it. We showered and read a paper or two and wandered out to the breakfast room at 9am. The early birds had already eaten one course and returned for more, while the hard core , vodka infused stopouts missed breakfast entirely; it finished at 11am. The food was similar to the night before. A large range of meats , salads, eggs, sausages complimented the standard mueslI, yoghurt, bread and honey or jam that most Australians recognise as a full breakfast. It was all tempting but I held back, conscious of the garden party in a few hours that is lunch, ... read more
The Breakfast Setting
Relaxing out of the sun.

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