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Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków July 18th 2021

The sky was full of lightning, the thunder was rumbling and the rain was pouring but that did not stop Tom from continuing his tour showing the beautiful arts & crafts architecture in Krakow. The summer jazz festival was going ahead despite the weather. In 1978, the entire old town of Krakow was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The illuminated buildings against the dark skies looked even more spectacular with the flashes of lightning. The Main Market Square was built in the 13th century after the city was demolished by the Tatars, it is the largest medieval square in Europe. The Cloth Hall is the centerpiece of the Main Market Square, it was closing at 9pm but we were able to go inside at least out of the rain for Tom. We were able to ... read more

Europe » Poland » West Pomeranian » Szczecin May 10th 2021

I have always welcomed solo travel. It began for me in the Seventies and Eighties, when I traversed our great country for business travel. I was a health care consultant for over twenty years. My job led me to about 35 or 40 of our states. I completed my quest to visit all FIFTY states in 2014, with a train ride from Chicago to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Those of you who have never done it are missing out on one of life's most interesting adventures. Yes, I have the best travel buddy in the world, Mr. Mike. But when he does not or cannot go, I will go. Why not you? Here are some interesting thoughts from Food and Wine: “Traveling alone can be a unique experience, and it’s something that a majority (66 percent) of ... read more
Solo at St. Basil's
The moto foodie tour in Hanoi

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 19th 2021 18th February - Jewish Quarter Krakow Kazimierz – the district south of the Old Tiwn was the centre of Jewish life in Kraków for over 500 years, before it was systematically destroyed during World War II. In the communist era it became one of Kraków’s dodgiest districts while gradually falling into disrepair. Rediscovered in the 1990s, thanks to the fall of the regime and worldwide exposure through the lens of Steven Spielberg in the film Schindler’s List Today, our virtual guide Christopher took us around this bohemian neighbourhood packed with historical sites, atmospheric cafes and art galleries, although due to Covid all closed. At one time there were 19 synagogues in this area now there are 7 active synagogues. It was interesting to hear how the Nazi’s used some of the synagogues as stabl... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków February 15th 2021 15th February Krakow Christopher was the virtual tour guide today. We started in Kraków’s main market square. Originally designed in 1257 - the year Kraków was awarded its charter – the grid-like layout of the Old Town and its central square has changed little in the years that have followed. Measuring 200 metres square it ranks as one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. St. Mary’s church After raids in the 13th century left the original church in a heap of ruins, St. Mary’s was rebuilt in Gothic style on the existing foundations and consecrated in 1320. In the early 15th century the towers took the iconic form they have today, when the northern tower was raised and made into a watchtower for the city. It is from here that on the hour every ... read more

Europe » Poland October 12th 2020

Polsko a hlavne sever v okoli gdanskusom mal v plane uz davnejsie, no stale do toho nieco prislo. Tentoraz sa zadarilo. Kedze uz bol oktober a dost zimnou moc sa po prirode behat nedalo (dalo by sa, ak by clovek mal oblecenie), tak sme riesili hlavne mesta. Ludia vo vseobecnosti prijemny, krasne elegantne polky nesklamali. Jedlo dobre, hlavne velka variacia pirogov (odporucam siet stary mlyn). Zapekacku bol vsak dost problem zohnat co ma prekvapilo. Som cakal, ze to bude na kazdom rohu. lacny alkohol v pijany vodky i piva (alebo tak neako sa to po polsky vola), odporucam tiez siet likeru vishna. Dopravu sme riesili hlavne ic vlakmi, tie velmi pohodlne, ziadne meskania, ciste, vyhoda rezervovane miesto. Ono ako som uz spominal, mohol som zistit, ci neni neaky rail pass, zrejme by to osekalo naklady. Bohuzial ... read more

Europe » Poland October 11th 2020

Kedze je nedela obchody (az na vynimky) su pozatvarane, no nam to nevadi, nas ciel je dalsie polske mesto, lodz. Tam ideme za ucelom popozerat street art po budovach. Ranajky vybavujeme na prazdnej varsavskej hlavnej stanici v kaviarnicke paul. Opat ic-ceko, no teraz otvoreny vagon, rezerviacia miest je uz v cene. Po chvili dorazame do lodzu. Obria moderna stanica totalne ludoprazdna az z toho isiel strach. Vcera som si do mapsgoogle zaznacil rozne grafity, ktore chcem pozriet. Julia zasa stiahla mapu tychto grafit. Ja som nasiel asi 4 mapy s roznymi bodmi. Od stanice smerujeme na sever a postupne nachadzame uplne genialne velkoformatove grafity. Jeden kus lepsi nez druhy. Niektore su nove, ine stare a uz dost znicene ale i tak to ma svoje caro. Ako sa postupne vzdalujeme od centra... read more

Europe » Poland October 10th 2020

Na ranajky zapadame do etno caffekusok od ubytka. Tu sme hned napomenuty nech si dame rusky, personal inak velmi neprijemny a kaviaren je orientovana na hipsterov. Kvalita kavy ci zakusku tiez onicom. Pesi busom sa presuvame do oblasti mokotow a do parku arkadia. Ludi takto rano moc este neni a tych par co je, maju nasadene masky. Park nic extra ale je tu fajn jazierko kde sa da porelaxovat. Vybiehame kuknut palac krolikarnia kde je aj kafecko a neake tie sochy v okoli. Pobavila zakazova znacka aby ludia po parku nechodili v plavkach. Cez komunisticke sidlisko sa vraciame nazad do centra. Liazenki park je nasa dalsia destinacia. Oproti nam ide bezec ako sa blizil, tak si hned nasadil masku. Uplna hroza. S maskami to vsak neprestava, jedna tetka po nas pokrykovala nech si ma... read more

Europe » Poland October 9th 2020

Dnes zahajujeme posledny presun, smer hlavne mesto, varsava. Uz klasicky kupeny listok v okienku na stanici na ic-cko. Cesta opat pohodlna. Vlaky maju poliaci teda dobre. Vo Varsave sa ocitam po treti krat, bol som tu v ramci stopoveru na/z ceste do bieloruska . Po opusteny vlak.stanici smer ubytko s tym, ze niekde dame obed. Zapadame na denne menu do radio caffe . Interier posiati roznymi fotkami s osobnostami, obsluha trochu pomala, jedlo len bezmasite, osadensto samy intelektual. Jedlo teda nic moc ale zaludok zasytilo. 3V Apartments je nase posledne ubytko. Dnu sa opat musime prebyt bezpecnostnymi kodami, posledny nam opat robi problem ale nakoniec sa dostavame do nasho apartmanu. Ono by som t... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw October 8th 2020

Poland's most visited cities have a lot to offer. However, it's worth trying to go off the beaten path and discover its less popular destinations. How to do it and where to go? When going on a city break, we usually spend most of the time within its borders. However, when the pandemic has started, the rules of the game have started to change. First, the world has stopped turning - and all the travels, even the most essential ones, have been cancelled. After a while, we have started coming back to normality, but the travels had to change its form. Closed museums and tourist attractions, safety rules - travelling in the times of Covid-19 isn't the most spontaneous activity. Moreover, most people try to reduce the usage of public transport - the fundamental element of ... read more

Europe » Poland October 8th 2020

Na dnes nasla julia daytrip do malovanej dedinky zalipie cez tarnow. Vonku uprsane pocasie, no to nevadi. Chytame vlak do tarnowa. Na stanici sme sa neako nepochopili s juliou. Ona sla kupovat krakowske pracliky, kdezto ja listky na vlak. Ma nemohla najst, tak dost nasrana. Spor s mojim spolucestovatelom pokracoval i dalej, ktory si chcel za kazdu cenu ist overit spoj do zalipia do centra. Cez park si to zenieme na hlavny tah a v dazdivom pocasi do centra tarnowa. To malicke ale pekne ale aby som sem chodil na daytrip asi nie. Navstevujeme info centrum, kde nam velmi ochotna tetula vytlaca odchody busov, co som uz davno mal stiahnute v mobile. Obehnute este okraje centra, tu zaujalo dost madarskych vlajok a pomnikov. Som necakal, ze poliaci su taky priatelia s nasimi juznymi susedmi. Nazad ... read more

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