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Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Auschwitz May 18th 2004

“For ever let this place be a cry of despair and warning to humanity, where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. Auschwitz-Birkenau 1940-1945.” "With one stroke, mankind's achievements seemed to have been erased. Was Auschwitz a consequence or an aberration of "civilization"? All we know is that Auschwitz called that civilization into question as it called into question everything that had preceded Auschwitz. Scientific abstraction, social and economic contention, nationalism, xenophobia, religious fanaticism, racism, mass hysteria. All found their ultimate expression in Auschwitz." - Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, December 1986 ... read more
Prisioners Blocks
auschwitz 24
auschwitz 29 guard tower bw

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 16th 2004

Lots of history, so much history!... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 1st 2004

I’m backlogging some of my previous travels in Europe from when I was in high school and college. They won’t contain much information as it was a while ago, but I would be more than happy to share my experiences with anyone who has a question. My second (maybe first) favorite city in Europe. The parks are great, the castle is amazing, the square is fun to hang out in, and the bars are some of the best in Eastern Europe. However, what makes this place so great are the locals. From my experiences, they are the friendliest in Eastern Europe. They will walk up to you, have conversations about whatever, and are truly interested in you and your opinions. ... read more

Europe » Poland March 28th 2004

some say time is your worst enemy. others claim directly opposite. what is time for me? when not travelling - time is the one that brings painful joy of anticipation of ever making plans of vivid images of what you're going to see what you're going to experience what you're going to LEARN it shrinks as each day fades away to become a tiny dot  that eventually marks my departure into the other state of being a dynamic sphere in which you never stop exploring. while travelling, however, time is a fast runner that chases you chanting in your mind endless numbers of days left, hours to come back. so more and more i think of  making my life and myself travel in/with time. this way it would stop following me like a humid shadow. i'm not a ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków March 22nd 2004

By far my favorite city in Eastern Europe (assuming that Hungary is classified as Central and Estonia Baltic), Krakow has as much to offer in its surrounding areas as in the city itself. We took a quick day trip to the Ski resort of Zakopane, headed off to the salt mines, and took in the sobering sights of Auschwitz. The market square and surrounding streets are a great place just to sit, walk and experience the atmosphere of Krakow. Try to get lodging within the old city walls, or very close to. The class that the city offers warrants a stay close to the old town. There are several hostels that send out scouts to find guests. This is a good way to find lodging, but be sure to bring the price down if it is ... read more
Busride from Lithuania

Europe » Poland February 17th 2004

so. felt my bottom itching again. after a few months of silence i speak again with my voice still full of this 'somewhere else' feeling. this was spontaneous. the decision to go to Israel and to have a real piece of what the media feed us with. yet again, the image of rioting terrorists setting bombs in any spare public place, had to be challenged by what i saw throughout those two weeks. a small land painted in so many colours where the culture is vivid by its variety, its constant movement, impatience, uncertainty. i just opened my eyes and tried to grab a handful of its life. the north. vast landscapes of juicy green, mild in its look and feeling. somewhere in the distance looms mt hermon, my temptation but not realized ambition. even the ... read more
mt hermon

Europe » Poland January 1st 2004

So Poland was the very first country I visited in Europe. What an amazing country in terms of people, hospitality, foooodd!!!, and lots of history too. Everywhere you go to has such a history, you can see it everywhere. I lived in a tiny village called Olbrachcice with THE BEST host family you could ask for. Ahhh the FOOD! So I lived with them for 3.5 months and tried my best to learn Polish, and I did... but today 2006 my Polish is long gone. Hope to pick it up again though! I am going back to Poland for this summer and I just can't wait to see everything and everyone after almost 3 years! ... read more
My CWY Team in Red group t-shirts
Fever for Polska
Zabkowice S. Dec-Jan 04

Europe » Poland December 22nd 2003

PUT YOUR CURSOR ON THE ABOVE MAP AND YOU CAN MOVE IT TO BETTER ORIENT YOURSELF. YOU CAN CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT, THEN GO BACK TO THE JOURNAL OR GO THROUGH THE PHOTOS (CLICK ON THE NUMBERS AT THE TOP) IN THAT ENLARGED FORMAT. This was originally written January 4, 2004 after our return from Poland and Croatia - the second trip to Croatia in 2003. The first was the sailing trip covered in a recent, earlier blog. This explains why we ended up in Poland in the middle of a very cold winter, and then to Croatia for Christmas 2003. We were living in Bochum, Germany at that time. Hello Everybody, We hope you had a fun New Year’s Eve celebration and weren’t in bed by eleven as Bernie and I were. ... read more
Bernie with Jan, Teresa & Marysia
Marysia & Teresa
Marysia & Blazej

Europe » Poland September 8th 2003

it always helps, a single thought of going up, gasping for breath, carrying all gear on your back, feeling your body when even a single thought seems to add some extra grams to all your always-excessively stuffed backpack. and when it actually happens i always find myself utterly happy so this is the remedy. mountains. and i have sensed that coming. this longing and desperate need to jump in my shoes and set off. soon, very soon... ... read more

Europe » Poland September 6th 2003

a bit of a substitute for a real experience. a visit to aquarium and getting sooooooo jealous of OTHER people getting so close to all those magnificent sharks and mantarays and turtles...uhh i have to try it one day. really feel like doing some diving. then a looooooooong walk chased by the sunset. another day not completely lost :-) ... read more

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