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August 8th 2003
Published: August 8th 2003
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Again I write around 3 months after the events. The advantage of hindsight is that I don't have to write as much as I have forgotten many of the details of what happened.

The overnight sleeper from Vilnius to Warsaw took 10 hours, and cost £12. The beds were comfortable and clean, the main draw back of the journey was being woken every 30mins or so till 2am for border crossings, passport control and customs. The guys in my carriage (6 people per carriage) were Bruce and Guy (Glasgow boys) and two of a group four English guys travelling Eastern Europe. So much for my anticipation of lots of Polish and Lithuanians travelling by train to work/see friends/visit relatives. I guess they must travel by car like everyone back home, leaving the trains to the tourists.

We arrived in Warsaw early, but I had slept well on the train so was not tired. Found a hostel, food, and went for breakfast in the old town.

The Old Town of Warsaw had during the 2nd World War been 98% destroyed. In the 50's it was rebuilt, exactly like the original (if only Coventry). The History of Warsaw Museum dealt
Something near the train stationSomething near the train stationSomething near the train station

I really don't know what building it is but liked it anyway.
mainly with this process. Lots of information on the architects and reasons that I have since forgotten.

Had some nice food with the boys and travelled down the to Krakow with Bruce and Guy the next day.


17th May 2006

"Something near the train station"
That's called " The Palace of Culture" :) A place where u can find the biggest number of exhibitions in Warsaw.

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