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Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht July 29th 2019

After the heat of the past few days, today’s drizzle and lower temperature of 18C are very welcomed here. A perfect day to drive to Maastricht, check out some museums and walk around a bit. Maastricht is located in the province if Limburg at the very south of the Netherlands. It’s a beautiful old city, dating back to Roman times. There’s even Roman ruins although we did not visit those today. It’s location on the River Maas (Meuse in French) makes for a great setting including boat tours, commercial shipping and entertainment along its banks. Today there was a kadefeest (party on the river bank) going on with a live band, lots of beer, and everyone being out, young and old, in the rain! The band was from Belgium and they were pretty good. Don’t ask ... read more
From birth to devil and commercial products along the way
Oak altar setting
Early medieval statue

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht July 23rd 2017

Quite a change of scene ....from Alaska to Maastricht in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. I was only home 2 days and then packed the bags into the car and off on the ferry across the Channel. it was a bit of a crisis in those 2 days with me coming home to a power cut to my house , so guys digging holes in my driveway and me with torches and candles and not much sleep - in addition to jet lag . But it was fixed and I got away . It's not the best time to be driving round the Brussels Ring Road on a Friday afternoon in July but I made it to Maastricht and my house exchange family. They were to leave the next morning after showing me round the house and settling ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht June 11th 2016

Our destination today was the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands cheesy Limburg region. But our route mostly followed the route taken by Allied forces beginning on September 17, 1944 in the heroic and disastrous Operation Market Garden. This actually consisted of two actions: the largest airborne drop ever used to capture multiple bridges along the route of advance (Operation Market) and a ground advance up the only road using the airborne troops as a carpet (Operation Garden). The airborne forces had to take 6 bridges nearly simultaneously. Although it would be best if all bridges were captured intact, a considerable amount of bridging material was made available. The airborne forces were to include the US 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions, the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade, and the British 1st Airborne Division (in order from ... read more
Bridge at Nijmegen - similar to one that stood there in 1944
Sand flats across which troops had to run while being fired on by machine guns on embankment where I stood to take this picture
Battle memorial at Arnhem - at foot of John Frost Bridge

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht August 22nd 2014

Geo: 50.8512, 5.69154OK, so this mornings mission was to find yet another post office. Why? Because in my efficient packing in Amsterdam I somehow managed to pack the TV remote from the last hotel. Why? I don't know, some kind of brain freeze. I've now gone from leaving stuff in hotels to unintentionally flogging stuff. After consulting google I took to the streets. Google listed 2 offices, which I couldn't find. So I went to the tourist office. They gave me directions and said AKO. Righto, that should be easy. Nope nothing. Finally in frustration I asked a random shopkeeper who explained they don't have a post office, but down the road third street to the right was a magazine shop, AKO, who provide postal services. Finally found it! Only took two hours out of my ... read more
Art in the dark
Sint Peiters Fortress

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht July 18th 2013

Geo: 50.8498, 5.6872618/7 Its been a huge week. Today was a fitting Grand Finale to our visit with the Struik family, I mean we're driving through Belgium right now. From Hendrik Ido Ambacht to Valkenberg, Maastrict, Antwerp and back, even touching briefly on German territory. We started early, around 8, and were getting back late, some 13-14 hours later. Not only has it been a long day, but also a scorcher by Dutch standards. Blue skies and 33C. Whew!It started in Valkenberg, about two hours from home, arriving around 10.30. By 11, we had joined a tour of the coal mine at Steenkolenmijn. It was a interesting and lengthy tour, taking you deep underground on an 80 minute circuit. Tragically, it was all in Dutch. Jan and Marielle helped translate bits and pieces, and an English ... read more
Mine Shaft
Mine Phone
Mine Equipment

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht April 14th 2013

Hey all, I am sorry I haven’t written in over a month! I have literally been traveling and haven’t had time to write. The biggest trip I did since the last time I wrote was to Cologne, Germany. As soon as I got off the train, the large gothic dome cathedral (SOOOO tall) greeted me, just outside the the train station. Erica (a girl in my program whom I went to Ireland with) and I were on a mission to find beer and sausage, and these two things we did find, at a local specialty restaurant. After lunch, we spent the afternoon hopping from church to museum, and occasionally stopping for a warm drink (it’s been sooo cold lately). Later in the afternoon we met up with Alex, a girl that I went to high school ... read more
Chocolate Shop
Bridge in Gent

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht January 7th 2013

I have arrived in Maastricht after a long plane ride, followed by three trains. I waited in the train station in Maastricht until Lotte (the girl from Maasticht whos rooms I am renting) and her mom picked me up. The apartment I am staying in is a studio style apartment in the city center, two minutes away from 3 other people in my program from Canada. The grocery store is literally across the street from my place, which is super convenient, and Lotte is letting me use her bike while we trade rooms. Lotte and her mom and sister and I went to the market square (right around the corner from my house by city hall), and had a glass of wine and bruschetta at a nice Italian bistro, after which they all came to a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht January 4th 2013

Well, I am off on a new adventure. This time trying to mix practical skills, formal education, AND travel. Let me first start off by saying that this is the first blog I have ever written. I thought it would be a cool way for my family and friends to track where I am and what I am doing. Right now, I am sitting in the business class lounge at the Vancouver airport, ready for a new start at a new school, entering into the second semester of my Masters of Science in Global Health. I don't always travel this way. In fact, my first significant traveling experience brings back memories of traveling on rickety old trains in India for 60 hours, sleeping on a wooden bench, sharing my seat with three other people during the ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht March 20th 2012

*De rekening is actually Dutch for asking for the bill. I just like it as I think it sounds quite biblical to ask for the 'reckoning' at the end of each meal, it's like every meal could be your last... After a couple of ski holidays to France at the beginning of the year (see the photos, but I won't bore you with the details; you go up, down, up etc), plans for the final ski weekend mutated into a plan for a long weekend in Holland instead. Two fellow snowboarders (although I have to confess the board stayed in this year and I returned to the pure faith of skiing) happen to live in Holland and so you know me, never one to pass up a visiting opportunity, offered to visit them and have a ... read more
What could have been...
Bridge over the river Maas
European Market Square #1

Europe » Netherlands » Limburg » Maastricht February 22nd 2012

Oh man. So this past weekend, we went to Maastricht for Carnavale - their pre-Mardi Gras celebration. Carnavale is celebrated in the south of Holland, so we had to get out of Utrecht to take part. We had some options, but we decided to head to Maastricht, a town about two hours south of Utrecht, right on the Belgian border and close to the German border. We met at Utrecht Centraal station at 9.45am to catch the 10.08 train south. There were four Canadians, three Austrains and one Turk to begin with, though that didn't last. The best description of carnavale might be the one given by my buddy David, who is a true journalist at heart: "So every year, Maastricht, this sleepy little Dutch town along the German border throws a carnival called (wait for ... read more

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